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MUK 4.1.1512-03 Stripping voltammetric measurement of the concentration of mercury ions in water RUSS158646
MUK 4.1.1556-03 Guidelines for the spectrophotometric measurement of the concentrations of orthoformylphenoxyacetic acid (OFFVC) in the air of the working area RUSS158689
MUK 4.1.1642-03 Photometric measurement of mass concentrations of endo-1, 3b-xylanase (xylanase) in the air of the working area RUSS158775
MUK 4.1.1732-03 Spectrophotometric measurement of mass concentrations of ethanedionic acid dihydrate (oxalic acid dihydrate) in the air of the working area RUSS158861
MUK 4.1.2346-08 Measurement of concentrations of clotianidine in the air of the working area, washes from the skin and ambient air in populated areas by operators using high performance liquid chromatography RUSS159244
MUK 4.1.639-96 Guidelines for the photocolorimetric determination of furfural in atmospheric air RUSS159668
MUK 4.1.846-99 Guidelines for measuring the concentration of 19-nortestosterone in the air of the working area by high performance liquid chromatography RUSS159754
MUK 4.1.889-99 Guidelines for measuring concentrations of 16alf, 17alf-butylidenedioxy-11beta, 21-dihydroxy-1, 4-pregnadiene-3, 20-dione (budesonide) in the air of the working area using high performance liquid chromatography RUSS159797
MUK 4489-87 Guidelines for measuring diketone concentrations in the air of the working area using thin layer chromatography RUSS160180
MUK 4883-88 Guidelines for measuring concentrations of phenmedipham, 3-hydroxyphenylmethyl carbamate in the air of the working area by thin layer chromatography RUSS160432
MUK 5104-89 Methodological guidelines for gas chromatographic measurement of ethylbenzene hydroperoxide concentrations in the working area air RUSS160604
Moscow Government Regulation of 25.07.2006 No. 567-PP About measures to ensure the reliability of civil buildings with long-span structures RUSS162605
R 78.36.023-2012 Methods of classification and analysis of the causes of false alarms of technical means of protection. Guidelines RUSS163455
RD 03-48-99 Instructions for overseeing the design of equipment for nuclear facilities, radiation sources, storage facilities for nuclear materials and radioactive substances, radioactive waste storage facilities RUSS163793
RD 200-RSFSR-12-0071-86-04 Instructions on monitoring the work of drivers on the line for traffic safety RUSS164262
RD 22-328-03 Standard instruction for engineering and technical workers responsible for the maintenance of crane-manipulators in good condition RUSS164305
RD 52.24.609-2013 Organizing and conducting observations on the content of pollutants in bottom sediments of water bodies RUSS166263
SanPiN 1964-79 Hygienic requirements for machines and mechanisms used for ore, industrial mineral and placer deposits development RUSS167623
SO 34.48.523 Guidelines for the organization and maintenance of long-distance automatic telephone communication (DAS) in energy systems RUSS169028
SP Prevention of Pertussis Infection RUSS169157
SP Prevention of coxiellosis (Q fever) RUSS169174
STO 56947007- GIS for rated voltage 6-35 kV. Typical technical requirements RUSS169964
TOI R-15-093-97 Standard labor protection instruction for operators on automatic and semi-automatic lines in woodworking, engaged in calibration and grinding operations RUSS171029
TOI R-200-21-95 Standard instruction No. 21 on labor protection when working with leaded gasoline RUSS171072
TOI R-218-48-95 Standard labor protection instruction for machinists of mobile compressors (stations) RUSS171115
TOI R-31-205-97 Standard labor protection instruction for electroplating RUSS171132
GOST 25679-83 Cassettes for electro-radiography equipment. General specifications RUSS240638
GOST ISO/IEC 15459-1-2016 Information technology. Automatic identification and data capture techniques. Unique identification. Part 1. Individual transport units RUSS287379
GOST R 56293-2014 Intelligent transport systems. Contingency management technology for passenger transport. Requirements for arrangements, functions, and tasks of public transportation during mass sport event RUSS287760
GOST R ISO/IEC 19794-4-2014 Information technology. Biometrics. Biometric data interchange formats. Part 4. Finger image data RUSS289632
OST 1-42474-90 Computer-aided design system. Presentation and transmission of data. Passport data on machine media. Order and construction RUSS299035
GOST R 58082-2018 Information technology. Real time locating systems (RTLS). Part 62. High rate pulse repetition frequency Ultra Wide Band (UWB) air interface RUSS354051
POT R O-97300-04-95 Rules for labor protection during storage and processing of fruits and vegetables RUSS374432
POT R O-14000-005-98 Position. Work with increased danger. Organization of RUSS374475
GOST 30782-2001 Toys. General safety requirements and Test methods. Graphical symbol for age warning labeling RUSS15638
GOST 7.4-86 System of standards of information, librarianship and puplishing. Puplications. Imprint RUSS43744
GOST R 51556-99 Toys. General safety requirements and methods of tests. Graphical symbol for age warning labelling RUSS45911
GOST 21829-76 Man-machine system. Coding of visual information. General ergonomic requirements RUSS51404
GOST R 54297-2010 Conformity assessment. Disclosure of information. Principles and requirements RUSS51699
GOST R 7.0.53-2007 System of standards on information, librarianship and publishing. Editions. International standard book number. Usage and publisher's presentation RUSS54659
GOST R 56049-2014 Global navigation satellite system. Monitoring equipment for river vessels. Technical requirements RUSS60103
GOST R ISO 19113-2003 Geographic information. Quality principles RUSS70059
GOST R ISO/IEC 9834-5-2009 Information technology. Open systems interconnection. Procedures for the operation of OSI registration authorities. Part 5. Register of VT control object definitions RUSS70142
GOST R 55038-2012 Ophthalmic optics. Ophthalmic implants. Ocular endotamponades. General safety requirements RUSS70866
GOST R 55039-2012 Ophthalmic optics. Uncut finished spectacle lenses. Specifications for transmittance and anti-reflective coatings. Test methods RUSS72675
ST SEV 4926-84 Asbestos cement products. Terms and Definitions RUSS84185
GOST R ISO/IEC TR 10178-98 Information technology. Telecommunications and information exchange between systems. The structure and coding of logical link control addresses in local area networks RUSS141818
MUK 4.1.1468-03 Atomic absorption method for determination of mercury vapours in the air of residential and work areas RUSS143074
STO 17330282.27.140.020-2008 Auxiliary power supply systems of hydroelectric stations. Conditions of creation. Standards and requirements RUSS143137
GESN-2001 Volume 30 Bridges and pipes RUSS143220
TER 2001-46 Saint-Petersburg Buildings and constructions rearrangement works RUSS143263
TER-2001-46 Yaroslavl region Buildings and constructions rearrangement works RUSS143266
MI 2029-89 Calibration and marking prisms with one prismatic recess and grip. Methods of control RUSS143309
TER-2001-34 Kaliningrad region Communication, radio broadcasting and television constructions. Book 2. Section 02. Wire communication constructions RUSS143521
MR Conducting comprehensive expedition radiation-hygienic survey of settlements for assessing public exposure RUSS143604
STA 25.03.008-2004 Control, indicating, receiving and operating equipment. General specifications RUSS143690
RM 25 951-90 Part 1 CPCS (Computerized Process Control System) Assignments for general designer for designing of automation objects in adjacent project parts. Part 1: Arrangement of automation components on technological equipment and pipeline RUSS143730
VSN 50-83 Design Guidelines for Piping for Liquid Products of Air Separation RUSS143816
TER-2001-36 Novosibirsk region Earth constructions of hydraulic structures RUSS143990
FERm-2001 Volume 32 Electronic industry and communication industry enterprises equipment RUSS144096
SNiP IV-14-82 Volume 2-14 Elevators RUSS144116
NTP 1-99 Engineering Design Standards for Cattle Facilities RUSS144202
STO RZhD 1.05.005-2008 Engineering specifications in OJSC ´Russian Railways´. Rules for accounting, storage, handling and amendment RUSS144245
TERm 2001-14 Dagestan Republic Equipment for rolling mills RUSS144285
TERm 2001-22 Novosibirsk region Equipment of hydroelectric power plants and hydraulic structures RUSS144328
Federal law of 23.11.1995 No. 174-FZ Federal law on environmental expertise RUSS144454
NPB 192-2000 Fire engineering. Communnication and lighting truck. General technical requirements. Test methods RUSS144497
NPB 200-2001 Fire-fighting equipment. Foammixers. General technical requirements. Test methods RUSS144586
TERr 2001-52 Ryazan region Foundations RUSS144666
TERr 2001-52 Udmurtia Foundations RUSS144669
TR 103-00 Guide to Good Practice for Constriction of Roads Using Asphalt Concrete RUSS144989
RD 34.20.666 Guidelines for Applying Coating on Lightning Cables, Guy Wires, Conductors, and Equipment of Overhead Lines at Voltage of 35-750 kV RUSS145052
RD 34.48.511-96 Guidelines for Criteria for Operating Condition Assessment of Telecontrol Apparatus of Energy Systems in Order to Determine the Need for Replacing or Repairing It RUSS145075
UP AUTN-96 Guidelines for designing of automated installations for clock loading of light petroleum products in rail and track tanks RUSS145092
RD 34.50.502-91 Guidelines for Operation of Stationary Lead-Acid Storage Batteries RUSS145178
RD 34.20.508 Guidelines for Operation Power Cable Lines Part. 1. Cable Lines at Voltage of up to 35 kV RUSS145181
RD 34.09.212 Guidelines for Standardization of Performance Indicators of Hydraulic Coolers in the Electric Power Industry RUSS145224
VSN 219-79 Guidelines for Using Vibration Method to Protect Water Wells Against Mudding-off RUSS145350
TER 2001-18 Dagestan Republic Heating-indoor devices RUSS145476
SNiP 3.07.01-85 Hydraulic engineering river constructions RUSS145499
STO RusHydro 02.01.059-2011 Hydroelectric stations. Monitoring of technical condition of capital equipment. Standards and requirements RUSS145519
SanPiN Hygienic requirements for book and journal editions for children and teenagers RUSS145562
SanPiN 2.2.4/ Hygienic requirements when working with sources of air and contact ultrasound for industrial, medical and household purposes RUSS145602
RD 34.01.204 Index of Operations Documentation for Shift Supervisor Workstations (Electric Power Generating Stations and Shops) of Thermal Power Stations RUSS145645
STO RZhD 1.15.006-2009 Industrial safety management system in JSC RZD. General provisions RUSS145688
STO 00220256-018-2011 Instruction on ultrasonic quality inspection of angular and T-shaped welded connections of vessels and devices from two-layer steels with clad layer from high-alloyed steel and the basement from carbon or low-alloyed steel in the range of thickness from 1 RUSS145925
VSN 22-67 Interim Guidelines on the Process for Factory Finishing of Wall and Ceiling Panels Using СВШ Synthetic Putty RUSS145988
VSN 33-2.2.12-87 Irrigation and Drainage Systems and Structures. Pumping Stations. Design Standards RUSS146054
Federal law of 30.12.2001 No. 197-FZ Labour Code of Russian Federation RUSS146074
Law of Smolensk region Law of Smolensk region on fire safety RUSS146157
TSN 31-302-95 Manual Local construction normatives. Hostels for invalid childrens. Manual RUSS146243
TER-2001-05 Krasnodar Territory Local constructions prices. Pile works. Foundation cylinders. Grouting. Book 1 RUSS146326
MUK Measurement of concentrations of isopropanol solvate sulfoxide of penicillin by high-performance liquid chromatography in the air of the working zone RUSS146538
RD 34.43.208-95 Methods for Quantitative Chemical Analysis. Determination of Content of Additives in Oils Used in Energy Equipment by High Performance Liquid Chromatography RUSS146861
TOI R-112-11-95 Model Guidelines for Occupational Safety and Health in the Use of Ethylated Gasoline RUSS146990
RD 10-319-99 Model Guidelines for Safe Practices for Boiler Plant Personnel RUSS147050
RD Model Occupational Safety and Health Guidelines for Workers of Crews for Transshipment of Cargoes in Casks RUSS147156
TERr 2001-64 Orel region Modelling works RUSS147222
TER-2001-22 Novosibirsk region Outdoor water pipelines RUSS147903
TERr 2000-62 Omsk region Painting RUSS147926

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