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GOST 10060.2-95 Concretes, rapid method for the determination of frost-resistance by repeated alternated freezing and thawing RUSS15792
GOST Nature protection. Hydrosphere. General rules for water pollution protection over well drilling and oil and gas extracting on land RUSS15898
GOST 2.316-68 Unified system for design documentation. Rules for placing of inscriptions, technical data and tables on drawings RUSS15902
GOST 22130-86 Steel Pipeline Parts Movable supports and suspensions Specifications RUSS15934
GOST 2.502-68 Record-keeping and circulation of documentation RUSS16167
GOST 26871-86 Alabaster binding materials. Acceptance rules. Packing, marking, acceptance, transportation and storage. RUSS16267
GOST 29188.0-91 Perfumery and cosmetics RUSS16488
GOST 7022-97 Manna groats RUSS16516
GOST Nature protection. Hydrosphere. Indices of state and regulations for valuation survey for fishery waters RUSS16582
GOST 2761-84 Sources of centralized utility and drinking water supply Sanitary and technical requirements and selection rules RUSS16591
GOST 16313-97 Electric motor frequency convertors with rated power up to 200 kW and frequency to 20000 Hz. General specifications RUSS16636
GOST 24211-2003 Additives for concretes and mortars. General specifications RUSS16842
GOST 17380-2001 Carbon and low-alloy steel butt-welding fittings. General specifications RUSS16860
GOST 23118-99 Steel construction structures General Technical Specifications RUSS17031
GOST 2.114-95 Unified system for design documentation. Specifications RUSS17049
GOST 21.501-93 System of design documents for construction. Rules for execution of architectural and construction working drawings RUSS17050
GOST 25820-2000 Lightweight aggregates concretes. Specifications RUSS17073
GOST 12780-67 Dressed squirrel skins RUSS17100
GOST 1.0-92 State System for Standardization of Russian Federation. Basic principles RUSS17291
GOST 30564-98 Seamless hot-worked carbon and alloy steel pipes and tubes with special properties. Specifications RUSS17292
GOST 2623-97 Cold-smoked balyk products of far east salmons and issyk kul trout RUSS17398
GOST 27636-95 Stone extraction and processing equipment RUSS17412
GOST 28927-91 Synchronous machines using hydrogen as a coolant RUSS17429
GOST 30547-97 Roofing and hydraulic insulating materials in rolls General specifications RUSS17534
GOST 17293-93 Ferrotungsten RUSS17595
GOST 30515-97 Cements General specifications RUSS17747
GOST 23462-95 Production of mixed fodder industry RUSS17836
GOST 30317-95 Rusk bakery products RUSS18014
GOST 530-2007 Ceramic bricks and stones. General specifications RUSS18090
GOST 19691-84 Nitroammophoska RUSS18138
GOST 398-96 Carbon steel tires for broad gauge railroads and subway rolling-stock RUSS18207
GOST 5210-95 Tool steel bars for files , rasps, chisels and groove chisels RUSS18226
GOST 6481-97 Cold-smoked and dry-cured balyk products of sturgeon RUSS18229
GOST 7564-97 Rolled products general rules of samples, rough specimens and test pieces selection for mechanical and technological testing RUSS18234
GOST 30245-2003 Steel bent closed welded square and rectangular section for building constructions. Specifications RUSS18276
GOST 21694-94 Mechanical welding equipment RUSS18348
GOST 30354-96 Ring-shaped bakery products RUSS18396
GOST 7449-96 Salted salmon fish RUSS18419
GOST 8829-94 Reinforced concrete and prefabricated concrete building products. Loading test methods. Assesment of strength, rigidity and crack resistance RUSS18439
GOST 533-85 Rotating electrical machinery. Turbo-generators. Enera l specifications RUSS18532
GOST 21.613-88 System of building design documents. Power electrical equipment. Working drawings RUSS18552
GOST 3302-83 Rubber ice-bags RUSS18646
GOST 18464-87 Hydraulic cylinders RUSS18723
GOST 20469-95 Household electric mincers RUSS18733
GOST 8807-94 Mustard oil RUSS18799
GOST 23457-86 Traffic control devices RUSS18926
GOST 23981-80 Cable lugs RUSS18969
GOST 30407-96 Glass tableware and decorative articles RUSS18974
GOST Acetylene installations RUSS19112
GOST 2.501-88 Unified system for design documentation. Registration and storage rules RUSS19127
GOST 307.1-95 Electric irons for every day use RUSS19155
GOST 31.211.41-93 Parts and assembly units of collapsible fixtures for assembly and welding RUSS19156
GOST 1577-93 Plate and broadband roll stock of construction fine steel. RUSS19400
GOST 27570.11-88 Safety of household and similar electrical appliances RUSS19412
GOST R 12.4.026-2001 Occupational safety standards system. Safety colors, safety signs and signal marking. Purpose and rules of application. General technical requirements and characteristics. Test methods RUSS19446
GOST R 50030.1-2000 Low-voltage switchgear and controlgear. Part 1. General rules and test methods RUSS19546
GOST R 52630-2006 Steel welded vessels and apparatus. General specifications RUSS19582
GOST 2.503-90 Amendment rules RUSS19599
GOST 790-89 Solid laundry soap and toilet soap rules of acceptance and test methods RUSS19641
GOST 7482-96 Glycerol acceptance procedures and test methods RUSS19751
GOST 18404.0-78 Control cables. General specifications RUSS19762
GOST 3514-94 Achromatic optical glass RUSS19788
GOST 1.5-93 Interstate standardization procedures general requirements for lay-out, formulation, presentation and contents of standards RUSS19946
GOST R 52719-2007 Power transformers. General specifications RUSS20355
GOST 2.106-96 Unified system for design documentation. Text documents RUSS20469
GOST 2.610-2006 Unified system for design documentation. Rules for making exploitative documents RUSS20472
GOST 21.502-2007 System of design documents for construction. Execution rules of design and working documents for metal structures RUSS20482
GOST 21.602-2003 System of design documents for construction. Rules for execution of working documentation of heating, ventilation and air conditioning RUSS20483
GOST 21354-87 Cylindrical evolvent gears of external engagment. Strength calculation RUSS20487
GOST 30546.1-98 General requirements for machines, instruments and other industrial products and calculation methods for their complex structures as to seismic stability RUSS20541
GOST 31334-2007 Axles for rolling stock of 1520 mm gauge railways. Specifications RUSS20546
GOST R 53077-2008 Railway applications. Rules of designing and testing the bogie frame structures RUSS20628
GOST R 53769-2010 Рower cables with plastic insulation for rated voltages of 0,66; 1 and 3 kV. General specifications RUSS20634
GOST 1581-96 Well Portland cements. Specifications. RUSS20807
GOST 2.418-77 Unified system for design documentation. Rules for making design documentation of packaging RUSS20813
GOST 2.702-75 Unified system for design documentation. Rules for presentation of electric layouts RUSS20814
GOST 10791-2011 All-rolled wheels. Specifications RUSS20891
GOST 11018-2011 Traction railway stock wheelsets of 1520 mm gauge railways. General specifications RUSS20892
GOST 1452-2011 Helical springs for trucks and draw-and-buffer gears of railway rolling stock. Specifications RUSS20898
GOST 2.418-2008 Unified system for design documentation. Rules for making design documentation for packaging RUSS20912
GOST 398-2010 Rough tyres for railway rolling stock. Specifications RUSS20944
GOST 5257-98 Rough carbon steel tyres for tramway rolling stock. Specifications RUSS20948
GOST 6943.0-93 Textile glass. Rules of acceptance RUSS20953
GOST R 50030.1-2007 Low-voltage switchgear and controlgear. Part 1. General rules RUSS20966
GOST R 52246-2004 Hot-dip zinc-coated steel sheet. Specifications RUSS20979
GOST R 52972-2008 Semihard cheeses. Specifications RUSS20991
GOST R 53803-2010 Copper rod for electrical purposes. Specifications RUSS21000
GOST 2.702-2011 Unified system for design documentation. Rules for presentation of electric schemes. RUSS21183
GOST 23279-2012 Welded reinforcing meshes for reinforced concrete structures and products. General specifications. RUSS21188
GOST 4686-2012 Brake beams of brake leverage gear. Specifications. RUSS21207
GOST 18572-2014 Rolling bearings. Axle box cylindrical roller bearings for rolling stock. Specification RUSS21395
GOST 23118-2012 Building steel structures. General specifications RUSS21398
GOST 535-2005 Common quality carbon steel bar and shaped sections. General specifications RUSS21416
GOST R 54746-2011 Railway rolling stock. Acoustic signaling devices. General specifications RUSS21429
GOST R 54962-2012 Railway rolling stock driver’s (operator's) armchair. Specifications RUSS21439
GOST R 55819-2013 Brake block holder and key for railway rolling stock. General specifications RUSS21446
GOST 30545-99 Canned meat products for nutrition of babies. General specifications RUSS43655
GOST 30630.2.3-2002 Testing methods for the resistance of machines, devices and other engineering products to external climatic influencing factors. Test for the action of solar radiation. RUSS44361
GOST 30630.3.0-2001 Methods of the accelerated tests for the service life and durability under condition of aggressive and other special media for engineering products, materials and systems of materials. General provisions. RUSS44362
GOST 21.616-88 System of design documentation for construction. Drawings for hydro-land-reclamation linear structures. Rules of execution RUSS45637

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