GOST 12801-84

ГОСТ 12801-84

Asphaltic concrete mixtures for roads and airdromes, tar concrete mixtures for roads, asphaltic concrete and tar concrete. Methods of testing

Смеси асфальтобетонные дорожные и аэродромные, дегтебетонные дорожные, асфальтобетон и дегтебетон. Методы испытаний

Status: Not effective - Superseded. IUS 5-1999

The standard applies to mixtures of asphalt concrete and tar concrete, asphalt concrete and tar concrete, and establishes test methods to determine the following indicators: average density (bulk density) of asphalt concrete (tar concrete) and its mineral part; true density (specific gravity) of mixtures and asphalt concrete (degtebetona) and their mineral part; porosity of the mineral part (skeleton), residual porosity, water saturation, swelling, compressive strength, water resistance coefficient and water resistance coefficient of asphalt concrete (tar concrete) water saturation; composition of asphalt concrete mixtures (tar concrete); adhesion of bitumen with the mineral part of the mixture; caking cold mixes; compaction rate of asphalt concrete (tar concrete).

Стандарт распространяется на смеси асфальтобетонные и дегтебетонные, асфальтобетон и дегтебетон и устанавливает методы их испытаний с целью определения следующих показателей: средней плотности (объемной массы) асфальтобетона(дегтебетона) и его минеральной части; истинной плотности (удельного веса) смесей и асфальтобетона (дегтебетона) и их минеральной части; пористости минеральной части (остова), остаточной пористости, водонасыщения, набухания,предела прочности при сжатии, коэффициента водостойкости и коэффициента водостойкости придлительном водонасыщении асфальтобетонов (дегтебетонов); состава смесей асфальтобетонов (дегтебетонов); сцепления битума с минеральнойчастью смеси; слеживаемости холодных смесей;коэффициента уплотнения асфальтобетонов (дегтебетонов).

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Approved: State Committee of the Council of Ministers of the USSR for Construction, 2/23/1984

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ISO classifier » 91 CONSTRUCTION MATERIALS AND CONSTRUCTION » 91.100 Building Materials » 91.100.30 Concrete and concrete products »

National standards » 91 CONSTRUCTION MATERIALS AND CONSTRUCTION » 91.100 Building Materials » 91.100.30 Concrete and concrete products »

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National standards » 93 CIVIL CONSTRUCTION » 93.080 Road construction » 93.080.20 Road construction materials »

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National Standards for OKSTU » CONSTRUCTION MATERIALS, EXCEPT REFINED CONCRETE STRUCTURES AND PARTS » Acid-resistant andesite materials and products, asphalt, bitumen alloy, asphalt mastic, slag crushed stone »

The Document is Replaced With:

GOST 12801-98: Materials on the basis of organic binders for road and airfield construction. Test methods

As a Replacement Of:

GOST 12801-77: Asphaltic concrete Mixtures for roads and aerodromes and asphaltic concrete. Methods of tests

The Document References:

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GOST 17299-78: Technical ethyl alcohol. Specifications

GOST 1770-74: Laboratory volumetric glassware. Cylinders, beakers, measuring flasks, test tubes. General specifications

GOST 20288-74: Reagents. Carbon tetrachloride. Specifications

GOST 215-73: Mercury glass laboratory thermometers. Specification

GOST 25336-82: Laboratory glassware and equipment. Basic parameters and dimensions

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GOST 9147-80: Laboratory porcelain ware and apparatus. Specifications

GOST 9976-83: Trichloroethylene technical

The Document is Referenced By:

GOST 12801-98: Materials on the basis of organic binders for road and airfield construction. Test methods

GOST 30491-97: Organic mineral mixtures and soils stabilized by organic dinders for road and airfield construction Specifications

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ODM 218.2.001-2007: Method for determining the crack resistance of polymersphalt concrete at low temperatures (for experimental use)

ODM 218.2.061-2015: Recommendations for determining the thermophysical properties of road-building materials and soils

Recommendations: Aspiration smoke-sensitive alarms VESDA. Part 1. Scope

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RSN-88: Design and Construction of Roads and Highways in Non-Chernozem Areas of the RSFSR

SNiP 3.06.03-85: Automobile roads

SNiP 32-03-96: Aerodromes

TR 197-08: Technical recommendations on the use of asphalt concrete mixtures modified with old asphalt concrete additives

TU 218 RSFSR 541-85: Road asphalt mixes from rubble of different strength. Technical conditions

TU 35-1669-88: Divynylstyrene-Based Bituminous Polymer Binders and Polymer Asphalt Concrete

TU 5718-001-00011168-2000: Gravel-Mastic Asphalt Concrete Mixes and Asphalt Concrete

VSN 182-91: Standards for Road Construction Material Surveying and the Design and Development of Near-Road Quarries for Road and Highway Construction

VSN 34-91/MT-st: Execution and Acceptance Requirements for New Construction, Rehabilitation, and Expansion of Existing Marine and River Hydraulic Transport Structures. Part I: Part II: Part III

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