GOST 495-92

ГОСТ 495-92

Copper sheets and ribbons. Specifications

Листы и полосы медные. Технические условия

Status: Not effective - Superseded

The standard applies to copper cold-rolled and hot-rolled sheets and copper cold-rolled strip.

Стандарт распространяется на медные холоднокатаные и горячекатаные листы и медные холоднокатаные полосы.

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Approved: Gosstandart of the USSR, 2/26/1992

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The Product is Contained in the Following Classifiers:

Construction (Max) » Standards » Other state standards used in construction » 77 Metallurgy »

PromExpert » SECTION I. TECHNICAL REGULATION » V Testing and control » 4 Testing and control of products » 4.12 Testing and control of products of metallurgical industry » 4.12.5 Non-ferrous metal products »

ISO classifier » 77 METALLURGY » 77.150 Non-ferrous metal products » 77.150.30 Copper products »

National standards » 77 METALLURGY » 77.150 Non-ferrous metal products » 77.150.30 Copper products »

National Standards for KGS (State Standards Classification) » Latest edition » V Metals and metal products » V5 Non-ferrous metals and their alloys. Rolled non-ferrous metals » V53 Sheets and Stripes »

National Standards for OKSTU » ROLLED STEEL, NON-FERROUS METALS » Copper rolled metal »

The Document is Replaced With:

GOST 1173-2006: Copper foil, ribbons, sheets and plates. Specifications

As a Replacement Of:

GOST 495-77: Copper sheets and ribbons. Specifications

The Document References:

GOST 10198-91: Wooden boxes for weights of mass over 200 up to 20000 kg. General specifications

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GOST 13938.11-78: Copper. Method for the determination of arsenic

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GOST 13938.5-78: Copper. Methods for determination of zinc

GOST 13938.6-78: Copper. Methods for the determination of nickel

GOST 13938.7-78: Copper. Methods for the determination of lead

GOST 13938.8-78: Copper. Methods for the determination of tin

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GOST 26877-91: Metal products

GOST 3282-74: General-purpose low-carbon steel wire. Specifications

GOST 3560-73: Sealing tepe

GOST 6507-90: Micrometers. Specifications

GOST 7502-98: Measuring metal tapes. Specifications

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The Document is Referenced By:

ATK 26-18-10-94: Devices for Installation of Temperature Measuring Devices for Use at Nominal Pressure from 0.6 to 16.0 MPa. Plugs. General Technical Requirements

GOST 1173-2006: Copper foil, ribbons, sheets and plates. Specifications

GOST 12294-66: Electrical insulating impregnation varnish ФЛ-98. Specifications

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GOST 19783-74: Organic-silicon heat-conducting paste. Specifications

GOST 22002.1-82: Ring cable terminals with close tail, attached to conductor core. Construction and sizes

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