GOST 30288-95

ГОСТ 30288-95

Glass containers. Safety, marking, raw materials saving. General

Тара стеклянная. Общие положения по безопасности, маркировке и ресурсосбережению

Status: Effective - Introduced for the first time

This standard applies to glass containers (jars, bottles) intended for food products, chemical reagents and highly pure substances, household chemicals, perfumes and cosmetics, medicines and blood. This standard establishes mandatory requirements for glass packaging, aimed at ensuring its safety for life, health and property of the population, environmental protection, as well as resource conservation and operating conditions.

Настоящий стандарт распространяется на стеклянную тару (банки, бутылки), предназначенную для пищевых продуктов, химических реактивов и особо чистых веществ, товаров бытовой химии, парфюмерной и косметической продукции, лекарственных средств и крови. Настоящий стандарт устанавливает обязательные требования к стеклянной таре, направленные на обеспечение ее безопасности для жизни, здоровья и имущества населения, охрану окружающей среды, а также к ресурсосбережению и условиям эксплуатации

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Approved: Committee of the Russian Federation for Standardization, Metrology and Certification, 1/30/1996

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English keywords: banks; bottles; cans; cullet; glass containers; marking; pots;

The Product is Contained in the Following Classifiers:

Evidence base (TR CU, Technical Regulation of the Customs Union) » 005/2011 TR CU. O packaging safety » Norms and standards (to TR TS 005/2011) »

PromExpert » SECTION V. ENVIRONMENTAL PROTECTION. NATURE USE » II Ensuring environmental safety » 3 Hazardous Waste Management » 3.3 Requirements for waste management in implementation of activities » 3.3.2 Requirements for waste producers in carrying out waste management activities » Requirements for processing, processing and storage of secondary material resources »

ISO classifier » 55 PACKAGING AND DISTRIBUTION OF GOODS » 55.100 Bottles. Pots. Cans »

National standards » 55 PACKAGING AND DISTRIBUTION OF GOODS » 55.100 Bottles. Pots. Cans »

National Standards for KGS (State Standards Classification) » Latest edition » D Vehicles and packaging » D9 Glass, woven containers and auxiliary materials » D99 Test methods. Packaging. Marking »

The Document is Referenced By:

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