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GOST 29008-91 Machinery for forestry mobile and self-propelled. Terms and definition RUSS53661
GOST 30041-93 Cigarettes en filters. Determination du diameter nominal. Method pneumatique RUSS53631
GOST 13496.0-80 Mixed feeding-stuffs. Methods of sampling of average sample RUSS53676
GOST 17245-79 Soils. Method of laboratory determination of temporary resistance for single-axial compression RUSS53750
GOST 30038-93 Tobacco and tobacco products. Determination of alkaloids in tobacco. Spectrophotometric method RUSS53753
GOST 13496.14-87 Mixed fodder, raw mixed fodder, fodder. Method for determination of ash insoluble in hydrochloric acid RUSS53806
GOST 10747-70 Mixed feed. For fur-bearing animals RUSS53850
GOST 17082.1-87 Industrial essential oilseeds. Acceptance RUSS53934
GOST 28901-91 Animal feeding stuffs. Determination of calcium content. Atomic absorption spectrometric method RUSS54090
GOST 11674-75 Crawel tractors. Grouser shoe bolts. Specifications RUSS54125
GOST 26717-85 Organic fertilizers. Methods for determination of total phosphorus RUSS54131
GOST 13496.12-75 Combined animal feeding stuffs. Method for determination of total oxidity RUSS54206
GOST 26462-85 Agricultural deforestation. Terms and definitions RUSS54350
GOST 30622.2-98 Cigarettes. Determination of water in smoke condensates. Karl Fischer method RUSS54436
GOST Nature protection. Lands. Classification of low yield lands to be backfilled RUSS54727
GOST Nature protection. Soils. Method for determination of potential danger of erosion due to rains RUSS54466
GOST 10469-76 Barley seed. Varietal and sowing characteristics. Specifications RUSS54519
GOST 19218-73 Ripper. Terms, definitions and letter symbols RUSS54580
GOST 10252-84 Lentil seeds. Varietal and sowing characteristics. Specifications RUSS54601
GOST 30331.14-2001 Electrical installations of buildings. Part 7 Requirements to the electrical installations of special purpose. Section 705. Electrical equipment of agricultural and live-stock rooms RUSS63292
GOST 12045-81 Seed of farm crops. Methods of determination for pest infestation RUSS63438
GOST 20909.3-75 Non-diluted sperm of bulls. Methods of morphological tests RUSS63643
GOST 20909.5-75 Non-diluted sperm of bulls. Methods for tests of physical properties RUSS63644
GOST 30571-98 Cigarettes. Determination of total and nicotine-free dry particulate matter using a routine analytical smoking machine RUSS63767
GOST 31316-2006 Vibration. Laboratory evaluation operator seat vibration. Agricultural wheeled tractors RUSS63779
GOST 32343-2013 Feeds, compound feeds. Determination of calcium, copper, iron, magnesium, manganese, of potassium, sodium and zinc by atomic absorption spectrometry method RUSS71196
GOST 31218-2003 Fodder, compound feed, compound feed raw material. Preparation of tested samples. RUSS58287
GOST 25955-83 Agricultural pedigree cattle. Methods of determination of sheep productivity parameters RUSS58406
GOST 26075-84 Agricultural animals. Methods of laboratory diagnostics of rabies RUSS58899
GOST 20909.2-75 Non-diluted sperm of bulls. Methods of microbiological tests RUSS58805
GOST 26712-94 Organic fertilizers. General requirements for methods of analysis RUSS58910
GOST 26715-85 Organic fertilizers. Methods for determination of total nitrogen RUSS58911
GOST ISO 7714-2004 Agriculture irrigation equipments. Volumetric valves. General technical requirements and test methods RUSS59327
GOST 28181-89 Vine shoots. Specifications RUSS58933
GOST 28268-89 Soils. Methods of determination of moisture, maximum hygroscopic moisture and moisture of steady plant fading RUSS58936
GOST 30039-98 Cigarettes. Sampling RUSS58962
GOST 30181.9-94 Mineral fertilizers. Method for determination of total mass fraction of nitrogen in compound fertilizers (distillation method using the chromium reduction of nitrate nitrogen and mineralization of organic nitrogen) RUSS58971
GOST 30465-97 Hard water to be used for testing the performance of some household electrical appliances. General technical requirements RUSS58988
GOST 30569-98 Cigarettes. Determination of alkaloid retention by the filters. Spectrometric method RUSS58993
GOST 31630-2012 Cigarettes. Determination of carbon monoxide in the vapour phase of cigarette smoke using nondespersive infrared (NDIR) analyzer RUSS59050
GOST 31634-2012 Cigarettes and filter rods. Determination of nominal diameter. Method using a laser beam measuring apparatus RUSS59051
GOST 30039-93 Cigarettes. Sampling RUSS67597
GOST 20578-85 Sugar beet. Terms and definitions RUSS67668
GOST 1505-81 Mouthpiece cigarette. General specifications RUSS68089
GOST 16265-89 Earth cultivation. Terms and definitions RUSS68090
GOST 13056.8-68 Seeds of forest and shrub species. Methods for determination of quality RUSS68414
GOST 32250-2013 Feeds, mixed feeds. Method for determination of potassium and sodium using flame-emission spectrometry RUSS68530
GOST 22636-77 Spermosan-3. Specifications RUSS68586
GOST 13056.6-75 Seeds of trees and shrubs. Methods for determination of germination RUSS74540
GOST 13496.17-84 Forage. Method for determination carotene RUSS74559
GOST 13496.9-73 Mixed feed. Methods for the determination of metallomagnetic impurities RUSS74563
GOST 16990-71 Rye food. Requirements to state grain purchases RUSS74681
GOST 17206-84 Agar for microbiological investigations RUSS74688
GOST 30746-2001 Agricultural tractors. Measurement of power and lift capacity of hydraulic three-point hitch RUSS56982
GOST 30747-2001 Agricultural tractors. Measurement of characteristics tested through the power take-off shaft RUSS56983
GOST 30749-2001 Agricultural tractors. Measurement of the driving axles power RUSS56984
GOST 32177-2013 Tobacco and tobacco products. Determination of dithiocarbamate pesticides residues content. Molecular absorption spectrometric method RUSS57055
GOST 30622.1-2003 Cigarettes. Determination of water content in smoke condensate. Gas-chromatographic method RUSS58285
GOST 13056.10-68 Seeds of forest and shrub species. The rules for issue and forms of documentation on quality RUSS58333
GOST ISO 7749-1-2004 Agricultural irrigation equipment. Rotating sprinklers. Part 1. Design and operational requirements RUSS63979
GOST 27520-87 Fruits and vegetables. Morphological and terminology. Part 2 RUSS64535
GOST 68-74 Cotton mill cake. Specifications RUSS64573
GOST 28714-90 Tractors and machinery for agriculture and forestry. Dry fertilizer spreading machinery. Test procedures RUSS64576
GOST 27519-87 Fruits and vegetables. Morphological and structural terminology. Part 1 RUSS64623
GOST 20562-75 Quarantine of plants. Terms and definitions RUSS64744
GOST 27318-87 Agricultural animals. Methods of identification of non-typical micro bacteria RUSS64779
GOST 32201-2013 Feeds, compound feeds. Method for determination of tryptophan RUSS64808
GOST ISO 4254-1-2003 Tractors and machinery for agriculture and forestry. Technical means for ensuring safety. Part 1. General RUSS64842
GOST 12388-76 Flax-fibre seed. Sowing characteristics. Specifications RUSS47800
GOST 28305-89 Agricultural and forestry machines and tractors. Acceptance rules for testing RUSS47977
GOST 13853-78 Seeds ofleguminose forest trees and shrubs. Sowing characteristics. Specifications RUSS48014
GOST 18908.11-81 Cut flowers. Callas. Specifications RUSS48020
GOST 18908.9-73 Cut flowers. Narcissi. Specifications RUSS48208
GOST 20909.1-75 Non-diluted sperm of bulls. Method of sampling RUSS48259
GOST 29288-92 Fertilizers with high content of nitrogen. Ammonium nitrate. Method for determination of the ability to suppress the lubricant RUSS48299
GOST 18908.10-73 Cut flowers. Gladioluses. Specifications RUSS48440
GOST 18908.12-81 Cut flowers. Lilies. Specifications RUSS48596
GOST 23161-78 Soils. Laboratory method for determination of subsiding characteristics RUSS48668
GOST 24596.7-81 Feed phosphates. Methods for determination of fluorine RUSS48689
GOST 24596.4-81 Feed phosphates. Methods for determination of calcium RUSS48960
GOST 30438-2003 Cigarettes. Determination of alkaloids content in smoke condensate. Spectrometric method RUSS59986
GOST ISO 4254-3-2005 Tractors and machinery for agriculture and forestry. Technical means for ensuring safety. Part 3. Tractors RUSS60082
GOST 32175-2013 Tobacco and tobacco products. Determination of nicotine purity. Gravimetric method using tungstosilicic acid RUSS60371
GOST R 52812-2007 Feedstuffs mixtures. Specifications RUSS60094
GOST 27186-86 Grain for supplies and delivery. Terms and definitions RUSS60099
GOST 31263-2004 Tobacco and tobacco products. Determination of the content of residues of dithiocarbamate pesticides. Molecular absorption spectrometric method. RUSS60164
GOST 13496.18-85 Mixed fodder and fodder raw stuff. Methods for determination of fat acid value RUSS60189
GOST 26426-85 Soils. Methods for determination of sulphate ion in water extract RUSS60170
GOST 26716-85 Organic fertilizers. Methods for determination of ammonium nitrogen RUSS60175
GOST 23173-78 Garden barrows. General technical conditions RUSS60356
GOST 18567-73 Agriculture. Fur farming. Terms and definitions RUSS66636
GOST 21507-2013 Plant protection. Terms and definitions RUSS72749
GOST 20851.1-75 Mineral fertilizers. Methods for determination of nitrogen content RUSS72990
GOST 21507-81 Protection of plants. Terms and definitions RUSS72999
GOST 23278-78 Soils. Fields methods of permeability tests RUSS73264
GOST Nature protection. Soils. General requirements for the classification of soils in accordance with the impact of chemical pollutants on them RUSS15654
GOST Nature protection. Lands. Requirements for determination of the fertile soil layer standard disposal while performing earth-moving RUSS15742
GOST Nature protection. Soils. Passport of soil RUSS15803
GOST 10385-88 Combined fodder designed for pond black-head minnows RUSS16129
GOST 26718-85 Organic fertilizers. Method for determination of total potassium RUSS48979

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