Manual for SNiP 2.05.07-85

Пособие к СНиП 2.05.07-85

Guide for the design of subgrade and drainage of railways and roads of industrial enterprises

Пособие по проектированию земляного полотна и водоотвода железных и автомобильных дорог промышленных предприятий

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The manual has been developed for SNiP 2.05.07-85 "Industrial Transport", the section "Cable suspended. Transport" and applies to the design of two-rope freight suspended roads (GPKD) with the circular movement of trolleys transporting bulk cargo in external transportation areas.

Пособие разработано к СНиП 2.05.07-85 "Промышленный транспорт", раздел "Канатный подвесной. транспорт" и распространяется на проектирование двухканатных грузовых подвесных дорог (ГПКД) с кольцевым движением вагонеток, транспортирующих насыпные грузы на участках внешних перевозок.

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Approved: Promtransniiproekt, 1/1/1988

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The Product is Contained in the Following Classifiers:

Highways (Max) » Design, construction, repair and maintenance of roads » 23. Highways in northern regions of Siberia, Far East, Far North. Winter roads »

Highways (Max) » Design, construction, repair and maintenance of roads » 24. Roadbed » 24.1 General documents on design and construction of roadbed »

Construction (Max) » Reference documents » Reference guidelines to SNiP »

ISO classifier » 53 LIFTING AND TRANSPORT EQUIPMENT » 53.040 Continuous handling equipment » 53.040.10 Conveyors »

ISO classifier » 53 LIFTING AND TRANSPORT EQUIPMENT » 53.040 Continuous handling equipment » 53.040.99 other continuous handling equipment »

ISO classifier » 91 CONSTRUCTION MATERIALS AND CONSTRUCTION » 91.010 Construction industry » 91.010.40 Cost of construction and maintenance of buildings and structures » 91.010.40-10 Economics of construction. Pricing. Cost analysis. Estimates »

ISO classifier » 93 CIVIL CONSTRUCTION » 93.080 Road construction » 93.080.01 Road construction in general »

ISO classifier » 93 CIVIL CONSTRUCTION » 93.080 Road construction » 93.080.10 Road construction »

ISO classifier » 93 CIVIL CONSTRUCTION » 93.100 Railway construction »

The Document References:

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SNiP 2.01.14-83: Determination of design hydrologic characteristics

SNiP 2.05.08-85: Aerodromes

SNiP II-18-76: Foundations and foundations on permafrost soils. Design Standards

VSN 139-80: Construction Guidelines for Cement Concrete Road Pavements

VSN 184-75: Technical guidelines for the installation of pavement bases made of stone materials, not reinforced and fortified with inorganic binders

VSN 186-75: Technical Guidelines to Railway Bed Construction Methods

VSN 197-83: Guidelines for the Installation of Butadiene Polymer Roll Roofing for Residential Occupancies of Series П 3/17

VSN 200-85: Design and construction of roadbed of the Yagelnaya-Yamburg railway line (for experimental construction)

VSN 203-85: Special norms and specifications for the design and construction of railways on the peninsula of Yamal

VSN 204-85A: Temporary instruction on the composition, procedure for the development, approval and approval of design estimates for the construction of public roads

VSN 204-86: The use of group installation of reinforced concrete weighting agents such as UBO using the ballasting ability of the soil

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The Document is Referenced By:

ODM 218.2.031-2013: Guidelines for the use of fly ash and ash-and-slag mixtures from coal combustion at thermal power plants in road construction

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ODM 218.3.038-2015: Recommendations for the design and construction of coastal road structures

SP 32-104-98: Design of earthwork for railways with 1520 mm track

SP 37.13330.2012: Industrial transport

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