Manual for SNiP 3.06.03-85

Пособие к СНиП 3.06.03-85

Manual on the construction of coatings and foundations of roads and airfields from soils reinforced with cementing materials to SNiP 3.06.03-85 and SNiP 3.06.06-88

Пособие по строительству покрытий и оснований автомобильных дорог и аэродромов из грунтов, укрепленных вяжущими материалами, к СНиП 3.06.03-85 и СНиП 3.06.06-88

Status: Reference materials, MP, TPR

The manual outlines the basic concepts of road emulsions, gives their classification, methods of preparation; provides information about emulsifiers, machines and mechanisms for the preparation of emulsions, safety rules for the preparation of emulsions.

В Пособии изложены основные понятия о дорожных эмульсиях, дана их классификация, способы приготовления; приведены сведения об эмульгаторах, машинах и механизмах для приготовления эмульсий, правила техники безопасности при приготовлении эмульсий.

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Approved: Alliances, 5/22/1990

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The Product is Contained in the Following Classifiers:

Highways (Max) » Design, construction, repair and maintenance of roads » 20. Organization of construction »

Highways (Max) » Design, construction, repair and maintenance of roads » 25. Road pavement » 25.3 Asphalt pavements (and others using bitumen, tar and mastic gum) »

Highways (Max) » Design, construction, repair and maintenance of roads » 25. Road pavement » 25.5 Coatings and bases of stabilized soil and materials. Use of industrial waste in road construction »

Construction (Max) » Reference documents » Reference guidelines to SNiP »

ISO classifier » 91 CONSTRUCTION MATERIALS AND CONSTRUCTION » 91.100 Building Materials » 91.100.50 Binders. Compactors »

ISO classifier » 93 CIVIL CONSTRUCTION » 93.080 Road construction » 93.080.10 Road construction »

ISO classifier » 93 CIVIL CONSTRUCTION » 93.080 Road construction » 93.080.20 Road construction materials »

ISO classifier » 93 CIVIL CONSTRUCTION » 93.120 Airport construction »

The Document References:

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SNiP 3.06.06-88: Airports

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VSN 37-86/Minjenergo SSSR: Rules for acceptance into operation of individual start-up complexes and completed construction of power plants, objects of electric and heating networks

The Document is Referenced By:

DND MO-004/2004: Recommendations for the selection of asphalt concretes on bituminous rubber composite binder for the upper layers of coatings and wear layers

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Recommendations: Aspiration smoke-sensitive alarms VESDA. Part 1. Scope

VSN 14-95: Guidelines for the Construction of Asphalt Concrete Road Pavements

ODM 218.3.084-2020: Recommendations for the preparation and use of organic-mineral mixtures in the construction of structural layers of road pavements of capital and lightweight types

ODM 218.3.119-2019: Guidelines for the use of non-rigid road pavement with bases made of reinforced or knitted stone materials and soils

ODM 218.9.079-2016: Recommendations about design macrorough pavings

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