GOST 20435-75

ГОСТ 20435-75

Universal metallic closed container of nominal gross mass 3,0 tn. Specifications

Контейнер универсальный металлический закрытый номинальной массой брутто 3,0 т. Технические условия

Status: Effective - Supersedes. The limitation of effectiveness has been lifted: Protocol No. 5-94 of the IGU dated 05.17.94 (IUS 11-12-1994)

The standard applies to universal unified metal closed containers of the UUK-3, UUK-3 (5), UUKP-3 (5) sizes in accordance with GOST 18477-79, intended for the carriage of piece goods in containers, without packaging and in lightweight packaging by rail, road and water transport.

Стандарт распространяется на универсальные унифицированные металлические закрытые контейнеры типоразмеров УУК-3, УУК-3(5), УУКП-3(5) по ГОСТ 18477-79, предназначенные для перевозки штучных грузов в таре, без тары и в облегченной упаковке железнодорожным, автомобильным и водным транспортом.

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Approved: State Committee of Standards of the Council of Ministers of the USSR, 1/24/1975

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English keywords: general purpose containers;

The Product is Contained in the Following Classifiers:

ISO classifier » 55 PACKAGING AND DISTRIBUTION OF GOODS » 55.180 Cargo placement for transportation » 55.180.10 General purpose containers »

National standards » 55 PACKAGING AND DISTRIBUTION OF GOODS » 55.180 Cargo placement for transportation » 55.180.10 General purpose containers »

National Standards for KGS (State Standards Classification) » Latest edition » D Vehicles and packaging » D8 Metal containers » D88 Metal containers »


As a Replacement Of:

GOST 6575-57: Container, universal, metal, weighing 2.5 t gross

GOST 6576-53: Container universal wooden weighing 2.5 t gross

The Document References:

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GOST 12601-76: Zinc powder. Specifications

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GOST 15469-82: Mirrors for furniture. Specification

GOST 15471-2014: Ribbons and strips made of oxygen-free copper for electronics. Specifications

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GOST 15598-70: Piano steel wire

GOST 15834-2016: Beryllium bronze wire. Specification

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GOST 15835-2013: Beryllium bronze bars. Specifications

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GOST 15866-70: Organo-silicone fluid PFMS-4. Specifications

GOST 15892-70: Steel zinc-coated bind wire for aerial communication lines

GOST 1595-90: Aluminium-manganese bronze strips and ribbons. Specifications

GOST 16130-90: Welding wire and rods of copper and copper alloys. Specifications

GOST 16135-70: Steel wire for calculating devices

GOST 16617-87: Household electric heating appliances

GOST 1663-2016: Glasses for liquid level indicators. Specifications

GOST 1663-81: Glasses for liquid level indicators. Specifications

GOST 1668-73: Steel zinc-coated wire for aerial lines

GOST 167-2018: Lead tubes. Specifications

GOST 167-69: Lead tubes. Specifications

GOST 17083-87: Electric fan heaters for household use. General specifications

GOST 17217-2018: Tubes of copper-nickel alloy МНЖ 5-1. Specifications

GOST 17217-79: Copper-nickel alloyed tubes grade Mnzh 5-1

GOST 17269-71: Gas- and dust-protecting filtering respirators Ru-60m and Ru-60mu

GOST 17305-71: Wire of carbon construction steel. Specification

GOST 17305-91: Wire of carbon construction steel

GOST 1761-2016: Tin-phosphorus and tin-zinc bronze ribbons and strips. Specifications

GOST 17612-89: Ceramic acid-resistant pocking rings. Specifications

GOST 17614-2018: Technical tellurium. Technical requirements

GOST 17614-80: Tellurium technical. Technical requirements

GOST 1761-92: Tin-phosphorus and tin-zinc bronze ribbons and strips. Specifications

GOST 17622-72: Industrial organic plastic. Specifications

GOST 17716-91: Looking-glasses. General specifications

GOST 17768-90: Medicine remedies. Packing, marking, transportation and storage

GOST 1790-2016: Wire made of chromel alloy T, alumel, copes and constantan for thermoelectrodes of thermoelectric converters. Specification

GOST 1790-77: Wire made of chrome, aluminum, copper and constantan alloys for thermo electrodes of thermo-electric converters

GOST 1791-2014: Wire of nickel and copper-nickel alloys for extending wires for the thermoelectric converters. Specifications.

GOST 1791-67: Wire from nickel and copper-nickel alloys for extension leads to the thermoelectric transducers.

GOST 18088-83: Metal-cutting, diamond, wood-cutting and fitter's tools. Packing, marking, transportation fitter and auxiliary

GOST 18143-72: Corrosion resistant

GOST 18307-78: Soot white. Specifications

GOST 18376-79: Fluoroelastomers CKФ-26 and CKФ-32. Specifications

GOST 18426-73: Taximeters automobile. General specification

GOST 18671-73: Cobalt oxide. Technical conditions

GOST 19126-2007: Medical metallic instruments. General specifications

GOST 19126-79: Metallic medical instruments

GOST 19147-82: Skiing sticks. Specifications

GOST 19596-87: Spades

GOST 19703-79: Leaded brass wire type LS 63-3 specifications

GOST 20397-82: Technical facilities for minicomputers. General technical requirements, acceptance, methods of testing, marking, packaging, transportation and storage, manufacturer's warranties

GOST 20558-82: Steel zinc-coated houseware items. General specifications

GOST 20568-75: Rubber masks for submarine swimming

GOST 20707-2015: Copper and brass ribbons for radiators. Specifications

GOST 20707-80: Copper and brass ribbons for radiators. Specifications

GOST 21469-82: Drawing tools and sets thereof. Specification

GOST 2162-97: Adhesive rubberized tape. Specifications

GOST 21646-76: Brass tubes for heat exchange apparatus

GOST 2179-2015: Nickel and siliceous nickel wire. Specifications

GOST 2179-75: Nickel and silicon nickel wire

GOST 21996-76: Cold-rolled heat treated steel-cord belt

GOST 21997-76: Steel flattened strip of high strength

GOST 2208-2007: Brass foil, ribbons, strips, sheets and plates. Specifications

GOST 22130-2018: Steel piping details. Movable supports and hangers. Specifications

GOST 22130-86: Steel Pipeline Parts Movable supports and suspensions Specifications

GOST 22234-76: Polyester 24K. Specifications

GOST 22357-87: Figure skates. General specifications

GOST 22358-87: Racing and hockey skates. General specifications

GOST 2263-79: Sodium hydroxide for industrial use. Specifications

GOST 22707-77: Technical methyl bromide. Specifications

GOST 22788-77: Electric heaters for baby feed. Specifications

GOST 2283-79: Cold-rolled tape made of tool steel and spring steel

GOST 2284-79: Cold-rolled carbon structural steel strip

GOST 23522-79: Cold-rolled strip for hack saws. Specifications

GOST 24201-80: Connective and fastening components of glass pipelines

GOST 24303-80: Kitchen cookware, made of the ferrous and nonferrous metals

GOST 24729-81: Multireverse boxes from wood-glue compositions for commercial explosives. Specifications

GOST 24788-2001: Enameled steel kitchen utensils. General specifications

GOST 24788-2018: Enamelled steel kitchen utensils. General specifications

GOST 24788-81: Enameled steel kitchen utensils.

GOST 24866-81: Sealed insulating glass units. Specifications

GOST 24866-89: Sealed insulating glass units

GOST 24866-99: Sealed insulating glass units. Specifications

GOST 25047-87: Complete exfusion, infusion and transfusion devices of the single application

GOST 25263-82: Calcium hypochlorite is neutral. Technical conditions

GOST 25428-82: Fluoroplast-42. Specifications

GOST 25500-82: Laminated plastic sheets for electric purpose

GOST 25664-83: Metol (para-methyl-aminophenol sulphate). Specifications

GOST 26032-83: System of standardized type structures of SSI aggregated complexes. General specifications

GOST 26101-84: Welding powdered wire

GOST 26118-84: Electric energy semiconductor converters with power 5 kV.A and higher. Marking, packing, transportation and storage

GOST 26142-84: Enzyme preparation. Packing, marking, transportation and storage

GOST 26271-84: Flux-cored wire welding carbon and low-alloy steels. General specifications

GOST 26821-86: Tableware and decorative articles made of soda-lima-silicate glass. General specifications

GOST 26822-86: Tableware and decorative articles made of crystal glass. General specifications

GOST 27002-86: Cooking utensils from corrosion-resistant steel

GOST 27386-87: Electrical insulating

GOST 27595-88: Grinding materials and abrasive tools. Packing, marking, transportation and storage

GOST 28034-89: Electric insulating varnished fabrics

GOST 283-75: Wire nails

GOST 28555-90: Bonded fluxes for submerged arc welding of carbon and low-alloy steels. General specifications

GOST 285-69: Monobasic corrugated barbed wire

GOST 28670-90: Wood chemical products. Packing, marking, transportation and storage

GOST 29101-91: Textile glass products. Packing, marking, transportation and storage

GOST 2936-2016: Planc-oval scamless radiator tubes. Specifications

GOST 2936-75: Plane-oval seamless radiator tubes

GOST 3110-74: Steel spoke wire

GOST 31366-2008: Brass rods for free machining purposes. Specifications

GOST 3145-84: Mechanical clocks with signal. General specifications

GOST 32309-2013: Casting utensils of aluminium alloys. General specification

GOST 32565-2013: Safety glass for ground vehicles. General specifications

GOST 32568-2013: Glass units for vehicles grazing. Specifications

GOST 32583-2013: Stainless steel table and kitchen cutlery. General specifications

GOST 32584-2013: Steel enameled ovenware with anti-burn coating. Specifications

GOST 3282-74: General-purpose low-carbon steel wire. Specifications

GOST 3309-84: Table and wall mechanical clocks with balance oscillator. General specifications

GOST 33344-2015: Constructive pultruded profiles from polymer composites. General specifications

GOST 34101-2017: Posuda stal'naya emalirovannaya dlya detej i podrostkov. Tehnicheskie usloviya

GOST 34117-2017: Cookware and tableware made of corrosion-resistant steel for children and teenagers. Technical conditions

GOST 3927-88: The shoe lasts. Specifications

GOST 4442-2014: Bands and strips of lead brass. Specifications

GOST 4514-78: Straps for electrical industry. Specifications

GOST 4727-83: Bearing wire

GOST 4748-92: Silicon-manganese bronze strips and ribbons. Specifications

GOST 495-77: Copper sheets and ribbons. Specifications

GOST 495-92: Copper sheets and ribbons. Specifications

GOST 503-81: Cold-rolled low-carbon steel strip. Specifications

GOST 5187-2003: Nickel silver, german silver and monel tapes. Specifications

GOST 5187-70: Nickel silver, german silver and monel tapes. Specifications

GOST 5189-2018: Constantan strips. Specifications

GOST 5189-75: Constantan strips. Specifications

GOST 5220-2018: Germen silver wire. Specifications

GOST 5220-78: Nickel silver wire

GOST 5221-2008: Tin-zink bronze wire. Specifications

GOST 5221-77: Tin-zinc bronze wire

GOST 5222-2016: Silicon-manganese bronze wire. Specifications

GOST 5307-2015: Constantan uninsulated wire. Specifications

GOST 5307-77: Constantan noninsulated wire

GOST 538-88: Lock and building hardware

GOST 5437-85: Reed wire

GOST 545-76: Iodine for industrial use. Specifications

GOST 5468-88: Needle wire

GOST 5529-75: Round brass wire for foot-wear industry

GOST 5638-2018: Copper roil foil for technical purposes. Specifications

GOST 5638-75: Copper roll foil for technical purposes. Specifications

GOST 5663-79: Carbon steel wire for cold upsetting

GOST 5717-91: Jars for preserved food

GOST 5727-83: Safe glass for ground transport. Specification

GOST 5727-88: Safe glass for ground transport

GOST 5777-84: Potassium permanganate technical. Technical conditions

GOST 5812-2014: Fastening for railways. General technical specifications

GOST 5812-82: Tie-cotters for broad gage railway

GOST 6048-67: Textile tapes for typewriters. Specifications

GOST 6141-91: Glazed ceramic tiles for lining of the walls. Specifications

GOST 6286-2017: High pressure rubber hoses with metal braids without end fittings. Technical conditions

GOST 6286-73: High-pressure rubber hoses with metal braids without fittings

GOST 6688-2016: Brass bars of rectangular section. Specifications

GOST 6688-91: Brass bars of rectangular section. Specifications

GOST 6727-80: Cold-drawn low-carbon steel wire for reinforced concrete. Specifications

GOST 6787-90: Ceramic floor tiles. Specifications

GOST 6799-2005: Glass articles for furniture. Specifications

GOST 6799-80: Glass for furniture. Specifications

GOST 703-76: Wall pendulum mechanical cloсk. General specifications

GOST 7342-79: Glass vessels for accumulators. Specifications

GOST 7348-81: Carbon steel wire for reinforcement of prestressed concrete constructions. Specifications

GOST 7372-79: Steel wire for ropes

GOST 7402-84: Electric fans for domestic use

GOST 7480-73: Polygraphic wire

GOST 792-67: Quality low-carbon wire

GOST 8115-73: Black technical albumin. Specifications

GOST 89-2018: Rolled-in lead sheets. Specifications

GOST 9161-85: Harness wire

GOST 9389-75: Carbon steel spring wire

GOST 9424-79: Hardened glasses for scuttles. Specifications

GOST 961-89: Acid-resistant and thermostable acid-resistant ceramic tiles. Specifications

GOST 9722-97: Nickel powder. Specifications

GOST 9784-75: Organic sheet glass for illuminating engineering. Specifications

GOST 9800-79: Beams of opaque quartz glass. Specification

GOST 9800-84: Beams of opaque fused quartz glass. Specification

GOST 9850-72: Zinc-coated steel core wire

GOST R 50962-96: Plastics vessels and articles for economic purposes. General specifications

GOST R 51162-98: Casting aluminium utensils. General specifications

GOST R 51687-2000: Stainless steel table and kitchen cutlery. General specifications

GOST R 51877-2002: Combined flexible materials for electrical insulation. General specifications

GOST R 52116-2003: Utensils of cast-iron. General specifications

GOST R 52172-2003: Glass units for vehicles glazing. Specifications

GOST R 52223-2004: Steel enamelled ovenware with anti-burn coating. Specifications

GOST R 52405-2005: Dry children's foods. Porridges. General specifications

GOST R 52597-2006: Brass rods for free machining purposes. Specifications

GOST R 52683-2006: Medicine remedies for veterinary use. Packing, marking, transportation and storage

GOST R 53439-2009: Brass wire for cold upsetting. Specifications

GOST R 54150-2010: Wire from БрКМц3-1 bronze. Specifications

GOST R 54155-2010: Enamelled steel kitchen utensils for children and teenagers. Specifications

GOST R 54156-2010: Table utensils made from stainless steel for children and teenagers. Specifications

GOST R 54568-2011: Tubes from alloy МНЖ5-1. Specifications

GOST R 57141-2016: Ceramic granite plates. Specifications

ONTP 01-86: All-Union standards for the technological design of engineering, instrument-making and metal-working enterprises. Forge and press shops

R 50-66-88: Recommendations. Typing and standardization of technological processes of transport, loading and unloading, and storage operations during container and package shipments

RST RSFSR 195-82: Writing pins. Technical conditions

RST RSFSR 391-86: The pencils. General technical conditions

RST RSFSR 643-80: Black steel economic dishes . General specifications

ST RK GOST R 50962-2008: Dishware and household products of plastic. General specification

TU 25-1819.0021-90: Mechanical stopwatches "Glory" SDSpr-1-2-000, SDSpr-4b-2-000, SOSpr-6a-1-000

TU 301-05-17-89: Fluoroplast-40

TU 4833-002-08558606-95: Metal shielding of the PML type

TU 6-02-862-74: MFSN-B stabilizer

TU 6-05-810-88: Billets of fluoroplast-4 and fluoroplast-4A general purpose. Technical conditions

GOST 13996-2019: Ceramic tiles. General specifications

GOST 598-2020: General purpose zinc sheets. Specifications

GOST 6235-2020: Nickel sheets and strips. Specifications

GOST R 52223-2018: Enamelled steel cookware with non-stick coating. Technical specifications

NTP-APK Standards for technological design of bases and warehouses for general-purpose enterprises for resource provision

ONTP 01-77/Gossnab SSSR: All-Union norms for technological design of packaged goods warehouses

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