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GOST 9372-80 Spools for ink ribbons of typewriters. Specifications RUSS55826
GOST 2677-78 Ammonium molybdate Technical conditions RUSS55846
GOST 3899-81 Transducers with electric contacts for control of linear dimensions. Specifications RUSS55874
GOST 9792-73 Sausage products and products of pork, mutton, beef and meat of other kinds of slaughter animals and poultry. Acceptance rules and sampling methods RUSS55925
GOST 12569-99 Sugar. Acceptance rules and sampling methods RUSS55949
GOST 23080-78 Rotary snowploughs. Acceptance rules and test methods RUSS56086
GOST 2865-68 Grey undressed Persian lamb of pure breed. Specifications RUSS56018
GOST 23487-79 Technical 2-nitrotoluene. Specifications RUSS56079
GOST 9824-87 Rape and colza seeds. Varietal and sowing characteristics. Specifications RUSS56198
GOST R IEC 61959-2007 Secondary cells and batteries containing alkaline or other non-acid electrolytes. Mechanical tests for sealed portable secondary cells and batteries RUSS56203
GOST R 52997-2008 Chrysotil. Acceptance rules, methods of sampling and preparation of samples for tests RUSS56308
GOST 10958-78 Protective glasses for apparatus of general industrial application. Specifications RUSS56323
GOST 16358-79 Copper strips for coaxial main cables. Specifications RUSS56331
GOST 15835-70 Beryllium bronze bars. Specifications RUSS56629
GOST 17025-71 End mills with cylindrical shank. Design and dimensions RUSS56353
GOST 7286-81 Wooden T-squares. Specifications RUSS56362
GOST 15081-78 Silico-organic thermostable varnish KO-08. Specifications RUSS56412
GOST 11700-80 Two-line lubricating stations. Specifications RUSS56414
GOST 4411-79 Hardmetal products for mining tools. Technical requirements RUSS56455
GOST 25921-83 Paper tape for graphic devices of computers. Specifications RUSS56488
GOST 10930-74 Reagents. Furfurol. Specifications RUSS56525
GOST 11996-79 Batch-type mixers for rubber. General specifications RUSS56541
GOST 13540-74 Stabilized low voltage power units type 591 for electronics used General specifications RUSS56596
GOST 13708-86 Underwear for servicemen. Pants. Specifications RUSS56601
GOST 13745-78 Sports foot-wear Skating boots. Specifications RUSS56602
GOST 902-76 Sodium bisulfite technical (water solution). Technical conditions RUSS57230
GOST R 51493-99 Frozen eviscerated and uneviscerated fish. Specifications RUSS57385
GOST R 51494-99 Frozen fillets of oceanic and marine fish. Specifications RUSS57386
GOST R 51495-99 Frozen squid. Specifications RUSS57387
GOST R 51496-99 Frozen raw, partially and fully cooked shrimps. Specifications RUSS57388
GOST 4751-73 Screw rings. Specifications RUSS58141
GOST 6859-72 Apparatus for liquids sampling and measuring. Specifications RUSS58173
GOST 21822-87 Petroleum fragile bitumens. Specifications RUSS58209
GOST 8115-73 Black technical albumin. Specifications RUSS58222
GOST 9721-79 Cobalt powder. Specifications RUSS58304
GOST R 53300-2009 The smoke control systems of buildings. Methods of acceptance and routine tests RUSS58528
GOST 15900-85 Sorting photoelectrical transducers. Specifications RUSS58412
GOST 24909-81 Seedling of ornamental deciduous trees. Specifications RUSS58444
GOST 7927-75 Butyl and ethyl potassium xanthates. Specifications RUSS58458
GOST 5094-74 Drawing set-squares. Specifications RUSS58461
GOST 17026-71 End mills with tapered shank. Design and dimensions RUSS58477
GOST 11868-75 Electric apparatus for floor railless electrified transport trucks. General technical specifications RUSS58544
GOST 12247-80 Large seamless steel gas cylinders for operating pressure of 31,4 and 39,2 MPa (320 and 400 kgf/cm sq.). Specifications RUSS58545
GOST 8313-88 Technical ethylcellosolve. Specifications RUSS58570
GOST 3956-76 Silica gel technical. Technical conditions RUSS58558
GOST 9515-81 Piston metal rings for piston compressors. Specifications RUSS58574
GOST 10848-79 Barium hydroxide for industrial use. Specification RUSS58646
GOST 11906-77 Spiral bevel and hypoid gear-shaping cutter heads. Specifications RUSS58660
GOST 12172-74 Phenol-polivinylacetyl adhesives. Specifications RUSS58672
GOST 12302-83 Bags made of polymeric and composite materials. General specifications RUSS58675
GOST 12851-87 Polystyrene filaments. Specifications RUSS58682
GOST 1292-81 Lead-antimony alloys. Specifications RUSS58683
GOST 12998-85 Polystyrene film. Specifications RUSS58688
GOST 13344-79 Waterproof abrasive cloth. Specifications RUSS58697
GOST 13511-2006 Boxes of corrugated board for food-stuffs, matches, tobacco and detergents. Specifications RUSS58700
GOST 18613-88 Hydraulic fluid of grades 132-10 and 132-10Д. Specifications RUSS58771
GOST 19907-83 Dielectric fabrics made of glass. Twister complex threads. Specifications RUSS58787
GOST 26032-83 System of standardized type structures of SSI aggregated complexes. General specifications RUSS58896
GOST 26957-97 Variators with wide-angle belt pulleys. General specifications RUSS58915
GOST 2786-82 Testing glasses for radii and form control of spherical optical surfaces. Specifications RUSS58927
GOST 13750-88 Micaceous plates for instrument-making. Specifications RUSS58703
GOST 4097-78 Cans for motion-picture rawstock, magnetic tapes and film materials. Specifications RUSS54686
GOST 11479-75 Automatic rotational frequency control systems (ARFCS) of marine, locomotive and industrial diesel engines. Approval and test methods RUSS54849
GOST 15981-70 Apparatus for determining dropping temperature of phenolformaldehyde resins. Specifications RUSS54783
GOST 3357-72 Cotton fabrics for emery-cloths. Specifications RUSS54812
GOST 10703-73 Aluminium sheets for graphic arts industry. Specifications RUSS54856
GOST 17421-82 Sugar beet for industrial processing. Requirements for state grain purchases. Specifications RUSS55055
GOST 15159-76 Technical felt and parts from it for technical products used in tropics. Specifications RUSS54966
GOST 10213.0-2002 Staple chemical fibre and tow. Rules of acceptance and method of sampling RUSS54974
GOST 10957-74 Siliconorganic liquids 132-24 and 132-25. Specifications RUSS54981
GOST 12036-85 Seeds of farm crops. Acceptance rules and methods of sampling RUSS55002
GOST 17769-83 Fastening details. Rules of acceptance RUSS55058
GOST 8543-71 Slotting relieved milling cutters. Specifications RUSS55353
GOST 8655-75 Red phosphorus for industrial use. Specifications RUSS55356
GOST 8998-74 Lenses for telephone switchboards. Specifications RUSS55362
GOST 13674-2013 Peat and products of its processing. Acceptance rules RUSS55019
GOST 13796-78 Sports foot-wear. Figure skating boots. Technical requirements RUSS55022
GOST 16147-88 Bone. Specifications RUSS55045
GOST 16815-71 Test table 0159K-12 for facsimile devices RUSS55052
GOST 18426-73 Taximeters automobile. General specification RUSS55065
GOST 18711-96 Tent wooden members and assembly units. General specifications RUSS55069
GOST 21931-76 Tin-lead solders in the form of products. Specifications RUSS55114
GOST 21990-76 Magnesium and magnesium alloys plates. Specifications RUSS55115
GOST 22908-78 Dresser diamonds. Specifications RUSS55126
GOST 4046-80 Sine bars. Specifications RUSS55294
GOST 4055-78 Reagents. Nickel nitrate 6-aqueous. Specifications RUSS55295
GOST 5728-76 Three-cresyl phosphate for industrial use. Specifications RUSS55312
GOST 5973-91 Dump cars for 1520 mm railway gauge. General specifications RUSS55315
GOST 6476-80 Files for sharpening wood saws. Specifications RUSS55319
GOST 6870-81 Rolling bearings. Needle rollers. Specifications RUSS55323
GOST 6988-73 Technical dicyandiamide. Specifications RUSS55324
GOST 3543-87 Cameras 35 mm film cartridge 135. Specifications RUSS55281
GOST 14702-79 Ammonium nitrate waterproof. Technical conditions RUSS58717
GOST 14862-76 Viscose yarn on sectional spools. Specifications RUSS58721
GOST 16109-70 Carnallite enriched. Technical conditions RUSS58734
GOST 16286-84 Potentiometric transducers SSI. Industrial auxiliary electrodes. Specifications RUSS58736
GOST 21880-2011 Thermoinsulating mineral wool broached mats. Specifications RUSS58814
GOST 23432-89 Decorative sheets. General specifications RUSS58843
GOST 24579-81 Inflammable caps 'Gevelot'. Specifications RUSS58864
GOST 30145-94 Essential oils and products of essential oil production. Acceptance rules, sampling and methods of organoleptic tests RUSS58967

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