GOST 3212-92

ГОСТ 3212-92

Gated patterns. Pattern tapers, core prints, dimensional tolerances

Комплекты модельные. Уклоны формовочные, стержневые знаки, допуски размеров

Status: Effective

The standard applies to model kits for the manufacture of sand and shell molds for casting, and establishes the values of molding gradients, including for casting on investment casting, the size of core marks and dimensional tolerances. The standard does

Стандарт распространяется на модельные комплекты, предназначенные для изготовления песчаных и оболочковых форм для получения отливок, и устанавливает значения формовочных уклонов, в том числе и для литья по выплавляемым моделям, размеры стержневых знаков

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Approved: Gosstandart of the USSR, 2/5/1992

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English keywords: casting; casting equipment; kits;

The Product is Contained in the Following Classifiers:

ISO classifier » 25 MECHANICAL ENGINEERING » 25.120 Chipless processing equipment » 25.120.30 Casting equipment »

National standards » 25 MECHANICAL ENGINEERING » 25.120 Chipless processing equipment » 25.120.30 Casting equipment »

National Standards for KGS (State Standards Classification) » Latest edition » G Machines, equipment and tools » G2 Industrial tools and accessories » G21 Tools and devices for hot processing »

As a Replacement Of:

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GOST 3212-80: Gated patterns. Molding slopes

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The Document References:

GOST 26214-84: Production from wood and timber-based materials

GOST 26645-85: Metal and alloy castings. Dimensions and mass tolerances and machining allowances.

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GOST R 52151-2003: Pile driving diesel hammers. Covers. General specifications

GOST R 52916-2008: Stops of automatic coupler equipment for freight and passenger cars. General specifications.

GOST R 53464-2009: Metal and alloy castings. Dimensions and mass tolerances and machining allowances

GOST R 55819-2013: Brake block holder and key for railway rolling stock. General specifications

OST 108.033.01-86: mechanical stokers. Technical conditions.

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OST 26-07-1114-74: Aluminium-alloy castings for pipeline valves and its drive arrangements.

OST 34-10-471-89: Captivating welded and casted plates for turbo-units. Captivating casted non-symmetrical plates. Design and dimensions.

OST 34-10-472-89: Captivating welded and casted plates for turbo-units. Captivating casted non-symmetrical plates. Design and dimensions.

OST 34-10-473-89: Captivating welded and casted plates for turbo-units. Captivating welded and casted plates for dynamometer installation. Design and dimensions.

OST 34-10-476-89: Captivating welded and casted plates for turbo-units. Casted support. Design and dimensions.

OST 35-03-86: General specifications for Mintransstroy engineering products.

OST 48-41-91: Engineering products of non-ferrous metallurgy. General Specifications.

RD 153-34.0-04.185-2003: Machines and equipment for construction, technical re-equipment and repair of energy facilities. Requirements for design, materials, manufacturing, acceptance and testing

RD 22-207-88: Lifting machines. General requirements and production standards

RD 24.207.01-90: Piping fittings. Water-flap average life time dependence on specific pressure on the sealing surface

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RD 36-62-00: Hoisting equipment. General technical requirements.

ST RK 1643-2007: Freight cars cast iron brake shoes. Specification

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TU 4112-091-00220302-2005: Steel castings for equipment of oil refineries and petrochemical plants

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