GOST 8433-81

ГОСТ 8433-81

Auxiliary substances OП-7 and OП-10. Specifications

Вещества вспомогательные ОП-7 и ОП-10. Технические условия

Status: Effective. The limitation of effectiveness has been lifted: Resolution of the State Standard No. 1284 of 09/28/92

The standard applies to the auxiliary substances OP-7 and OP-10, which are products of processing a mixture of mono- and dialkiphenols with ethylene oxide and used as wetting and emulsifying surfactants.

Стандарт распространяется на вспомогательные вещества ОП-7 и ОП-10, представляющие собой продукты обработки смеси моно- и диалкифенолов окисью этилена и применяемые в качестве смачивающих и эмульсирующих поверхностно-активных веществ.

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Approved: Gosstandart of the USSR, 2/24/1981

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PromExpert » SECTION I. TECHNICAL REGULATION » V Testing and control » 4 Testing and control of products » 4.9 Testing and control of chemical and industrial products » 4.9.3 Products of paint and varnish industry »

ISO classifier » 87 PAINT AND VARNISHING INDUSTRY » 87.060 Paint Ingredients »

National standards » 87 PAINT AND VARNISHING INDUSTRY » 87.060 Paint Ingredients »

ISO classifier » 87 PAINT AND VARNISHING INDUSTRY » 87.060 Paint Ingredients » 87.060.01 Ingredients for paints in general »

National standards » 87 PAINT AND VARNISHING INDUSTRY » 87.060 Paint Ingredients » 87.060.01 Ingredients for paints in general »

National Standards for KGS (State Standards Classification) » Latest edition » L Chemical products and rubber-asbestos products » L2 Organic Chemical Products » L23 Dyes and excipients »

National Standards for OKSTU » ORGANIC SYNTHESIS PRODUCTS, SYNTHETIC DYES AND PETROCHOCOLES AND CHEMICAL PRODUCTS » Auxiliary substances and finishing preparations »

As a Replacement Of:

GOST 8433-57: Auxiliary substances OП-7 and OП-10

The Document References:

GOST 14870-77: Reagents. Methods for determination of water

GOST 236-68: Phenol synthetic technical

GOST 7568-73: Ethylene oxide

GOST 8433-57: Auxiliary substances OП-7 and OП-10

The Document is Referenced By:

GKINP 15-236-91: Instructions for printing processes in kartoizdaniya

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