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GOST 10003-90 Styrene Technical Specification RUSS15787
GOST 17299-78 Technical ethyl alcohol. Specifications RUSS15962
GOST 9903-61 Rye flat cake RUSS16224
GOST 7967-87 Fresh red cabbage RUSS17003
GOST 9846-88 Cracker-type bread RUSS17232
GOST 1923-78 Sterilized condensed canned milk RUSS17354
GOST 28616-90 Fruit wines RUSS17663
GOST 5777-84 Potassium permanganate technical. Technical conditions RUSS17713
GOST 19113-84 Pine common rosin RUSS17823
GOST 24557-89 Rich bakery products RUSS17841
GOST 6442-89 Marmalade. RUSS18028
GOST 7657-84 Charcoal RUSS18039
GOST 19651-74 Diammonium phosphate fodder RUSS18137
GOST 14201-83 Tall hard rosin RUSS18322
GOST 16097-83 Chemical charges for fire extinguishers RUSS18488
GOST 10200-83 Electrode coal-tar pitch RUSS18697
GOST 25263-82 Calcium hypochlorite is neutral. Technical conditions RUSS18747
GOST 12966-85 Aluminum sulfate technical purified. Technical conditions RUSS19393
GOST 8986-82 Technical-grade yellow phosphorus RUSS19436
GOST 5583-78 Industrial and medical gaseous oxygen RUSS19487
GOST 16306-80 Granulated double RUSS19513
GOST 25823-83 Manganese dioxide for chemical current sources RUSS19724
GOST 2858-82 Powdered eggs RUSS19748
GOST 6331-78 Industrial and medical liquid oxygen RUSS19777
GOST 5382-91 Cements and materials for cement production. Chemical analysis methods RUSS20008
GOST 10444.15-94 Food products. Methods for determination quantity of mesophilic aerobes and facultative anaerobes RUSS21387
GOST R 54505-2011 Functional safety. Risk management on railway transport RUSS21428
PST RK 09-2014 Broad fraction of light hydrocarbons. Specification KAZA21746
RH 45-066:2007 Regulation on collection and analysis of information on the impact of information security threats in the area of of communication and information KAZA21821
ST RK 1.56-2005 State system of technical regulation of the Republic of Kazakhstan. Risk Management. Dependability management system. Risk analysis of technological systems KAZA21980
ST RK 1286-2004 Soils. Methods for determination ready soluble salts content KAZA22268
ST RK 1320-2009 Natural gas. Determination of content of sulphur compound by means of gas chromatography ST RK 1320 -2004 KAZA22299
ST RK 1354-2005 Ores and rocks. Method for determination of sulphur total content KAZA22330
ST RK 1355-2005 Ores and rocks. Method for determination of sulphate sulphur content KAZA22331
ST RK 1356-2005 Ores and rocks. Method for vanadium determination KAZA22332
ST RK 1505-2006 Food products. Determination of antibiotics by stripping voltammetry (levometsitin, tetracycline group) KAZA22481
ST RK 1564-2006 Determination of the main parameters of grains using infra-red analysers KAZA22540
ST RK 1623-2007 Radiation monitoring. Strontium-90 and caesium 131. Food products. Sampling, analysis and hygienic evaluation. Put into effect in substitution of MUK No. KAZA22603
ST RK 1974-2010 Food products. Determination of T-2 toxin by means of chromatographic method KAZA22968
ST RK 2003-2010 Ores and rocks. Method for molybdenum determination KAZA23267
ST RK 2004-20010 Ores and rocks. Method for selenium determination KAZA23268
ST RK 2185-2011 Grain and products of its processing, fodder grain crops and mixed feeds. Determination of ochratoxin A g KAZA23449
ST RK 2201-2012 Ores and rocks. Method for determination barium sulphate KAZA23465
ST RK ECSS E-ST-10-09C-2013 Space engineering. Base coordinates system KAZA23988
ST RK ECSS-E-ST-10-02C-2013 Space engineering. Verification KAZA23993
ST RK GOST R 50810-2007 Textile materials. Decorative fabric. Inflammability test method and classification KAZA24378
ST RK GOST R 50817-2008 Fodder, compound feed, compound feed raw material. Method for determination of content of crude protein, crude fibre, crude fat and moisture with application of near-infrared spectroscopy KAZA24379
ST RK GOST R 51392-2003 Drinking water. Determination of volatile halogenated organic compounds content by gas chromatography KAZA24480
ST RK GOST R ISO 13373-1-2011 Machines condition monitoring and diagnostics. Vibration condition monitoring. Part 1. General procedures KAZA24741
ST RK GOST R ISO 13373-2-2011 Machines condition monitoring and diagnostics. Vibration condition monitoring. Part 1. Processing, analysis and presentation of vibration data KAZA24742
ST RK GOST R IEC 61160-2010 Risk management. Formal analysis of the project. Introduced for the first time KAZA24829
ST RK IEC 61181-2013 Electric equipment filled with mineral oil. Application of dissolved gases analysis (ARG) for electrical equipment factory test KAZA24896
ST RK ISO 11064-1-2010 Ergonomic design of control centres. Part 1. Principles for the design of control centres KAZA25011
ST RK ISO 11064-2-2010 Ergonomic design of control centres. Part 1. Principles of organization of control rooms KAZA25012
ST RK ISO 13300.1-2009 Sensor analysis. General guideline for laboratory personnel for sensor evaluation. Part 1. Responsibility of the personnel KAZA25123
ST RK ISO 14063-2009 Environmental management. Ecological communication. Guideline and examples KAZA25202
ST RK ISO 19900-2006 Oil and gas industry. General requirements for marine structures KAZA25449
ST RK ISO 22263-2012 Construction works information structure. Construction site data management essentials KAZA25527
ST RK IEC 61025-2005 Management of risks. Fault tree analysis. Introduced for the first time KAZA26231
STB GOST R 51392-2001 Drinking water. Determination of volatile organohalogen compounds by gas liquid chromatography BELA28962
STB ISO 13849-2-2005 Safety of machinery. Elements of management systems security. Part 2. Validation BELA29371
DSTU 4110-2002 Energy efficiency. Methods of analysis and calculation of energy consumed (ANSІ/ІEEE 739:1995. NEQ) UKRA32898
DSTU 4753:2007 Root chicory. Root crop for industrial processing. Specifications. UKRA33635
DSTU 5095:2008 Soil quality. Determination of total moisture capacity of the soil using saturation in cylinders UKRA34008
DSTU 7150:2010 Water quality. Determination of nickel mass fraction using express non-extraction photometric method. UKRA34264
DSTU ISO 11260-2001 Soil quality -- Determination of effective cation exchange capacity and base saturation level using barium chloride solution UKRA39770
DSTU ISO 15799:2005 Soil quality -- Guidance on the ecotoxicological characterization of soils and soil materials UKRA40279
DSTU ISO 16050:2007 Food products. The definition of aflatoxin B1, B2, G1 and G2 in cereals, nuts and processed products. High performance liquid chromatography method (ISO 16050: 2003, IDT) UKRA40298
GOST 32181-2013 Tobacco and tobacco products. Determination of organochlorine pesticide residues. Gashromatographic method RUSS43668
GOST 5669-51 Backery goods. Method for determination of porosity RUSS43709
GOST 5670-51 Backery goods, methods for determination of acidity RUSS43710
GOST R 50173-92 Mayonnaise. Sampling and methods for analysis RUSS44023
GOST R 50222-92 Laboratory glassware. Interchangeable conical ground RUSS44064
GOST R 50223-92 Laboratory glassware. Interchangeable spherical ground joints RUSS44065
GOST R 50315-92 Pulp. Sampling for testing RUSS44126
GOST 17261-2008 Zinc. Methods of the atomic emission spectrographic analysis. RUSS44300
GOST 17818.3-90 Graphite. Method for determination of volatile matters yield RUSS45273
GOST 19920.7-74 Stereo regular butadiene synthetic rubbers. Method for determination of presence of mechanical inclusions and insoluble polymer impurities RUSS45479
GOST 17818.4-90 Graphite. Method for determination of ash content RUSS45511
GOST 17818.1-90 Graphite. Method for determination of moisture RUSS45927
GOST 17818.8-90 Graphite. Method for determination of density RUSS46008
GOST 5482-90 Vegetable oils. Method for determination of refractive index RUSS46263
GOST 26484-85 Soils. Method for determination of exchangeable acidity RUSS46573
GOST 17818.2-90 Graphite. Method for determination of granulometric composition RUSS46602
GOST 19920.18-74 Stereo regular butadiene synthetic rubbers. Method for determination of cold flow RUSS46632
GOST 17818.17-90 Graphite. Method for determination of sulphur RUSS46654
GOST R 50724.2-94 Ferroalloys. Sampling and sample preparation. Terms and definitions RUSS46850
GOST 19920.6-74 Stereo regular butadiene synthetic rubbers. Method for determination of alcohol-toluene extract mass fraction RUSS47013
GOST 21119.7-75 Organic dyestuffs and inorganic pigments. Method for determination of specific conductivity of water extract RUSS47103
GOST 17818.11-90 Graphite. Method for determination of cobalt RUSS47439
GOST 22552.0-77 Quartz sand, ground sandstone, quartzite and vinyl quartz for glass industry. General requirements for methods of analysis RUSS47554
GOST R 51014-97 Lead calcium bearing alloys. Method of atomic absorption of zinc RUSS47792
GOST 17818.12-90 Graphite. Method for determination of nickel RUSS47808
GOST 17631-72 Dressed fur skins and coat sheepskins. Method for determination of ash mass percentage in skin tissue RUSS47827
GOST 17818.0-90 Graphite. General requirements for methods of analysis RUSS47886
GOST 21119.3-91 General methods of test for pigments and extenders. Determination of pH value of an aqueous suspension RUSS48054
GOST 15848.3-90 Chromium ores and concentrates. Method for determination of ferrous protoxide (II) RUSS48554
GOST 15933.4-90 Ferroniobium. Method for determination of silicon RUSS48558
GOST 15933.6-90 Ferroniobium. Method for determination of tantalum RUSS48559
GOST 16274.2-77 Bismuth. Method for determination of antimony content RUSS48564

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