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GOST 12.1.002-84 Occupational safety standards system. Power frequency electric fields. Permissible levels of field strength and requirements for control at work-places RUSS15764
GOST 22782.3-77 Explosion-proof electrical equipment with special means RUSS15810
GOST 22988.0-78 Gas-discharge counters RUSS15988
GOST Occupation safety standards system. Safety requirements. Switching devices for voltages below 1000 v RUSS16080
GOST 28439-90 Equipment of digital, fiber optic transmission systems over power lines RUSS16228
GOST 26557-85 Data transmission signals entering in the communication channels. Energetic parameters RUSS16433
GOST 27147-86 Cultural viral vaccine against transmissive gastroenteritis of pigs (tge) RUSS16439
GOST 12765-88 Unbleached coniferous sulfate cellulose for electrical insulation RUSS16677
GOST 28086-89 Myxomatosis of rabbits vaccine RUSS16763
GOST 25007-81 Data transmission interface with communication channel transmission frequency separation system. Basic parameters at the interface RUSS16954
GOST 28087-89 Botulism of minks vaccine RUSS17174
GOST 28215-89 Basic environmental testing procedures. Part 2. Tests. Test Eb and quidance: Bump RUSS17269
GOST 23866-87 Single-seated, double-seated and cellular RUSS17384
GOST 26613-85 Lathe tools with mechanic fastening of replaceable faceted plates RUSS17403
GOST 28041-89 Crossings, section insulators, and frogs for contact systems of trams and trolleybuses RUSS17417
GOST 7190-93 Alcoholic beverages RUSS17475
GOST 2222-95 Technical methanol. Specifications RUSS17514
GOST 27824-2000 Industrial burners for liquid fuel. General technical requirements RUSS17536
GOST 14109-82 Mallein RUSS17963
GOST 25089-81 Printing paper for multivolume publications RUSS17992
GOST 3634-99 Access manhole covers and storm-flow Receivers for manholes Technical requirements RUSS18016
GOST 5521-93 Shipbuilding rolled steel RUSS18086
GOST 21574-88 Electromagnetic multidisc clutches with magnetic flux conducting disks RUSS18146
GOST 5686-94 Sоils. Fiеld tеst mеthоds bу рilеs RUSS18470
GOST 464-79 Grounds for stationary telegraph and telephone installations, wire-broadcasting distribution points, radio-relay stations and CATV antennas. Resistance norms RUSS18564
GOST 11289-80 Receiving television antennas RUSS18587
GOST 12.1.005-88 General sanitary requirements for working zone air RUSS18693
GOST 16092-78 Suspended multiconductor flexible cables RUSS18715
GOST 16957-80 Multichannel amplitude analyzers RUSS18718
GOST 28997-91 Inductor and transformer cores for telecommunications equipment, Part 1. General specifications RUSS18768
GOST 8807-94 Mustard oil RUSS18799
GOST 10150-88 Marine, diesel locomotive and industrial diesel engines RUSS18998
GOST R 51330.8-99 Explosionproof electrical apparatus. Part 7. Type e protection. RUSS19103
GOST 15991-86 Anthrax of animals live vaccine RUSS19213
GOST R 51330.0-99 Explosionproof electrical apparatus. Part 0. General requirements RUSS19272
GOST 24593-87 Graphic input devices for electronic computers RUSS19298
GOST 15607-84 Baudot code start-stop apparatuses for alphabetic telegraphy RUSS19344
GOST 22505-97 Electromagnetic compatibility of technical equipment. Man-made noise of sound and television broadcast receivers and associated equipment. Limits and test methods RUSS19351
GOST 26886-86 Interfaces of digital-transmission channels and group-highways in the basic network RUSS19361
GOST 15125-92 Styroflex, high-frequency, balanced, communication cables RUSS19396
GOST 240-85 Margarine RUSS19560
GOST 30428-96 Industrial radio noise RUSS19610
GOST 27771-88 Performances of procedures in the interface between data terminal equipment and data circuit-terminating equipment RUSS19729
GOST 27667-88 Compact disc digital audio system RUSS19747
GOST 18404.0-78 Control cables. General specifications RUSS19762
GOST 18142.1-85 Semiconductor power rectifiers of 5 plus kw capacity RUSS19814
GOST 14663-83 Point-to-point radio communication mf hf receivers RUSS19915
GOST 7153-85 General-purpose telephones RUSS19949
GOST 16120-86 Low-current timers RUSS19958
GOST 6570-96 Electrical induction active and reactive energy meters RUSS19967
GOST 10060.4-95 Concretes. Structure-mechanical rapid method for the determination of frost-resistance RUSS20410
GOST 14777-76 Man-made noise. Terms and definitions RUSS20439
GOST 27893-88 Telephone cables. Methods of tests RUSS20526
GOST R 51317.4.12-99 Electromagnetic compatibility of technical equipment. Oscillatory waves immunity. Requirements and test methods RUSS20599
GOST R 51317.4.13-2006 Electromagnetic compatibility of technical equipment. Immunity to non-sinusoidal distortion of supply voltage including mains signalling. Requirements and test methods RUSS20600
GOST R 51317.4.4-2007 Electromagnetic compatibility of technical equipment. Immunity to nanosecond impulsive disturbance. Requirements and test methods RUSS20604
GOST R 51317.6.1-2006 Electromagnetic compatibility of technical equipment. Immunity of technical equipment intended for use in residential, commercial and light-industrial environments. Requiremеnts and test methods RUSS20607
GOST R 51317.6.2-2007 Electromagnetic compatibility of technical equipment. Immunity of technical equipment intended for use in industrial environments. Requirements and test methods RUSS20608
GOST R 51317.6.5-2006 Electromagnetic compatibility of technical equipment. Immunity of technical equipment intended for use in power stations and substations. Requirements and test methods RUSS20611
GOST 16019-2001 Equipment for land mobile radio communication. Requirements for mechanical and environmental resistance and test methods RUSS20808
GOST 22782.4-78 Explosion-proof electrical apparatus. Pressurized enclosure. Technical requirements and methods of testing RUSS20822
GOST R 51330.4-99 Electrical apparatus for explosive gas atmospheres. Part 3. Spark-test devices for spark-safe cirсuits RUSS20864
GOST R 50602-93 Wheelchairs. Maximum overall dimensions RUSS20968
GOST 22733-2002 Soils. Laboratory method for determination of maximum density. RUSS21187
GOST R 50030.6.2-2011 Low-voltage switchgear and controlgear. Part 6-2. Multiple function equipment. Control and protective switching devices (or equipment) (CPS). RUSS21218
GOST R 51317.4.2-2010 Electromagnetic compatibility of technical equipment. Electrostatic discharge immunity. Requirements and test methods. RUSS21224
GOST R 51317.4.3-2006 Electromagnetic compatibility of technical equipment. Radio-frequency electromagnetic field immunity. Requirements and test methods. RUSS21225
GOST R 55019-2012 Pipeline valves. Multiplayer metal bellows. General specifications RUSS21440
GOST R 55495-2013 Railway multiple units. Durability and dynamics requirements RUSS21444
GOST 31016-2003 Automatic identification. Bar coding. Symbology specifications PDF417 RUSS43663
GOST 7.4-86 System of standards of information, librarianship and puplishing. Puplications. Imprint RUSS43744
GOST 7432-87 Coals of kizelovski basin for stratified burning. Specifications RUSS43759
GOST 9607-87 East Siberia coals for stratified burning. Technical requirements RUSS43894
GOST CISPR 24-2013 Electromagnetic compatibility of technical equipment. Information technology equipment. Immunity to electromagnetic disturbances. Requirements and test methods RUSS43910
GOST EN 1431-2013 Bitumens and bituminous binders. Determination of binders and oil distillate by distillation method RUSS43913
GOST IEC/TR 60825-9-2013 Safety of laser products. Part 9. Compilation of maximum permissible exposure to incoherent optical radiation RUSS43920
GOST 30170-96 Radio communication systems with the use of noise-like signals. General requirements RUSS44343
GOST 30887-2002 Magneto-electric compliance of technical facilities. Systems of electric actuators with adjustable rotation speed. Requirements and test methods. RUSS44375
GOST EN 50445-2013 Equipment for contact and arch welding and allied processes. Compliance assessment to general requirements for the limitation of the influence of electromagnetic fields on humans (0 Hz - 300 GHz). RUSS44464
GOST IEC 61000-4-9-2013 Electromagnetic compatibility. Parts 4-9. Methods of tests and measurements Resistance to pulsed magnetic field RUSS44471
GOST IEC 61547-2013 Electromagnetic compatibility. Immunity of lighting equipment of general purpose. Requirements and test methods. RUSS44473
GOST IEC 62311-2013 Assessment of electronic and electrical equipment in respect of the limitation of electromagnetic influence on humans (0 Hz-300 GHz) RUSS44474
GOST EN 349-2002 Safety of machines. Minimal distances for the prevention of jamming of human body members. RUSS44532
GOST ISO 21572-2009 Food products Analysis method for the determination of genetically modified organisms and their derivatives. Methods based on protein RUSS44599
GOST 27277-87 Electromechanical radio components. Test method of confining force of elastic contacts RUSS44981
GOST 27075-86 Piezoelectric filters for industrial and domestic radio electronic equipment application. Basic parameters RUSS45116
GOST 27279-87 Electromechanical radio components. Method of testing cable clamp strength to cable rotation RUSS45169
GOST 27447-87 Electromechanical components. Orientation test of connectors RUSS45258
GOST 27280-87 Electromechanical radio components. Method of testing cable clamp strength to cable twisting RUSS45354
GOST 27448-87 Electromechanical components. Electrical overload test RUSS45429
GOST 27449-87 Electromechanical components. Coupling device test RUSS45506
GOST 27278-87 Electromechanical radio components. Method of testing cable clamp strength to cable bending RUSS45509
GOST 23012-78 Devices multiposition counting indicated and switching. Basic parameters RUSS45565
GOST 13143-88 Office perforators. Basic parameters and dimensions RUSS45584
GOST 9889-78 Sizing machines. Maximum working width RUSS45631
GOST 26896-86 Radio components electromechanical. Method of testing of strength of insulator fixing in housing axially RUSS45661
GOST 5951-78 Weaving machines. Working width RUSS45775
GOST 17470-77 Multiplier phototubes. Basic parameters RUSS45861
GOST 12448-80 Hydraulic and pneumatic drives and lubricating systems. Nominal volumes RUSS45917
GOST R ISO 3394-99 Transport rigid rectangular packages. Dimensions RUSS45953

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