GOST 16263-70

ГОСТ 16263-70

State system for ensuring the uniformity of measurements. Metrology. Terms and definitions

Государственная система обеспечения единства измерений. Метрология. Термины и определения

Status: Not effective - Superseded. IUS 8-2000

The standard establishes the terms and definitions of basic metrology concepts. The terms established by the standard are recommended for use in all kinds of documentation, textbooks, teaching aids, technical and reference books.

Стандарт устанавливает термины и определения основных понятий метрологии. Термины, установленные стандартом, рекомендуются для применения в документации всех видов, учебниках, учебных пособиях, технической и справочной литературе.

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Format: Electronic (pdf/doc)
Page Count: 52

Approved: Committee of Standards, Measures and Measuring Instruments under the Council of Ministers of the USSR, 7/30/1970

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The Product is Contained in the Following Classifiers:

ISO classifier » 17 METROLOGY AND MEASUREMENTS. PHYSICAL PHENOMENA » 17.020 Metrology and measurements in general »

National standards » 17 METROLOGY AND MEASUREMENTS. PHYSICAL PHENOMENA » 17.020 Metrology and measurements in general »

National Standards for KGS (State Standards Classification) » Latest edition » P Measuring devices. Automation and computing facilities » P0 General rules and regulations for instrument-making industry » P00 Terms and definitions »

National Standards for KGS (State Standards Classification) » Latest edition » T General technical and organizational and methodological standards » T8 State measurement system » T80 Rules, norms, regulations infield of ensuring uniformity of measurements »

The Document is Replaced With:

RMG 29-99: State system for ensuring the uniformity of measurements. Metrology. Basic terms and definitions

As a Replacement Of:

GOST 20441-75: Dosimetrical instruments. The main parameters. Terms and definitions

The Document is Referenced By:

GOST 12.1.012-90: SSBT. Occupational Safety Standards System. Vibrational safety. General requirements

GOST 12119-80: Electrical steel. Methods of test for magnetic and electrical properties

GOST 13384-93: Measuring transducers for thermoelectric transducers and resistance thermo-transducers. General technical requirements and methods of tests

GOST 14.306-73: Unified system for technological preparation of production. Engineering control techniques selection rules

GOST 15624-75: Mass spectrometers. Terms and definitions

GOST Gas-turbine engines of civil aviation airplanes

GOST 19534-74: Balancing of rotating bodies. Terms

GOST 19687-89: Devices for heart bioelectric potentials measurement.

GOST 1983-89: Voltage transformers

GOST 19919-74: Test automated of technical condition of aviation technique articles. Terms and definitions

GOST 20271.1-91: Microwave electronic devices. Methods of measuring electrical parameters

GOST 20271.3-91: Microwave electronic devices. Methods of measuring of modulating impulse parameters

GOST 21107.0-75: Gas discharge devices. Methods of measurement of electrical parameters. General principles

GOST 21535-76: Ranging and hyperbolic radio navigation fixing system. Terms and definitions

GOST 22286-76: Airplane engines. Electrical automatic control systems. Terms and definitions

GOST 23718-93: Passenger and transport aeroplanes and helicopters. Admissible levels of vibration in saloons and crew cabins and methods of vibration measuring

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GOST 24286-88: Pulse photometry. Terms and definitions

GOST 24314-80: Electronic measuring instruments. Terms and definitions, methods of expressing errors and general test conditions

GOST 24450-80: Magnetic non-destructive inspection. Terms and definitions

GOST 24469-80: Instruments for measurements of laser radiation parameters

GOST 24555-81: The state system of testing the production. The procedure of verification of testing equipment. General principle

GOST 24714-81: Lasers. The measurement methods of radiation parameters. General rules

GOST 24846-81: Soils. Measuring methods of strains of structures and buildings bases

GOST 25242-93: Digital immitance parameter meters

GOST 25932-83: Portable radioisotope soil and concrete moisture and density gauges. General specifications

GOST 26.004-85: System means of measurement and automation. Range of the main technical parameters

GOST 26033-91: Metering amplifiers of direct current and its voltage. General technical requirements and methods of tests

GOST 26307-84: Sealed radionuclide gamma-radiation sources. Methods of parameters measurement

GOST 26783-85: Error rate meters for time division multiplex transmission systems. Types and basis parameters

GOST 26904-86: Radio beacons for short range radio engineering navigation systems. Flight test methods

GOST 27408-87: Noise. Methods for statistical processing of data in determination and control of machine emitted noise level

GOST 27451-87: Ionizing radiation measurement instruments

GOST 29075-91: Nuclear instrumentation systems for nuclear power stations. General requirements

GOST 30012.1-93: Direct acting indicating analogue electrical measuring instruments and their accessories. Part 1. Definitions and general requirements common to all parts

GOST 4.160-85: Product-quality index system. Muscle force measuring apparatus (mechanical). Nominclature of indices

GOST 4.166-85: Product-quality index system. Analysers of liquid. Nomenclature of indices

GOST 4.170-85: System of product-quality indices. Analysers for aerosols of solid and granular materials. Nomenclature of indices

GOST 4.319-85: Product-quality index system. Laboratory instruments and apparatus made of glass, quartz and porcelain. Nomenclature of indices

GOST 4.487-88: Product-quality index system. Coordinate-measuring machines. Index nomenclature

GOST 5365-83: Electrical measuring instruments. Dials and scales. General technical requirements

GOST 7.63-90: System of standards 'Information, libraries and publishing'. Report on geological study of the earth's interior. General requirements to the content and presentation

GOST 8.326-89: State system for ensuring the uniformity of measurements. Metrological certification measuring instruments

GOST 8.527-85: State system for ensuring the uniformity of measurements. Measuring instruments of artificial radioactive aerosols volumetric activity. Verification procedure

GOST 8.563.2-97: Measurement of liquids and gases flow rate and quantity by differential pressure method measurement procedure by orifice instruments official edition

GOST R 50730.1-95: Microwave ferrite devices. General requirements for measurement of parameters at high power level

GOST R 50778-95: Loss meters of cable line. Types and basic parameters

GOST R 51036-97: Electrooptical elements. Methods for measurement of electrooptical parameters

GOST R 51330.3-99: Explosion protected electrical equipment. Part 2. Filling or purging of the pressurized enclosure P

MI 1420-86: Guidelines. State system for ensuring uniformity of measurements. Flowmeters of constant pressure drop. Recalculation of metrological characteristics

MI 1802-87: Guidelines. State system for ensuring uniformity of measurements. Meteorological membrane barometers. Method of verification

MI 187-86: Guidelines. State system for ensuring uniformity of measurements. Reliability and requirements for calibration methods of measuring instruments

MI 1936.01-2000: Method for determining the mass concentration of total mercury by atomic absorption

MI 1951-88: Recommendation. State system for ensuring uniformity of measurements. Dynamic measurements. Terms and Definitions

MI 2021-89: Recommendation. GSE. Metrological provision of flexible production systems. Main provisions

MI 2117-90: Recommendation. GSE. Organization of metrological support in the implementation of ISO 9000 standards

MI 2168-91: State system for ensuring uniformity of measurements. Measuring information systems. The method of calculating the metrological characteristics of the measuring channels according to the metrological characteristics of the linear analogs of the components

MI 2228-92: State system for ensuring uniformity of measurements. Metrological support of monitoring the state of complex technical systems in the conditions of natural and man-made disasters

MI 2247-93: Recommendation. State system for ensuring uniformity of measurements. Metrology. Basic terms and definitions

MI 2267-2000: State system for ensuring the uniformity of measurements. Ensuring the effect of measurements by the control of technological processes. Metrological examination of technical documents

MI 2500-98: National Measurement Standards. Basic Principles for Metrological Assurance for Small Businesses

MI 2538-99: State system for ensuring uniformity of measurements. Heat meters for water systems water supply COP ***. General metrological requirements

MI 2612-2000: State system for ensuring uniformity of measurements. Metrological criteria for assessing the conformity of the quality of the certification object to regulatory requirements

MU 8.8-77: Guidelines for the examination of the reliability of measuring instruments

MUK 4.3.1676-03: Hygienic assessment of electromagnetic fields generated by land mobile radio stations, including subscriber terminals for satellite communications

NVN 33-5.3.01-85: Sampling Instructions for Sewage Analysis

OIT-0011-1999: System of certification of equipment, products and technologies for nuclear installations, radiation sources and storage facilities. Basic curriculum of the training centers of the System

OST 13-86-80: Metrological support of furniture production. General requirements for calibration data base and instruments. Gauges monitoring.

OST 24.050.37-84: Freight and passenger coaches. Testing methods for mechanical strength and ride performance.

OST 32.146-2000: Devices of railway automation, telemechanics and telecommunications. General specification requirements

OST 45.143-99: Sectoral uniformity measurement system. Guidelines for calibration of telecommunication measurement instruments. The order of development. Requirements for the construction, presentation, design and content

OST 68-15-01: Geodetic measurements. Terms and definitions.

OST 68-4-93: Organization and procedure of testing devices of topographic-geodesic purpose.

PR 32.131-98: Rules for Metrology. Typical training program for calibrators measuring instruments of geometric quantities in railway transport

R 391-80: Guidelines for the metrological assurance of the construction of underwater crossings of main pipelines

R 50-106-88: Recommended Practice. Procedure for Scientific and Technical Conformity Assessment of Standards and Technical Specifications

R 50-113-89: Recommendations. Construction and writing of names of objects in the all-union classifiers of technical and economic information

RD 03-300-99: Requirements for acoustic emission transducers used to control hazardous production facilities

RD 102-32-85: Guidelines for the rationing of technological precision and metrological support for the production of welding and assembly work in the construction of trunk pipelines

RD 153-34.1-37.312-99: Technical Requirements for Automatic Instruments for On-line Chemical Control for Quality Indicators of the Heat-Transfer Agent of the Water-Steam TPS Path

RD 34.03.501: Procedural Guidelines for Classification of Process Rooms of Electric Power Facilities According to Permissible Noise Levels

RD 34.09.113-90: Procedural Guidelines for Assessment of Accuracy in Determination of Specific Nominal Consumption of Fuel per Electric Power Generated by Power Units with Power of 300 MW and Above

RD 34.11.502-95: Procedural Guidelines. Organization and Procedure for Metrological Conformity Assessment of Documentation in the Development and Design Stage

RD 34.35.412-88: Requirements for Acceptance into Operation from Installation and Adjustment of Thermal Power Station Process Control Systems

RD 34.37.310-97: Method for Measurements of Mass Concentration of Dissolved Emulsified Petroleum Products in Process Water Streams of Thermal Power Stations by Fluorimetric Method

RD 45.040-99: Telecommunication Measurement Instruments. Methodical instructions for checking analyzers of errors in bits PF-30

RD 45.067-99: Telecommunication Measurement Instruments. Methodical instructions for checking devices for measuring levels of type K2223

RD 45.075-99: Telecommunication Measurement Instruments. Guidelines for calibration of gateway protocol analyzers J2302A

RD 45.076-99: Telecommunication Measurement Instruments. Methodological guidelines for the calibration of SPM-15 level meters

RD 45.077-99: Telecommunication Measurement Instruments. Guidelines for calibrating digital network analyzers PFA-35

RD 45.082-99: Telecommunication Measuring Instruments. Guidelines for Verifying Digital Analyzers K4315/K4305

RD 45.109-99: Telecommunication Measurement Instruments. Guidelines for calibration of communication line analyzers such as DLA-9D

RD 50-286-81: Guidelines. The system of state testing of products. Ensuring the unity of the test. Main provisions

RD 50-674-88: Methodological instructions. Measurement assurance of quantitative chemical analysis. Main provisions.

RD 50-696-90: Methodological instructions. GOST examination procedure.

RD 52.24.508-96: Guidelines. Organization and functioning of the subsystem for monitoring the state of transboundary surface land waters

RM 4-239-91: Automation systems. Dictionary-reference terms. Allowance to SNiP 3.05.07-85

RMG 29-99: State system for ensuring the uniformity of measurements. Metrology. Basic terms and definitions

RST RSFSR 721-84: Product Quality Rating System. Instruments and Equipment for Testing of Road Pavements, Roadbeds, Materials, and Soils. Index of Properties

SN 437-72: Recommendations for the use of glass pipes in the design of technological pipelines

SNiP III-16-73: Prefabricated concrete and reinforced concrete structures

SO 34.30.740: Guidance on the thermal tests of steam turbines

STB 2106-2010: Pyrotechnic articles. Test methods

TPr 126-85: Model program for state acceptance testing of range finders

MI 1698-87: Methodical instructions. Reliability assessment of data on the physical properties of polymeric materials

MU 2684-83: Guidelines for certification of laboratories of sanitary and epidemiological stations

MU 6/113-30-19-83: Methodical instructions. Standardized indicators of measurement accuracy in measurement procedures regulated in the documentation for chemical products

RD 153-34.0-15.501-00: Guidelines for monitoring and analyzing the quality of electric energy in general-purpose power supply systems. Part 1. Electrical energy quality control

RD ROSEK-006-97: Hoisting machines. Metal structures. Ultrasonic thickness gauging. Key Points

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