SP 32-105-2004

СП 32-105-2004



Status: Effective

The set of rules applies to engineering surveys, design, construction and commissioning of new and reconstructed lines, individual structures and devices of metros.

Свод правил распространяется на инженерные изыскания, проектирование, строительство и приемку в эксплуатацию новых и реконструируемых линий, отдельных сооружений и устройств метрополитенов.

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Approved: Gosstroy of Russia, 3/23/2004

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Construction (Max) » Regulations » Documents System of normative documents in construction » 3. Normative documents on urban planning, buildings and constructions » K.32 Transport facilities »

ISO classifier » 93 CIVIL CONSTRUCTION » 93.060 Tunnel construction »

The Document References:

GN Maximum allowable concentrations (MACs) of pollutants in the air of residential areas

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SanPiN Drinking water. Hygienic regulations of the water quality of centralized drinking water supply system. Quality control

SanPiN Hygienic requirements to quality assurance of atmospheric air in inhabited areas

SanPiN 2.2.1/ Sanitary-protective zones and sanitary classification of enterprises, constructions and other objects

SanPiN Hygienic requirements to occupational microclimate

SanPiN 4630-88: Sanitary rules and standards for preservation of surface waters against pollution

SN 484-76: Guidelines for Surveying in Abandoned Mining Quarries to Be Converted Into Industrial Use

SNiP 11-02-96: Engineering surveying for construction. fundamentals

SNiP 12-03-2001: Labor safety in construction industry

SNiP 12-04-2002: Safety in construction. Part 2. Construction works

SNiP 2.02.04-88: Bases and foundations on the permafrost soils

SNiP 2.03.11-85: Corrosion protection of buildings structures

SNiP 2.04.03-85: Sewage. External systems and structures

SNiP 2.06.15-85: Inundation & under-flooding. Area protection engineering

SNiP 20-01-2003: Reliability of building structures and foundations. Main provisions

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SNiP 23-03-2003: Noise protection

SNiP 3.01.04-87: Project acceptance for operation after construction

SNiP 3.02.01-87: Earthen structures, foundation and basis

SNiP 3.02.03-84: Underground workings

SNiP 3.03.01-87: Bearing and enclosing structures

SNiP 3.04.03-85: Protection of construction structures and facilities from corrosion

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SP 11-105-97: Engineering and geological survey for construction

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SP 23-105-2004: Evaluation of vibration in the design, construction and operation of subway

SP 32-106-2004: Subways. Auxiliary facilities and devices

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VSN 132-92: Execution and Acceptance Requirements for Injection Grouting Behind Tunnel Liner

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VSN 189-78: Guidelines for Planning and Execution of Artificial Soil Freezing Used in Subway and Tunnel Construction

VSN 48-65: Technical Guidelines for the Installation of Seamless Concrete Lining in Railway Tunnels

VSN 48-93: Installation Manual for Cast-In-Place Concrete and Reinforced Concrete Tunnel Lining for Transportation Tunnels

The Document is Referenced By:

GOST R 57054-2016: Mining equipment. Tubing cast iron. Sets of tubing rings. General specifications

MRR The collection of basic prices for design work for the construction of the metro in the city of Moscow, carried out with the involvement of the budget of the city of Moscow

MRR 3.2.69-09: Collection of basic prices for design work for the construction of the metro in the city of Moscow

MRR 4.6.02-19: Metro and its infrastructure

MRR 4.6-17: Metro and its infrastructure

Order 707/pr: On approval of the methodology for determining the cost of work on preparation of design documentation

SP 120.13330.2012: Subway systems

SP 122.13330.2012: Railway and highway tunnels

SP 248.1325800.2016: Underground structures. Design rules

SP 32-106-2004: Subways. Auxiliary facilities and devices

SP 42.13330.2011: Urban development. Urban and rural planning and development

SP 42.13330.2016: Urban development. Urban and rural planning and development

SP 98.13330.2012: Tram and trolleybus lines

SP 98.13330.2018: Tram and trolley lines

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