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GOST 19301.2-94 Furniture for children under school age. Functional dimensions of chairs RUSS15659
GOST 16601-71 Connection for air starting gas turbine engines. Coupling and mounting dimensions RUSS15664
GOST 28338-89 Nominal bores (nominal sizes) RUSS15684
GOST 16552-86 Central conditioners. Series of rated capacities RUSS15692
GOST 21508-76 Icing protection of aircrafts and helicopters. Terms and definitions RUSS15706
GOST 23907-79 Anti-icing fluids for aircraft RUSS15811
GOST 28113-89 Hoisting units for completion and workover of oil and gas wells. Types and basic parameters RUSS15828
GOST 26887-86 Platforms and ladders for civil engineering work. Specifications RUSS15904
GOST 25607-94 Crushed stone-gravel-sandy mixtures for road and airfield surfacing and bases. Specifications RUSS15939
GOST 30528-97 Ventilation systems. Air filters. Types and basic parameters RUSS15959
GOST 28535-90 Drafting machines RUSS16005
GOST 21658-76 Lighting and light warning for aeroplane and helicopter. Terms and definitions RUSS16019
GOST Nature protection. Atmosphere. Sources and meteorological factors of pollution, industrial emissions. Terms and definitions RUSS16109
GOST 10796-74 Hand-operated arc-air torches RUSS16130
GOST 11973-88 Shaper-vulcanizers for tires RUSS16135
GOST 17479.3-85 Identification numbers of petroleum products RUSS16159
GOST 20917-87 Aircraft containers RUSS16396
GOST 23120-78 Steel flights of steps, stair landings and railings. Specifications RUSS16549
GOST 30491-97 Organic mineral mixtures and soils stabilized by organic dinders for road and airfield construction Specifications RUSS16593
GOST 12.2.110-85 Air piston stationary general-purpose compressors RUSS16673
GOST 13264-88 Cows milk RUSS16680
GOST 5244-79 Wood chips RUSS16800
GOST 21.602-79 System of design documents for construction. Heating, ventilation and air conditioning. Working drawings RUSS17044
GOST 12633-90 Hand-held pneumatic rotary machines RUSS17097
GOST 9128-97 Asphaltic concrete Mixtures for roads and aerodromes and asphaltic concrete. Specifications RUSS17280
GOST 28131-89 Dentist` s chairs RUSS17419
GOST 26820-86 Auxiliary power plants of passenger and transport airplanes RUSS17648
GOST 26840-86 Electrically-and-hand driven ventilating sets erv 72-2 and erv 72-3 RUSS17650
GOST 4938-78 Drilling rotors and for oil and gas wells repair. Basis parameters and dimensions. RUSS17685
GOST 10598-82 Air-water coolers for diesels and gas engines with supercharging RUSS17755
GOST 13513-86 Crates from corrugated cardboard for meat and milk industry products RUSS17807
GOST 9570-84 Box and post pallets RUSS17886
GOST 11442-90 General-purpose axial fans RUSS17914
GOST 5976-90 Centrifugal fans for general use RUSS18287
GOST 22283-88 Aviation noise. Allowable noise levels in residential areas and measurement methodology. RUSS18352
GOST 2584-86 Copper and copper alloys trolley wires RUSS18372
GOST 12.1.005-88 General sanitary requirements for working zone air RUSS18693
GOST 17228-87 Passenger and transport airplanes RUSS18721
GOST 14933-83 Air-suction units for household vacuum cleaners RUSS18844
GOST 10150-88 Marine, diesel locomotive and industrial diesel engines RUSS18998
GOST 24866-89 Sealed insulating glass units RUSS19046
GOST 112-78 Meteorological glass thermometers RUSS19109
GOST 12.2.028-84 General-purpose ventilators. Methods of noise characteristics determination RUSS19339
GOST 22649-83 Medical air sterilizers RUSS19468
GOST 26813-86 Domestic electric air cleaners for kitchens RUSS19479
GOST 27570.8-88 Safety of household appliances and analogous electric apparatus RUSS19481
GOST 17437-81 Air filters - moisture separators RUSS19553
GOST Gas-turbine engines of civil aviation airplanes RUSS19669
GOST 16325-88 General-purpose digital computers RUSS19697
GOST 27540-87 Gas and inflammable vapors thermo-chemical alarms RUSS19728
GOST 11004-84 Principal ventilation mine blowers RUSS19758
GOST 6625-85 Mine local ventilating fans RUSS19804
GOST 18142.1-85 Semiconductor power rectifiers of 5 plus kw capacity RUSS19814
GOST 621-87 Piston rings for internal combustion engines RUSS19888
GOST R 51251-99 Air filters. Classification. Marking RUSS20096
GOST R 51364-99 Air cooling apparatus. General specifications RUSS20409
GOST 10393-2009 Compressors and compressor units for the railway rolling stock. General specifications RUSS20414
GOST 21.602-2003 System of design documents for construction. Rules for execution of working documentation of heating, ventilation and air conditioning RUSS20483
GOST 21623-76 System of technical maintenance and repair of equipment. Characteristics for evaluation of maintainability and rapairability. Terms and definitions RUSS20488
GOST 25822-83 Vessels and apparatuses. Air cooled heat exchangers. Norms and methods of strength calculation RUSS20513
GOST 31334-2007 Axles for rolling stock of 1520 mm gauge railways. Specifications RUSS20546
GOST R 51625-2000 Industrial gas-using equipment. Air heaters with air-flue gases mixing. General technical requirements RUSS20614
GOST R 52400-2005 Air reservoirs for railway brakes. General specifications RUSS20624
GOST R 52857.7-2007 Vessels and apparatus. Norms and methods of strength calculation. Heat-exchangers RUSS20626
GOST R 53254-2009 The firefighting equipment. Stationary external fire ladders. Buildings roof railings. General technical requirements. Test methods RUSS20629
GOST 17433-80 Industrial purity. Compressed air. Grades of contamination RUSS20810
GOST 24297-87 Input inspection of products. General provisions. RUSS20824
GOST 2593-2009 Coupling air brake hoses for railway rolling stock. Specifications RUSS20826
GOST R 51330.18-99 Electrical apparatus for explosive gas atmospheres. Part 19. Repair and overhaul for apparatus used in explosive atmospheres (other than mines or explosives) RUSS20862
GOST R 53299-2009 The test method for the fire resistance. Ventilation ducts RUSS20876
GOST R 53310-2009 Through penetration for cables, hermetic inputs and through penetration of electric current types. Requirements of fire safety. Fire resistance test methods RUSS20879
GOST 11018-2011 Traction railway stock wheelsets of 1520 mm gauge railways. General specifications RUSS20892
GOST 15.601-98 System of product development and launching into manufacture. Industrial products maintenance. Principal positions RUSS20899
GOST 19705-89 Electric power supply systems of aircrafts and helicopters. General requirements and norms of quality of electric energy RUSS20908
GOST 3.1109-82 Unified system for technological documentation. Terms and definitions of main concepts RUSS20935
GOST R 50602-93 Wheelchairs. Maximum overall dimensions RUSS20968
GOST R 53977-2010 Compressed air of railway rolling stock pneumatic systems. Requirements to quality RUSS21002
GOST R ISO 14122-3-2009 Safety of machinery. Permanent means of access to machinery. Part 3. Stairs, stepladders and guard-rails. RUSS21247
GOST R 54962-2012 Railway rolling stock driver’s (operator's) armchair. Specifications RUSS21439
GOST 30597-97 Characteristics of maintainability and repairability of building machines RUSS43658
GOST R 12.4.185-96 Occupational safety standards system. Individual protection means from low temperatures. Method of determination of summary thermal resistance RUSS43935
GOST R 50128-92 Aircraft jacking parts. Types and dimensions RUSS43989
GOST R 50256-92 Passenger and transport aeroplanes and helicopters. Admissible levels of vibration in saloons and crew cabins and methods of vibration measuring RUSS44090
GOST R IEC 60598-1-99 Luminaires. Part 1. General requirements and tests RUSS44265
GOST IEC 60598-1-2013 Illuminants. Part 1 General requirements and test methods. RUSS44469
GOST ISO 11285-2013 Milk. Determination of lactose content. Enzyme method. RUSS44480
GOST ISO 3890-1-2013 Milk and Milk products. Determination of residue content of organochloride molecular entities (pesticides). Part 1 General provisions and methods of extraction. RUSS44497
GOST ISO 3890-2-2013 Milk and Milk products. Determination of residue content of organochloride molecular entities (pesticides). Part 2. Methods of the distillation of extract and confirmation. RUSS44498
GOST ISO 6611-2013 Milk and milk products. Quantitation of colony-forming units of yeasts and/or moulds. Method of the quantitation of colonies at the temperature 25 °С RUSS44503
GOST ISO 707-2013 Milk and Milk products. Guideline on sampling methods. RUSS44504
GOST ISO 8260-2013 Milk and Milk products. Determination of organochlorine pesticides and polychlorinated biphenyls Method with the use of capillary gas-liquid chromatography with electron-capture determination RUSS44507
GOST ISO/TS 22964-2013 Milk and Milk products. Determination of bacteria Enterobacter sakazakii RUSS44518
GOST ISO 10263-2-2000 Excavating machines. Working space in the operator's cabin. Part 2. Testing of air filter. RUSS44546
GOST ISO 10263-4-2000 Excavating machines. Working space in the operator's cabin. Part 4. Method of testing of the systems of ventilation, heating and (or) conditioning. RUSS44548
GOST 16749-71 Airborne system hydrotank additional pressure connecting pipe. Connecting and adjusting dimensions RUSS44733
GOST 26800.2-86 Office furniture. Functional dimensions of armchairs RUSS45060
GOST 26800.3-86 Office furniture. Functional dimensions of chairs RUSS45079
GOST 12449-80 Pneumatic drives. Nominal flows of air RUSS45141
GOST 21005-75 Aircraft pallets. Types. Main parameters and dimensions RUSS45324
GOST 8468-81 Air ducts of ships ventilation systems. Nominal diameters of channels and accessories RUSS45716

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