ODM 218.2.099-2019

ОДМ 218.2.099-2019

Guidelines on the features of environmental engineering surveys in the design of public roads

Методические указания по особенностям проведения инженерно-экологических изысканий при проектировании автомобильных дорог общего пользования

Status: Effective - Introduced for the first time

The industry road guidance document contains guidelines on the features of environmental engineering surveys in the design of public roads. The provisions of the ODM are intended for road management bodies, design, survey and research road organizations of the Russian Federation. The application of guidelines in the practice of the road sector will: improve the quality and reliability of engineering and environmental surveys, optimize the costs of engineering and environmental surveys, reduce the number of comments from the state expertise to the results of environmental engineering surveys, to reduce the negative impact on environment during the construction and operation of roads.

Отраслевой дорожный методический документ содержит методические указания по особенностям проведения инженерно- экологических изысканий при проектировании автомобильных дорог общего пользования. Положения ОДМ предназначены для органов управления дорожным хозяйством, проектных, изыскательских и научно-исследовательских дорожных организаций Российской Федерации Применение методических указаний в практике дорожного хозяйства позволит: повысить качество и надежность инженерно-экологических изысканий, оптимизировать расходы на проведение инженерно-экологических изысканий, снизить количество замечаний со стороны государственной экспертизы к результатам инженерно-экологических изысканий, уменьшить негативное воздействие на окружающую среду при строительстве и эксплуатации автомобильных дорог.

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Approved: Federal Highway Agency, 6/11/2019

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Highways (Max) » Design, construction, repair and maintenance of roads » 11. Quality control of design and construction of roads. Diagnostics, assessment of state, acceptance into operation of highways »

Construction (Max) » Regulations » Sectoral and departmental regulatory and methodological documents » Design and construction of roads »

ISO classifier » 93 CIVIL CONSTRUCTION » 93.080 Road construction » 93.080.01 Road construction in general »

ISO classifier » 93 CIVIL CONSTRUCTION » 93.080 Road construction » 93.080.10 Road construction »

The Document References:

Code 190-FZ: Town Planning Code of the Russian Federation

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MU Hygienic evaluation of soil in residential areas

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SanPiN Drinking water. Hygienic regulations of the water quality of centralized drinking water supply system. Quality control

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SanPiN Sanitary-epidemiological requirements to protection of sea coastal waters from pollution in population water use places

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SanPiN Hygienic requirements to quality assurance of atmospheric air in inhabited areas

SanPiN Sanitary-epidemiologic requirements to soil quality

SanPiN Norms of radiation safety

SN 2.2.4/ Noise exposure in work environment, residential premises, premises of public buildings and in dwellings zones

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SP Determining hazard class toxic production consumption waste

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VSN 490-87: Design and Installation of Pile Foundations and Sheet Pile Retaining Walls for Industrial Facility Rehabilitation and Urban Development

Federal Law 184-FZ: About technical regulation

Federal Law 315-FZ: About self-regulatory organizations

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