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GOST 23121-78 Steel crane-runway beams for general-purpose overhead travelling electric cranes of 50 t load-carrying capacity RUSS17149
SN 245-71 Sanitary standards for the design of industrial enterprises RUSS20000
GOST 13449-82 Sanitary ceramic wares. Test methods RUSS58360
GOST 862.2-85 Floor parquet products. Mosaic parquet. Specifications RUSS61125
OST 153-34.0-998-99А Assembling units and station pipeline hang details of nuclear power plants. Nominal pressure is no more than 4,0 MPa. The stud. Design and dimensions. RUSS99608
GKINP 01-145-81 Determination of azimuths at Laplace points taking into account the effect of refraction RUSS143879
STO NOSTROJ 2.35.4-2011 Green building. Buildings and civil construction. Rating estimation of Sustainability in building construction RUSS144946
ST SEV 4422-83 Low-alloyed structural steel RUSS146349
GKINP 05-052-85 Guide to cartographic and cartographic works. Part 3. Compilation and preparation for publication of a topographic map of 1: 1,000,000 scale (RRC-3) RUSS152266
TU 38-101937-83 Oil softener for the rubber industry RUSS192918
GOST 10486-75 Sinks for laboratory, semi-porcelain and porcelain RUSS223063
GOST 13006-67 State system for ensuring the uniformity of measurements. Angle meters. Verification method RUSS227405
GOST 13450-68 Products of asbestos vermiculite, heat-insulating RUSS228169
GOST 1405-72 Pinch and wrenching steel bars RUSS229234
GOST 17177.5-81 Heat insulating construction materials and products. Method for accelerated determination of sorption humidity RUSS233402
GOST 18.002-80 Quantitative methods for optimizing the parameters of standardization subjects. Areas of applicability of technical values for formalizing goals and constraints RUSS234295
GOST 20425-2016 Concrete Tetrapod for Costal Protecting Installations RUSS236808
GOST 21485-2016 Flushing tanks with accessories. General specifications RUSS237873
GOST 22701.7-81 Reinforced concrete ribbed prestressed slabs sized 6x3 m for coatings of the industrial buildings. Slabs of type PF with openings 1,5х1,7 m. Design and dimensions RUSS238895
GOST 2590-71 Hot rolled steel. Types and sizes RUSS240767
GOST 2642.1-71 Refractory materials and products. Methods of chemical analysis of refractory clays, kaolin, chamotte, graphite-chalk and semi-acid products, quartzite and dinas products RUSS241019
GOST 2976-45 Veterinary ambulances. Planning Standards RUSS241955
GOST 33166.3-2014 Erecting cranes. Requirements for mechanisms. Part 3. Tower cranes RUSS242891
GOST 3590-68 Accessories for vertical cylindrical storage tank for petroleum products. Light hatches RUSS243827
GOST 3849-47 Equipment for vertical cylindrical tanks for petroleum products. Hinges made of cast iron with a lifting pipe RUSS244339
GOST 7092-79 Steel pins for insulators of overhead communication lines and radio communication. Specification RUSS253591
GOST 7394-77 Gravel and gravel-sandy ballast for the railway track. Specification RUSS254209
GOST 752-51 Products sanitary faience and semi-porcelain. Washbasin with backrest. Type and basic dimensions RUSS254527
GOST 8020-80 Reinforced concrete products for inspection wells of water and gas networks. Specification RUSS255829
GOST 965-78 Portland cement, white. Specification RUSS259293
GOST IEC 60811-203-2015 Electric and fiber optic cables. Methods of nonmetallic materials testing. Part 203. General testing. Measuring external dimensions RUSS260083
GOST R 57352-2016 Building aluminium structures. General specifications RUSS288315
GOST R ISO 10137-2016 Bases for design of structures. Serviceability of buildings against vibrations RUSS289122
MRR 4.7-16 Overhaul of capital construction objects RUSS291037
MU Dosimetric control of occupational internal exposure. General requirements RUSS291166
MUK 4.1.020-11 Methods of measuring the mass concentration of 1, 1-dimethylhydrazine in the air of the working area by the photometric method RUSS291590
NP 1.2-71 Premises for residential buildings of hotels RUSS292016
ODM 218.11.001-2015 Methodical recommendations about the accounting of increase in dynamic influence of loading in process of accumulation of roughnesses and to determination of coefficient of dynamism depending on a flatness indicator RUSS292102
ODM 218.3.055-2015 Guidelines for the preparation of asphalt samples with roller (plate) compactor RUSS292145
OST 102-55-81 Parts of trunk pipelines, steel welded on Ru to 10.0 MPa (100 kgf RUSS293038
OST 34-13-876-86 Hardwood lumber. Technical conditions (restriction GOST 2695-83) RUSS302527
PNST 131-2016 Automobile roads of general use. Hot asphalt mixtures and asphalt. Method for determining the density of the place of application with a gamma densitometer RUSS303930
RD 52.04.822-2015 Mass concentration of sulfur dioxide in air samples. Photometric measurement method using tetrachloromercine and pararosaniline RUSS304823
RD-APK Methodological guide for veterinary examination of projects of livestock facilities RUSS304969
RTM 24.030.49-75 Method of accounting for scaling when calculating the strength of the elements of the heating surfaces of steam boilers RUSS305098
SN 169-61 Temporary guidelines for the manufacture of reed slabs and their use in construction RUSS305335
SN 479-75 Instructions on the order of design and construction in the Non-Black Earth Zone of the RSFSR objects common to groups of enterprises (industrial hub) RUSS305438
TU 16-505.185-71 Heat-resistant mounting wires with fluoroplastic insulation RUSS317864
TU 550.1-44-90 Box with step-down transformer type RUSS332629
VSN 33-2.2.01-85 Irrigation systems using livestock waste RUSS341565
VSN 34/IX-60 Technical conditions for the production and acceptance of works on the construction of sea and river port facilities. Chapter IX. Production of prefabricated reinforced concrete structures of port facilities from prestressed reinforced concrete RUSS370602
GOST 22298-76 Coniferous saw logs for export. Technical requirements RUSS16723
GOST 8638-57 Tear-shaped steel pipes RUSS16829
GOST 3344-83 Slag crushed stone and slag sand for road construction. Specifications RUSS17046
GOST 20054-82 Concrete non-pressure pipes. Specifications RUSS17939
SP 11-113-2002 The reporting on the engineering civil defence measures and activities to prevent emergencies in the preparation of an application of intent to invest in the construction and justification of investment in the construction of enterprises, buildings and structures RUSS20152
RD 07-122-96 Instructions on the procedure for granting mining allotments for gas and oil-field development RUSS20232
GOST 12784-78 Mineral powder for asphaltic mixtures. Methods of tests. RUSS21171
GOST 6942.12-80 Cast iron waste pipes and fittings. T-branches. Construction and dimensions RUSS45230
GOST 12852.0-77 Cellular concrete. General requirements to test RUSS47148
GOST 12.4.002-74 System of standards on safety engineering. Means for personal protection of hands from vibration. General technical specifications RUSS49020
GOST 25151-82 Water-supply. Terms and definitions RUSS54573
GOST 26967-86 Hydro amelioration. Terms and definitions RUSS55701
GOST 12071-84 Soils. Sampling, packing, transportation and keeping of samples RUSS56551
GOST 32498-2013 Buildings and structures. Method for determining energy efficiency of interior lighting RUSS57063
GOST 9479-2011 Blocks of rocks for the production of facing, architectural and construction, memorial and other products. Technical conditions RUSS59273
GOST R 54358-2011 Dry cement base decorative coats for facade’s thermal insulation composite systems with external mortar’s lays. Specifications RUSS59657
GOST 24893.0-81 Reinforced concrete frame brace for industrial buildings. Specifications RUSS64763
ST SEV 4926-84 Asbestos cement products. Terms and Definitions RUSS84185
ST SEV 1064-78 Safety. Steam and hot water boilers. Steel castings RUSS169389
TU 34-21-11351-88 Complex roofing panels Sprengel for a step of trusses 12 m RUSS189432
SP 47.13330.2016 Engineering survey for construction. Basic principles RUSS220701
SP 265.1325800.2016 Manifold for engineering networks RUSS220727
NP-026-16 Federal Standards and Rules in the Field of Atomic Energy Use RUSS220939
B3-79 Recommendations for the design of water supply and sewage systems of electroplating workshops RUSS221852
VNTP 18-80 Temporary industrial instruction on the design of hydraulic transport systems for waste flotation and return of circulating water at the concentrating factories of the USSR Ministry of Coal Industry RUSS221892
VNTP 38-84 Norms of technological design of coal and shale mines, pits and concentration plants. Section "Protection of surface and ground water" RUSS221918
VSN 22-63 Technical rules for the maintenance and repair of motor roads RUSS221978
VSN 265-84/Minmontazhspecstroj SSSR Instructions for the installation of freight and passenger aerial cable transporters RUSS221981
GOST 1008-41 Plaster gypsum-cane slabs "Different" for suspended ceiling RUSS222301
GOST 10161-73 Shower trays enameled. Types and basic dimensions RUSS222447
GOST 10390-2015 Electrical equipment for voltages 3 kV and higher. Test methods of electric strength of external insulation in conditions of contamination RUSS222874
GOST 10832-64 Foamed perlite RUSS223724
GOST 1549-42 Fire retardant compounds for wooden structures (recommended) RUSS231255
GOST 16133-80 Equipment for vertical and horizontal cylindrical tanks for petroleum products. Measuring manholes. Specification RUSS232108
GOST 18913-73 Drinking water. The method for determining the content of strontium-90 RUSS235257
GOST 2165-51 Ruberoid RUSS238019
GOST 22689.19-77 Plastic sewage pipes and shaped parts for them. Sealing rings. Design and dimensions RUSS238869
GOST 22845-77 Passenger, Freight, and Medical Service Elevators. Regulations for execution and acceptance of works RUSS239018
GOST 23793-79 Noise. Methods for measuring noise reduction by mufflers for ventilation, air conditioning and air heating systems RUSS239639
GOST 32963-2014 Automobile roads of general use. Visibility distance. Methods of measurement RUSS242831
GOST 3311-46 Flushing tank of cast iron RUSS242871
GOST 33662.1-2015 Refrigeration systems and heat pumps. The requirements of safety and environmental protection. Part 1. Definitions, classifications and criteria of selection RUSS243083
GOST 3904-47 Roofing material with a scaly grit RUSS244445
GOST 3999-48 Hydro-technical structures. Calculation of maximum water flow rates of rivers (recommended) RUSS244614
GOST 4011-48 Water of economical-drinking and industrial water supply. Chemical testing methods. Determination of iron content RUSS244829
GOST 4388-48 Water of economical-drinking and industrial water supply. Chemical testing methods. Determination of copper content RUSS245613
GOST 477-56 Wooden frames for windows of industrial buildings RUSS246400
GOST 5.2067-73 Asbestos cement pipes and couplings for non-pressure pipe lines. Quality requirements for certified products RUSS248063
GOST 5086-56 Window and door fittings. Distinguishing between right and left instruments RUSS249426

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