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GOST 20768-75 Data transmission equipment. Automatic calling equipment UAV-TLF. Types and basic parameters RUSS16170
GOST 28376-89 Compact disk RUSS16766
GOST 27306-87 Programmators for household electrical washing machines and dishwashers. General specification RUSS18171
GOST 20548-87 Heating hot-water boilers with heating outputs RUSS18343
GOST R 51317.3.11-2006 Electromagnetic compatibility of technical equipment. Limitation of voltage changes, voltage fluctuations and flicker in public low-voltage supply systems. Equipment with rated current <= 75 A and subject to conditional connection. Limits and test methods RUSS20596
GOST 2201-79 Hose connections for 19 mm diameter air hoses. Specifications RUSS50145
GOST 8.369-79 State system for ensuring the uniformity of measurements. State primary standard and all-union verification schedule for means measuring mass flow of gas within the range of 4x10 in minus 2 degree up to 2,5x10 in 2 degree kg/sec RUSS53846
GOST 13165-67 Compression springs for machine retaining devices. Design and dimensions RUSS53975
GOST R EN 363-2007 Occupational safety standards system. Personal protective equipment against falls from a height. Fall arrest systems. General technical requirements RUSS57805
GOST 19781-90 Software of data processing systems. Terms and definitions RUSS58784
GOST R ISO/IEC 10166-2-2001 Information technology. Text and office systems. Document filing and retrieval (DFR). Part 2. Protocol specification RUSS60060
GOST 27905.2-88 Electrical insulation systems. Evaluation of performances evaluation, ageing mechanism, diagnostic procedures RUSS62528
GOST 12.2.231-2012 Occupational safety standards system. Polygraphic equipment. Safety requirements and test methods RUSS65250
GOST R ISO/TS 10303-1085-2009 Industrial automation systems and integration. Product data representation and exchange. Part 1085. Application module. Property identification RUSS66401
GOST R 12.0.010-2009 Occupational safety standards system. Occupational safety and health management systems. Hazard and risks identification and estimation of risks RUSS66827
GOST R 41.25-2001 Uniform provisions concerning the type approval of head restraints (headrests), whether or not incorporated in vehicles RUSS69635
GOST R ISO/IEC 9834-2-2009 Information technology. Open systems interconnection. Procedures for the operation of OSI registration authorities. Part 2. Registration procedures for OSI document types RUSS70145
GOST IEC 60079-29-1-2013 Explosive atmospheres. Part 29-1. Gas detectors. Performance requirements of detectors for flammable gases RUSS73846
OST 45.191-2002 Average power meters of optical radiation for fiber-optic transmission systems. Technical requirements. Test methods RUSS116886
OST 1-00853-88 Fuel filter elements. Technical conditions RUSS127182
GOST R 62061-2013 Safety of machinery. Functional safety of safety-related electrical, electronic and programmable electronic control systems RUSS140647
TER-2001-27 Rostov region Automobile roads RUSS143117
Russia Federal law of 08.11.2007 No. 259-FZ Charter of road transport and urban surface electric transport RUSS143369
VSN 175-82 City of Moscow Guidelines for the Construction of Asphalt Concrete Road Pavements RUSS143412
SP 81-01-94 Code of regulations on cost estimation of construction during elaboration of priliminary and detail design RUSS143455
GESN-2001 Volume 37 Concrete and reinforced concrete structures of hydraulics constructions RUSS143584
GKINP 01-145-81 Determination of azimuths at Laplace points taking into account the effect of refraction RUSS143879
TER 2001-01 Tatarstan Earthwork operations RUSS144010
STO 17330282.27.010.001-2008 Electric energetics. Terms and definitions RUSS144053
TERm 2001-24 Dagestan Republic Equipment of construction materials enterprises RUSS144305
TERm 2001-27 Udmurtia Equipment of printing industry enterprises RUSS144348
FSSTs-2001 Federal book of estimate prices for transportation of goods for construction. Part 1. Transportation by road RUSS144434
TER-2001-15 Yaroslavl region Finishing works RUSS144477
TERr 2001-54 Moscow region Floor structures RUSS144606
RD 34.35.307 Guidelines for Testing and Adjusting Current and Voltage Relays Series ET, RT, EN, and RN RUSS145241
SN 277-80 Guidelines for the Fabrication of Cellular Concrete Products RUSS145284
VSN 37-84 Guidelines for Traffic Control and Safety Barriers at Road Construction Sites RUSS145327
VSN 20-68 Guidelines to Cold-Weather Laying of Concrete Road Bases for Asphalt Pavement in the City of Moscow RUSS145370
TER-2001-26 Krasnodar Territory Heat insulation works RUSS145413
MUK 4.1/4.3.1485-03 Hygienic evaluation of clothes for children and adults RUSS145542
Law of Volgograd region of 28.04.2006 No. 1220-OD Law of Volgograd region on fire safety RUSS146177
STO 02570823-19-05 Linear reference bases. General technical requirements RUSS146220
TER 2001-07 Murmansk region Local constructions prices. Concrete and prefablicated reinforced concrete constructions RUSS146263
TERr 2001-57 Krasnodar region Local constructions prices. Floors RUSS146306
ENiR Volume E40 Issue 4 Manufacturing of building designs and details. Issue 4. Details and assemblies of sanitary-engineering systems RUSS146435
GN Maximum allowable concentrations (MACs) of microorganism-producers, bacterial products and their components in the occupational air RUSS146478
RD 34.20.663 Model Guidelines for Work with Energized Parts on Intermediate Supports and in Spans of Overhead Electric Power Transmission Lines at Voltage of 220-750 kV RUSS147070
RD 34.03.246-93 Model Occupational Safety and Health Guidelines for the Electrician for Operational Switching in Distribution Networks RUSS147113
TSN 2001.10 Moscow City estimated construction costs. Chapter 10. Estimated costs for temporary buildings and structures RUSS147242
MI 2531-99 National Measurement Standards. Universal Analyzers of Composition of Substances and Materials. General Requirements for In-Service Verification Methods RUSS147285
STO SRO-S 60542960 00016-2014 Nuclear facilities. Installation of production pipelines on nuclear power stations. Basic requirements RUSS147371
RD 153-34.0-03.420-2002 Occupational Safety and Health Requirements for Operation and Maintenance of Automobiles and Other Wheeled Vehicles in the Electric Power Industry RUSS147414
TERr 2001-66 Dagestan Republic Outdoor facilities RUSS147883
STO 95 114-2013 Parts and elements of steam and hot water pipelines and production pipelines of nuclear power stations from the steel of perlite class for pressure up to 2, 2 MPa (22 kgf/cm2). Welded connections. Types and dimensions RUSS148006
TSN 41-303-2001 Belgorod region Per-apartment heating system RUSS148049
TER-2001-47 Krasnodar Territory Planting. Protective afforestation RUSS148135
SanPiN Potable Water. Hygienic Requirements for Quality of Bottled Water. Quality Control RUSS148178
TER 2001-13 Moscow region Preservation of building constructions and equipment from corrosion RUSS148221
RD 34.37.516-91 Procedural Guidelines for Cleaning Turbine Condensate in Units with Once-Through Boilers RUSS148307
MUK 4.1.106-96 Recommended practice for gas chromatographic measurement of concentrations of acetoacetic ester in the air of the working zone RUSS148350
MUK 4.1.136-96 Recommended practice for measurement of concentrations of xantinol-nicotinate (7-2-hydroxy-3-methyl-acetylamino)propitiation base) in the air of the working zone by high performance liquid chromatography method RUSS148436
RD 34.51.304-94 Procedural Guidelines for Use of Thin-Layer Chromatography in Power Systems for Assessment of Remaining Service Life of Solid Insulation from the Presence of Furan Compounds in Transformer Oil RUSS148602
RD 31.30.09-90 Recommended Practice for Development of Automated Control System Section of Design for a Seaport RUSS149071
GESNp-2001 Volume 6 Refrigerator and compressor installations RUSS149200
SDA 14-2009 Requirements for independent bodies for experts certification RUSS149372
FERр 2001 Volume 58 Roofs and roofing systems RUSS149538
PB 11-519-02 Safety rules for rolling mill industry RUSS149712
MUK Spectrophotometric Measurement of Concentrations of [alpha]-Naphthylacetic Acid in Workplace Air RUSS150007
STO TsKTI 318.03-2009 Stamped junctions for steam pipelines of thermal stations. Design and dimensions RUSS150050
STO 56947007- Standard instruction on organization of works for identification of the places of damage of overhead power transmission lines of the voltage 110 kV and above RUSS150093
TI-133-2002 Standard manual on labour safety for loader operator RUSS150136
RD 34.10.555 Standard specifications of consumption of ductile lubrications for production needs of block heat power plants RUSS150265
RTM 68-8.24-01 Standardized metrological characteristics of measuring means of topographic-geodesic designation RUSS150308
TERm 2001-10 Kaliningrad region Telecommunication equipment RUSS150900
GN Tentative safe exposure levels (TSELs) of pollutants in the air of residential areas. Addendum No 4 to GN RUSS150943
TSN 2001.3-5 Territorial estimate norms for the city of Moscow. Chapter 3. Construction works. Set 5. Piling works, grouting RUSS151029
TSN 2001.6-57 Territorial estimate norms for the city of Moscow. Chapter 6. Construction repair. Set 57. Flooring RUSS151072
TPPB Territorial fire safety rules at handling with pyrotechnic products in Saint-Petersburg RUSS151115
STO RusHydro 03.01.104-2013 Tidal electric power plants. Facilities of tidal power plants. Safety requirements. Main provisions RUSS151201
RD 34.24.501-96 Type operation manual for operation individual coal pulverization systems with ball-tube mills and coal bunker RUSS151244
I 1.10-07 Welding instruction of non-ferrous metals in electrical mounting works RUSS151496
VNTP 21-86 Standards for technological design of flotation plants for non-ferrous metal ores RUSS151836
VRD 39-1.10-031-2001 Norms of emergency and minimum stocks of pipes, steel gas cranes, materials, fittings and mounting blanks on gas pipelines RUSS151879
VSN 160-69 Part 1 Instructions for surveying and surveying in the construction of transport tunnels RUSS151965
VSN 26-76 Temporary instruction for heat-free execution of seams and joints in large-panel residential buildings RUSS152051
VSN 39-83(r) Instructions for reuse of products, equipment and materials in housing and communal services RUSS152137
GKINP 05-052-85 Guide to cartographic and cartographic works. Part 3. Compilation and preparation for publication of a topographic map of 1: 1,000,000 scale (RRC-3) RUSS152266
ETKS Issue 40 Unified tariff qualification reference book of works and professions of workers. Issue 40. Section "Production of building materials" RUSS152649
IT.SAVZ.V5.PZ Profile "V" protection profile of the fifth class of protection RUSS152944
MDK 4-07.2004 Method for the distribution of the total house heat consumption for heating among individual consumers based on the indications of apartment heat meters RUSS153368
MI 2007-89 State system for ensuring uniformity of measurements. Testing and marking plates. Method of verification RUSS153837
MI 2342-95 Recommendation. State system for ensuring uniformity of measurements. Measuring instruments-regulators of technological type ИРТ. Thermometers multichannel digital type TM. Temperature regulators electronic type RTE RUSS154009
MI 2573-2000 Recommendation. GSOEI. Heat meters for water heating systems. Method of verification. General provisions RUSS154138
MI 2948-2005 Wet gas generators reference dynamic type "Spring". Method of verification RUSS154304
MP 242-1390-2012 State system for ensuring uniformity of measurements. Gas detectors RGD MET MP1 with an external methane sensor SGA MET. Method of verification RUSS154945
MR 1.2.2566-09 Evaluation of the safety of nanomaterials in vitro and in vivo model systems RUSS155031
MRR Collection of basic prices for the development of initial permits for the restoration and reconstruction of buildings and structures RUSS155414
MU 1.3.2411-08 Biological safety in the submerged cultivation of microorganisms I - II pathogenicity groups RUSS155666
MU Evaluation of the radiation risk of the population due to the long-term uniform technogenic exposure at low doses RUSS155967
MU Calculation and justification of the size of sanitary protection zones and surveillance zones around nuclear power plants RUSS156010

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