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GOST 12969-67 Plates for machines and devices. Technical requirements RUSS15759
GOST 12492.0-90 Rolled stock for agriculture machinery RUSS15977
GOST 12492.15-90 Flat section with slope for agriculture machinery RUSS15978
GOST 12.2.016-81 Occupational safety standards system. Gas compressing equipment. General safety requirements RUSS16103
GOST 12.2.116-86 Three and four roll plate bending machines RUSS16145
GOST 27288-87 Industrial sewing machines RUSS16183
GOST 27442-87 Shoe shaping, molding and lasting equipment RUSS16186
GOST 28122-95 Stone-working grinding-polishing machines RUSS16190
GOST Compressor equipment RUSS16339
GOST Automated and semiautomatic forging and press machines RUSS16340
GOST Environment protection. Atmosphere RUSS16377
GOST 18460-91 Pneumatic drives RUSS16384
GOST 22587-91 Cotton pickers RUSS16404
GOST 24824-88 Presses RUSS16418
GOST 25443-82 Test units for checking the accuracy of machining RUSS16420
GOST 27274-87 Leather wringing machines RUSS16443
GOST 27293-87 Footwear grinding machines RUSS16444
GOST 27295-87 Circular knitting machines RUSS16445
GOST 27641-88 Machines for the measuring of the length of textile web RUSS16450
GOST 28251-89 Basic machines. Basic parameters, dimensions and technical requirements RUSS16456
GOST 16372-93 Rotating electric machines. Limiting values of noise levels RUSS16568
GOST 12.1.003-83 Noise. General safety requirements RUSS16575
GOST Compressor equipment RUSS16671
GOST 12.2.110-85 Air piston stationary general-purpose compressors RUSS16673
GOST 2015-84 Fixed plain gauges. Technical requirements RUSS16711
GOST 27053-86 Metal-cutting machine tools with programmed numerical control. Adjustable reducing bushings with internal morse cone and plain shank RUSS16747
GOST 27291-87 Footwear tousling machines RUSS16751
GOST 27292-87 Footwear edge-trimming machines RUSS16752
GOST 8889-88 Gears of turbine and compressor machines. Technical requirements. Control methods RUSS16885
GOST Compressor equipment RUSS16899
GOST Compressor equipment RUSS16900
GOST 13054-80 Generators for tractors and self-propelled agricultural machinery RUSS16913
GOST 2016-86 Thread gauges. Specifications RUSS16932
GOST 23182-78 Grinding wheels for hand-held grinders RUSS16945
GOST 28541-95 Stone-cutting machines RUSS16972
GOST 9630-80 Three-phase asynchronous motors. General specifications. RUSS17060
GOST Compressor equipment RUSS17070
GOST 23941-79 Noise of machines. Methods for determination of noise characteristics. General requirements RUSS17071
GOST 12.2.010-75 Occupational safety standards system. Pneumatic Hand Machines. General safety requirements RUSS17090
GOST 12633-90 Hand-held pneumatic rotary machines RUSS17097
GOST 19099-86 Lubricating systems RUSS17133
GOST 21915-93 Asphalt pavers RUSS17144
GOST 26875-86 Portable balancing equipment RUSS17170
GOST 7438-73 Cigarette paper RUSS17215
GOST 12.2.138-97 Industrial sewing machines RUSS17323
GOST 12496-88 Glass-epoxy-phenol electrotechnical cylinders and tubes RUSS17325
GOST 19348-82 Electro-technical items for agricultural purposes RUSS17355
GOST 25005-94 Refrigerating equipment RUSS17390
GOST 26711-89 Tractor drills RUSS17404
GOST 28297-89 Opening and cleaning machines for cotton RUSS17421
GOST 28841-90 Machines for fatigue testing of materials RUSS17428
GOST 28927-91 Synchronous machines using hydrogen as a coolant RUSS17429
GOST 30013-93 Floor transport machines, cargo plates and forks RUSS17433
GOST 31.121.42-84 Elements and assemblies of universal built-up and re-adjustable equipment for metal-cutting machines RUSS17436
GOST 8517-90 Control devices for grinding RUSS17492
GOST 26582-85 Food (manufacturing) industry machines and equipment RUSS17646
GOST 28295-89 Collectors of electrical rotating machines RUSS17659
GOST 28840-90 Machines for tension, compression and bending tests of materials RUSS17665
GOST 30150-96 Labeling machines RUSS17674
GOST 24831-81 Containers - equipment RUSS17842
GOST 28932-91 Drafting machines RUSS17855
GOST 12.2.011-75 Construction and road machines RUSS17953
GOST 13861-89 Pressure regulators for the flame machining RUSS17961
GOST 19716-81 Automatic pneumatic rapier looms RUSS17977
GOST 27719-88 Earth-moving machinery. Falling object protective devices. Lab studies. RUSS18060
GOST 28328-89 Round electromagnetic chucks RUSS18182
GOST 8907-87 Sandblast core casting machines RUSS18248
GOST 12.2.111-85 Mounted and trailed agricultural machines RUSS18307
GOST 14177-88 Spindles with built-in drive RUSS18321
GOST 17770-86 Manual machines RUSS18333
GOST 18962-97 Vehicles, floor, trackless battery-powered RUSS18340
GOST 24869-81 System of standards for industrial purity in machine-tool building and instrumentation industrial purity in machine-tool building and instrumentation RUSS18367
GOST 27258-87 Earth-moving machinery RUSS18380
GOST 19497-90 Chill casting machines RUSS18610
GOST 8390-84 Electro hydraulic presses for blocking RUSS18663
GOST 27818-88 Admissible noise levels at workplaces and methods for their determination RUSS18758
GOST 28386-89 Equipment for hyperbaric oxygenation RUSS18762
GOST 183-74 Rotating electrical machines RUSS18802
GOST 31.121.41-84 Elements and assemblies of universal built-up and readjusted equipment for metal-cutting machines (ubre) RUSS19057
GOST 24689-85 Brushes for electrical rotating machines RUSS19139
GOST 26698.1-93 Rigs for blast-holes drilling in open-cast mining works RUSS19143
GOST 27714-88 Digging vehicles RUSS19149
GOST 22407-85 Synchronous explicit-pole generators of general purpose RUSS19222
GOST 23411-84 Electronic cash registers RUSS19227
GOST 15150-69 Machines, instruments and other industrial products. Modifications for different climatic regions. Categories, operating, storage and transportation conditions as to environment climatic aspects influence RUSS19279
GOST 14965-80 Three-phase synchronous generators of power over 100 kw RUSS19289
GOST 27133-86 Reeled electrical insulating laminated materials RUSS19303
GOST 25036-81 Household appliances. Kitchen electromechanical machinery RUSS19356
GOST 15595-84 Die-casting machines RUSS19398
GOST 24566-86 Flat plug-in connectors RUSS19408
GOST 28330-89 Asynchronous electrical machines with power from 1 to 400 kw inclusive. Motors RUSS19417
GOST 26606-85 Winding wires with enameled-fibrous, fibrous, plastic and film insulation general specifications RUSS19477
GOST 26615-85 Enameled winding wires RUSS19478
GOST 22502-89 Condensing units with hermetic refrigeration compressors for commercial refrigeration machinery RUSS19520
GOST 26499-85 Multi-purpose household kitchen machines RUSS19525
GOST 7463-89 Pneumatic tires for tractors and agricultural machines RUSS19619
GOST 18856-81 Apparatuses for inhalation anesthesia and artificial pulmonary ventilation RUSS19634
GOST 12.2.019-86 Agricultural tractors and self-propelled machines RUSS19665
GOST 26329-84 Computers and data processing systems RUSS19677
GOST 8051-83 Domestic washing machines RUSS19733

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