GOST 10597-87

ГОСТ 10597-87

Painting brishes. Specifications

Кисти и щетки малярные. Технические условия

Status: Valid - Supersedes

The standard applies to brushes intended for painting in construction.

Cтандарт распространяется на кисти, предназначаемые для малярных работ в строительстве.

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Approved: USSR State Building Committee, 12/22/1986

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The Product is Contained in the Following Classifiers:

Construction (Max) » Regulations » Documents System of normative documents in construction » 7. Normative documents for mobile buildings and structures, equipment, inventory and tools » K.71 Equipment of construction organizations »

ISO classifier » 53 LIFTING AND TRANSPORT EQUIPMENT » 53.120 Handicraft equipment »

National standards » 53 LIFTING AND TRANSPORT EQUIPMENT » 53.120 Handicraft equipment »

National Standards for KGS (State Standards Classification) » Latest edition » Zh Construction and building materials » Zh3 Building structures and parts » Zh36 Construction Tools »

As a Replacement Of:

GOST 10597-80: Painting brishes. Specifications

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SO 153-34.10.109-88: Specified Quantity Allowances for Tools, Aids, and Equipment, Power Tools, Hand Tools, and Special Accessories for Repair and Operation of Thermal Power Stations, Hydroelectric Generating Stations, and Electrical and Piped Heat Supply Networks

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TR 122-01: Technical recommendations on plastering technology inside buildings

TR 95.17-01: Standard Procedure for Construction and Installation Practices for Erection of Buildings and Structures

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VSN 40-96: Guidelines for Sealing Joints During Repair of Manufactured Buildings

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VSN 54-96: Guidelines for Technology for Sealing and Thermal Insulation Joints in Panels, Window Assemblies, and Door Assemblies Using “Makrofleks” During Repair of Residential Occupancies

Manual for SNiP III-18-75: A manual on quality control methods for welded joints of metal structures and pipelines performed in construction

R 52.19.349-93: Consumption rates of materials for the production of meteorological, actinometric and heat balance observations

R 52.19.349-93: Consumption rates of materials for the production of meteorological, actinometric and heat balance observations

RD 24-207-05-90: Pipe fittings. Adhesives and sealants. Stamps. Basic parameters and conditions of use

RD Iron casting. Materials charge and auxiliary. Consumption rates

RD 34.47.602-75: Guidelines for the overhaul of the VMD-35 oil circuit breaker

RD 34.47.603-79: Guidelines for the overhaul of high-voltage three-pole circuit breakers VMPE-10

RD 34.47.612-86: Guidelines for the overhaul of VT-35-630-10VI and VTD-35-630-10VI oil circuit breakers

RD 34.47.613-74: Guidelines for the overhaul of the oil circuit breaker VMP-10P

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