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GOST 16524-70 Fresh cornel RUSS15701
GOST 28174-89 Tractors and motor vehicles for agriculture. Fluid power drives for steering control RUSS15830
GOST 20768-75 Data transmission equipment. Automatic calling equipment UAV-TLF. Types and basic parameters RUSS16170
GOST 7588-71 Dried carrots RUSS16213
GOST Chemical current sources RUSS16299
GOST 12.2.101-84 Pneumatic drives RUSS16342
GOST 28709-90 Helical end mills with elongated body and hard-alloyed change inserts RUSS16471
GOST 17376-83 Seamless welded steel pipeline components for Pn £ 10 MPa (£ 100 kgf/cm2). Tees. Design and dimensions RUSS16637
GOST 28376-89 Compact disk RUSS16766
GOST 6617-76 Petroleum construction bitumen RUSS16809
GOST 23121-78 Steel crane-runway beams for general-purpose overhead travelling electric cranes of 50 t load-carrying capacity RUSS17149
GOST 3034-75 Oat groats RUSS17192
GOST 21241-89 Medical pincers RUSS17364
GOST 27145-86 Antigen and antiserum designed for use in diagnosis of infectious anemia of horses RUSS17407
GOST 28295-89 Collectors of electrical rotating machines RUSS17659
GOST 26202-84 Vessels and devices (standards and methods of design calculations of strength for shells and bottoms under supporting loads) RUSS17745
GOST 18390-73 Wire from palladium and its alloys RUSS18128
GOST 27306-87 Programmators for household electrical washing machines and dishwashers. General specification RUSS18171
GOST 11246-96 Sunflower extraction cake RUSS18300
GOST 12936-82 Automobile speedometers with electric drive RUSS18595
GOST 27570.17-89 Safety of household and similar electrical appliances RUSS18638
GOST 18475-82 Cold-worked aluminum and aluminum alloy pipes RUSS18724
GOST 6637-80 Finishing hobs for splined shafts with involute profile RUSS19064
GOST 11030-93 Motor graders RUSS19107
GOST 27834-88 Tool joints for drill pipers. Specifications RUSS19150
GOST 28196-89 Water-dispersion paints RUSS19236
GOST 15150-69 Machines, instruments and other industrial products. Modifications for different climatic regions. Categories, operating, storage and transportation conditions as to environment climatic aspects influence RUSS19279
GOST 27358-87 Press moulds for manufacturing of plastic items RUSS19365
GOST 3934-71 Aircraft wood RUSS19531
GOST 9984-85 Ceramic support insulators rated for voltage over 1000 v RUSS19574
GOST R 51330.10-99 Electrical apparatus for explosive gas atmospheres. Part 11. Spark-free power line, type i RUSS19660
SN 245-71 Sanitary standards for the design of industrial enterprises RUSS20000
RD 153-34.0-20.518-2003 Standard instructions on protection of heat supply system pipelines against external corrosion RUSS20043
GOST 16299-78 Packaging. Terms and definitions RUSS20086
GOST 19.201-78 Unified system for program documentation. Technical specifications for development. Requirements to contents and form of presentation RUSS20467
GOST R 51317.3.11-2006 Electromagnetic compatibility of technical equipment. Limitation of voltage changes, voltage fluctuations and flicker in public low-voltage supply systems. Equipment with rated current <= 75 A and subject to conditional connection. Limits and test methods RUSS20596
GOST 3.1119-83 Unified system of technological documentation. General requirements for completeness and arrangement of sets of documents on single technological processes RUSS20936
GOST R 52246-2004 Hot-dip zinc-coated steel sheet. Specifications RUSS20979
SP 27.13330.2011 Concrete and Reinforced Concrete Structures intended for the Service in Elevated and High Temperatures RUSS21108
GOST 26020-83 Hot-rolled steel I-beam with parallel flange edges. Dimensions. RUSS21194
GOST R 54786-2011 Fastening parts for detachable connections of nuclear power plants. Specifications. RUSS21237
GOST 30494-96 Residential and public buildings. Microclimate parameters for indoor enclosures RUSS21403
GOST IEC 384-14-95 Fixed capacitors for use in electronic equipment. Part 14. Sectional specification. Fixed capacitors for electromagnetic interference suppression and connection to the supply mains RUSS43933
GOST 31037-2002 Strawberry Manual for storage in refrigerated storerooms RUSS44383
GOST ISO 19011-2013 Guidelines for the audit of management systems. RUSS44486
GOST EN 1550-2002 Safety of metal working machines tools. Requirements to the safety for the development and designing of clamping chucks for blanks. RUSS44529
GOST 18792-80 Locking washers for ejector limit switches. Design and dimensions RUSS44723
GOST 19609.19-89 Concentrated kaolin. Method for determination of hydrogen ions concentration of water suspension RUSS44869
GOST 19609.13-89 Concentrated kaolin. Method for determination of mass loss on ignition RUSS44998
GOST 28941.17-91 Flare fittings. Stud couplings with inside cone. Construction RUSS45233
GOST 22070-76 Rectangular supporting plate-blanks of injection moulds. Design and dimensions RUSS45319
GOST 11200-75 Objectives and body-tubes of the microscopes. Attaching dimensions RUSS45336
GOST 15003-69 Circular iron all-cast moulding boxes having inside diameter 600 mm, height from 125 to 300 mm. Construction and dimensions RUSS45379
GOST 17230-71 Integrated microcircuits. Supply voltage range RUSS45422
GOST 14989-69 Circular steel all-cast moulding boxes having inside diameter 1200 mm, height from 200 to 400 mm. Construction and dimensions RUSS45659
GOST 26359-84 Polyethylene. Method for determination of volatile matters content RUSS45805
GOST 2.791-74 Unified system for design documentation. Graphic designations. Sumps and filters RUSS46272
GOST 19399-74 Sand blast bushes for core boxes. Design and dimensions RUSS46315
GOST 19609.6-89 Concentrated kaolin. Method for determination of sulphur oxide (VI) RUSS46358
GOST 14985-69 Rectangular steel all-cast moulding boxes having inside dimensions: length 1200; 1400 mm, width 900; 1000 mm, height from 200 to 400 mm. Construction and dimensions RUSS46827
GOST 25191-82 Floor coverings and machine made carpets. Method for determination of thickness changes under conditions of dynamic loading RUSS47208
GOST 25414-90 Hard metal brazed tips, type 36. Design and dimensions RUSS47251
GOST 25462-82 Fibre optics. Terms and definitions RUSS47294
GOST R 50212-92 Textile machinery and accessories. Metal reeds with double-spring baulk. Dimensions and designation RUSS47380
GOST 3240.7-76 Magnesium alloys. Method for determination of calcium RUSS47720
GOST R ISO 7943-3-93 Photography. Overhead projectors. Film rolls, cores and winders. Dimensions RUSS47763
GOST 4.86-83 System of product indices. Decontaminable protective polymeric coatings. Nomenclature of indices RUSS47892
GOST 21523.5-77 Modified wood. Method for determination of water absorption RUSS48144
GOST 19.602-78 Unified system for program documentation. Rules for duplication, registration and storage of printed program documents RUSS48187
GOST 12613-79 Metallurgical stripping cranes. General parameters RUSS48230
GOST 22552.4-77 Quartz sand, ground sandstone, quartzite and vinyl quartz for glass industry. Method for determination of titanium dioxide RUSS48316
GOST 15848.21-90 Chromium ores and concentrates. Method for determination of hygroscopic moisture RUSS48553
GOST 21946-76 Raw hop. Specifications RUSS48656
GOST 25418-82 Round throw-away (indexable) carbide chip breakers. Design and dimensions RUSS48699
GOST 16187-70 Sorbents. Method for determination of granular composition RUSS48914
GOST 6687.4-86 Non-alcoholic drinks, kvasses and syrups. Method of acidity determination RUSS49123
GOST 4225-76 Perfume oil. Specifications RUSS49149
GOST 12.4.170-86 Occupational safety standards system. Polymer coated materials for special clothes. Method for determination of organic solvents resistance RUSS49209
GOST 23091-78 Flat wooden pallet for topographical maps. Specifications RUSS49252
GOST 18356-73 Plain double-ended snap gauges for length over 10 to 360 mm. Design and dimensions RUSS49489
GOST 20865-81 Adjusting fixturing hexahedral supports with threaded holes. Design and dimensions RUSS49592
GOST 28686-90 Corrugating paper. Method for determination of corrugating resistance to edge compression RUSS49635
GOST R 50339.1-92 Low-voltage fuses. Part 2. Supplementary requirements for fuses for industrial application RUSS49721
GOST R 50954-96 Subway cars. Specifications for caring of invalids RUSS49764
GOST R ISO/IEC 7811-9-2011 Identification cards. Recording technique. Part 9. Tactile identifier RUSS50059
GOST 28650-90 Grinders for frame saws. Basic parameters. Norms of accuracy RUSS50102
GOST 2201-79 Hose connections for 19 mm diameter air hoses. Specifications RUSS50145
GOST 24437-93 Screwdrivers for fitting and assembling. Blades of screwdrivers for slotted screws and woodscrews. Dimensions RUSS50188
GOST 18511-73 Blind end caps. Design and dimensions RUSS50571
GOST 14340.2-69 Enameled round wires. Methods of the adhesion test RUSS50657
GOST 3579-89 Seedlings of lavender. Specifications RUSS50829
GOST 19421-74 Rubber protecting bushes. Design and dimensions RUSS50995
GOST R ISO 7255-2007 Shipbuilding. Active control units of ships. Vocabulary RUSS51038
GOST 21707-76 Iron ores, agglomerates and pellets. Method for determination of gas permeability and layer shrinkage during reduction RUSS51550
GOST 5901-87 Confectionery. Methods for determination of ash and metallomagnetic admixture content RUSS51593
GOST 30288-95 Glass containers. Safety, marking, raw materials saving. General RUSS51722
GOST R 50668-94 Circuits of the interface C2 of the data transmission system. Requirements by temporary characteristics of signals by start-stop and synchronous transmissions RUSS51931
GOST 30304-95 Fabrics coated with rubber or plastics. Determination of tear resistance RUSS51974
GOST R ISO/IEC 15693-1-2013 Identification cards. Contactless integrated circuit cards. Vicinity cards. Part 1. Physical characteristics RUSS52017
GOST 24052-80 Optics for glasses. Terms and definitions RUSS52060

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