POT R O-00-97

ПОТ Р О-00-97

Occupational Safety and Health Requirements in the Pulp and Paper and Rosin Industry

Правила по охране труда в целлюлозно-бумажной и лесохимической промышленности

Status: Effective

The rules contain the basic safety requirements to be observed when performing work in the pulp and paper and wood-chemical industries. Designed for employers of pulp and paper and wood-chemical industries (individuals and legal entities), as well as for officials representing employers with whom employees (citizens) enter into employment contracts

Правила содержат основные требования безопасности, подлежащие соблюдению при выполнении работ в целлюлозно-бумажной и лесохимической промышленности.

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Approved: RF State Committee for Forestry, Pulp and Paper and Woodworking, 9/1/1997

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The Product is Contained in the Following Classifiers:

Construction (Max) » Regulations » Regulatory documents of supervisory authorities » Regulatory documents on labor protection »

PromExpert » SECTION III. LABOR PROTECTION AND SAFETY » I Legal and organizational basis of labor protection » 3 Organization of labor protection at enterprise » 3.1 Development of rules and instructions on labor protection »

ISO classifier » 71 CHEMICAL INDUSTRY » 71.100 Chemical products » 71.100.99 Other chemical industry products »

ISO classifier » 85 PULP AND PAPER INDUSTRY » 85.040 Cellulose »

ISO classifier » 85 PULP AND PAPER INDUSTRY » 85.060 Paper and cardboard »

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The Document is Referenced By:

Letter 15-0/OOG-1264: On the action of the Rules on labor protection in the pulp and paper and wood chemical industry POT RO 00-97

Rules 00-97: Rules for Occupational Safety and Health in the Pulp and Paper and Forestry Industries (final)

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