GOST 12.4.013-85

ГОСТ 12.4.013-85

Occupational safety standards system. Goggles. General specification

Система стандартов безопасности труда. Очки защитные. Общие технические условия

Status: Not effective - Canceled in the Russian Federation. IUS 8-1997

The standard applies to glasses designed to protect the eyes from solid particles, splashes of liquids, gases, dust, ultraviolet and infrared radiation, glare of light, produced in climatic version V for the placement category 1.1. in accordance with GOST 15150-69. for work in the temperature range from 40 to minus 30 degrees. Celsius, and sets the requirements for points, manufactured for the needs of the national economy and for export. The standard does not apply to goggles for protection against splashing of molten metal, laser radiation and radio waves.

Стандарт распространяется на очки, предназначенные для защиты глаз от твердых частиц, брызг жидкостей, газов, пыли, ультрафиолетового и инфракрасного излучений, слепящей яркости света, выпускаемые в климатическом исполнении У для категории размещения 1.1. по ГОСТ 15150-69. для работ в диапазоне температур от 40 до минус 30 град. Цельсия, и устанавливает требования к очкам, изготовляемым для нужд народного хозяйства и для поставки на экспорт. Стандарт не распространяется на очки для защиты от брызг расплавленного металла, лазерного излучения и радиоволн.

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Approved: USSR State Committee for Standards, 5/13/1985

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The Product is Contained in the Following Classifiers:

Evidence base (TR CU, Technical Regulation of the Customs Union) » 019/2011 TR CU. On safety of personal protective equipment » Regulations and standards (to ТР ТС 019/2011) »

PromExpert » SECTION I. TECHNICAL REGULATION » V Testing and control » 3 Activities of testing laboratories » 3.2 Technical equipment of testing laboratories » 3.2.2 Measuring instruments and test equipment » Optical and optical-mechanical devices, light and electron microscopes »

ISO classifier » 13 ENVIRONMENTAL PROTECTION, HUMAN PROTECTION AGAINST ENVIRONMENTAL IMPACT. SECURITY » 13.340 Protective equipment » 13.340.20 Protective equipment for head »

National standards » 13 ENVIRONMENTAL PROTECTION, HUMAN PROTECTION AGAINST ENVIRONMENTAL IMPACT. SECURITY » 13.340 Protective equipment » 13.340.20 Protective equipment for head »

National Standards for KGS (State Standards Classification) » Latest edition » P Measuring devices. Automation and computing facilities » P4 Optical and optomechanical devices, light and electron microscopes » P46 Optical devices for correction, protection and research of eye »

National Standards for KGS (State Standards Classification) » Latest edition » T General technical and organizational and methodological standards » T5 Documentation System » T58 System of standards infield of nature conservation and improvement of use of natural resources, labor safety, scientific organization of labor »

National Standards for OKSTU » SYSTEMS OF GENERAL TECHNICAL AND ORGANIZATIONAL-METHODOLOGICAL STANDARDS » Occupational safety standards system (SSBT). Scientific organization of labor. Safety precautions. Sanitation and occupational health »

National Standards for OKSTU » MEDICAL EQUIPMENT » Devices and apparatus for diagnostics (except for measuring), glasses, spectacle frames for optical correction of vision »

As a Replacement Of:

GOST 12.4.003-80: Occupational safety standards system. Goggles. Types

GOST 12.4.013-75: Occupational safety standards system. Goggles

The Document References:

GOST 14192-77: Marking of cargoes

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The Document is Referenced By:

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POT R O-45-005-95: Occupational Safety and Health Requirements for Work on Cable Communications Lines and Closed-Circuit Radio Broadcasting (Installation of Closed-Circuit Radio Networks)

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Recommendations: Aspiration smoke-sensitive alarms VESDA. Part 1. Scope

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TU 5767-015-01297858-00: Thermal insulation of extruded polystyrene foam "Peno-Plex" for pipelines with a diameter of 426-1420 mm

TU 6-02-115-91: Copolymer BMK-5

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FR 1.39.2007.03221: Biological control methods. Method of determining the toxicity of water and water extracts from the soil, sewage sludge, waste from mortality and changes in fertility of ceriodaphnias

FR 1.39.2007.03222: Biological control methods. Methodology for determining the toxicity of water and water extracts from soils, sewage sludge, waste by mortality and changes in the fertility of daphnia

FR 1.39.2007.03223: Biological control methods. Methods for determining the toxicity of water, water extracts from the soil, sewage sludge and waste by changing the level of chlorophyll fluorescence and the number of algae cells

GOST 33417-2015: Plastic packaging for household use. General specifications

Instruction 97300-001-95: Typical sectoral instruction No. 1 on labor protection for workers of all professions in crop production

PB: Safety regulations and industrial sanitation for loading and unloading operations on railway transport

PB: Safety regulations and industrial sanitation for the repair and maintenance of railway tracks and structures

POT R M-005-97: Intersectoral labor protection rules for heat treatment of metals

POT R M-006-97: Intersectoral labor protection rules for cold metal processing

POT R M-018-2001: Intersectoral labor protection rules when applying metal coatings

POT R M-020-2001: Industry-Wide Occupational Safety and Health Requirements for Electric Welding and Gas Welding Operations

POT R O 00030172-01: Rules for labor protection in the production of dredging works and maintenance of special mechanisms and devices on dredging shells of the river fleet

POT R O-00-97: Occupational Safety and Health Requirements in the Pulp and Paper and Rosin Industry

POT R O-112-001-95: Rules for labor protection during the operation of oil depots and gas stations

POT R O-14000-001-98: Rules on labor protection at enterprises and organizations of mechanical engineering

POT R O-14000-003-98: Rules for labor protection in the manufacture of boiler work and metal structures

POT R O-45-007-96: Labor protection rules when working at telephone exchanges and telegraphs

POT R O-95120-001-94: Rules of labor protection at retailers

POT R O-97300-07-95: Rules for labor protection in the production of alcohol and alcoholic beverages

POT R O-97300-08-96: Rules on labor protection in animal husbandry. Pig breeding

POT R O-97300-09-96: Rules on labor protection in animal husbandry. Sheep and goat breeding

POT R O-97300-11-97: Rules for labor protection in the repair and maintenance of agricultural machinery

POT R O-97300-13-97: Occupational Safety and Health Requirements in Poultry Farming

POT R O-97300-14-97: Rules on labor protection in animal husbandry. Fur farming

RD 059/01-2019: Instructions for welding and surfacing during the repair of freight cars (with Amendment No. 1)

RD 31.52.04-90: Polymer adhesive compositions. Application in ship repair. Technological requirements

RD 32-CSR-110/34-03: Guidance document. Labor protection during the operation of buildings and structures and the repair and construction work at railway facilities

RD ROSEK-003-97: Hoisting machines. Magnetic particle control. Key Points

TU 38 0051166-98: Rubber compounds for the rubber products of aircraft

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