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GOST 16097-83 Chemical charges for fire extinguishers RUSS18488
ST RK GOST R 50817-2008 Fodder, compound feed, compound feed raw material. Method for determination of content of crude protein, crude fibre, crude fat and moisture with application of near-infrared spectroscopy KAZA24379
GOST 19920.8-74 Stereo regular butadiene synthetic rubbers. Method for determination of naphtham-2 mass percentage in oil-black- and oil-extended rubbers RUSS49654
GOST 26486-85 Soils. Determination of exchangeable manganese by CINAO methods RUSS54902
GOST R 52599-2006 Precious metals and their alloys. General requirements for methods of analysis RUSS57503
GOST 15848.10-90 Chromium ores and concentrates. Methods for determination of aluminium oxide RUSS61354
GOST 1129-2013 Sunflower oil. Specifications RUSS66609
GOST R ISO 14088-2015 Leather. Chemical tests. Quantative analysis of tanning agents by filter method RUSS141299
MNS ISO 10523:2001 Water quality. Determination of pH MONG211248
MNS 4430:2005 Drinking water. Determination of iron content MONG213302
MNS 5666:2006 Examination of biological properties of water. Method for determination of activated sludge in wastewater treatment plant MONG215753
MUK 4.1.3184-14 Determination of residual amounts of sulfosulfuron in water, soil, grain and straw of grain crops using high performance liquid chromatography RUSS291618
GOST R 43.4.3-2019 Information support of equipment and operator activity. The "man-information" system. Information storage RUSS375489
DSTU ISO 16050:2007 Food products. The definition of aflatoxin B1, B2, G1 and G2 in cereals, nuts and processed products. High performance liquid chromatography method (ISO 16050: 2003, IDT) UKRA40298
GOST 21119.3-91 General methods of test for pigments and extenders. Determination of pH value of an aqueous suspension RUSS48054
GOST 16291-79 Pesticides. Determination of emulsion stability RUSS50994
GOST 5100-85 Soda ash technical. Technical conditions RUSS58049
GOST R ISO 12891-4-2012 Retrieval and analysis of surgical implants. Part 4. Analysis of retrieved ceramic surgical implants RUSS63229
GOST R 55126-2012 Solid biofuels - Fuel quality assurance. Part 1. General requirements RUSS71350
MNS ISO 10304-1:2005 Water quality. Determination of dissolved fluoride, chloride, nitrite, orthophosphate, bromide, nitrate and sulfate ions, using liquid chromatography of ions. Part 1: Method for water with low contamination MONG210983
MNS ISO 7890-3:2001 Water quality. Determination of nitrate. Part 3: Spectrometric method using sulfosalicylic acid MONG211887
GOST 24557-89 Rich bakery products RUSS17841
ST RK ECSS-E-ST-10-02C-2013 Space engineering. Verification KAZA23993
GOST 15039-76 Camphene technical. Specifications RUSS49336
GOST 27225-87 Lead-calcium bearing alloys. Determination of magnesium, copper and aluminium. Atomic absorption method RUSS53048
GOST 9326-2002 Solid mineral fuels. Methods of chlorine determination RUSS57235
GOST 30553-98 Hydrochloric acid for industrial use. Determination of total acidity of titrimetric method RUSS61279
GOST R 55547-2013 Solid biofuels. Fuel quality assurance. Part 6. Non-wood pelles for non-industrial use RUSS65698
GOST R ISO 21438-2-2012 Workplace atmospheres. Determination of inorganic acids by ion chromatography. Part 2. Volatile acids, except hydrofluoric acid (hydrochloric acid, hydrobromic acid and nitric acid) RUSS73411
MNS ISO 78-4:2000 Chemistry. Layouts for standards. Part 4: Standard for atomic absorption spectrometric analysis MONG211062
MNS ISO 7627-4:1999 Chemical analysis by flame atomic absorption- Part: Determination of molybdenum, titanium and vanadium in contents from 0.01 to 0.5% MONG212870
MNS ISO 6439:2009 Water quality. Determination of phenol index. 4-Aminoantipyrine spectrometric methods after distillation MONG214781
MUK 4.1.3160-14 Measurement of mass concentrations of phthalates (dimethyl phthalate, diethyl phthalate, dibutyl phthalate, benzyl butyl phthalate, di (2-ethylhexyl) phthalate) in milk by high performance liquid chromatography RUSS291600
DSTU 7631:2014 Greenhouse soils. Methods for the determination of water-soluble calcium and magnesium UKRA342383
ST RK 2004-20010 Ores and rocks. Method for selenium determination KAZA23268
GOST 17818.0-90 Graphite. General requirements for methods of analysis RUSS47886
GOST 16484-79 Pesticides. Method for determination of stability of wettable powder water suspensions RUSS50494
GOST 2820-73 Strontium nitrate. Technical conditions RUSS56895
GOST 20490-75 Reagents. Potassium permanganate. Specifications RUSS62426
GOST ISO 18413-2006 Industrial cleanliness. Analysis and data reporting of contaminant collection on parts and components of a hydraulic fluid power system RUSS69949
PND F 16.1:2:2.2.37-02 Quantitative chemical analysis of soil. Methods for measuring the total sulfur content in soils, sediments, soils by the turbidimetric method RUSS162469
MNS 4497:1997 Atomic absorption flameless spectrometric method for determination of zinc in food products MONG211820
MNS 5140-3:2011 Organizational and ordinance documents. Part 3: Forms of the managerial records, requirements for locating completions MONG214160
GOST R 54505-2011 Functional safety. Risk management on railway transport RUSS21428
DSTU 4753:2007 Root chicory. Root crop for industrial processing. Specifications. UKRA33635
GOST 4159-79 Reagents. Iodine. Specifications RUSS51662
GOST 9656-75 Reagents. Boric acid. Specifications RUSS55370
GOST 10848-79 Barium hydroxide for industrial use. Specification RUSS58646
GOST 13230.8-93 Ferrosilicon. Methods for determination of calcium RUSS63444
GOST R ISO 21438-1-2011 Workplace atmospheres. Determination of inorganic acids by ion chromatography. Part 1. Non-volatile acids (sulphuric acid and phosphoric acid) RUSS70060
PND F 16.1:2.2:2.3:3.36-02 Measurement procedure for the gross content of copper, cadmium, zinc, lead, nickel. manganese, cadmium and chromium in soils, bottom sediments, sewage sludge and waste by the method of flame atomic absorption spectrometry. RUSS162441
MNS ISO 9965:2002 Water quality. Determination of selenium. Atomic absorption spectrometric method (hydride technique) MONG211959
MNS 4496:1997 Atomic absorption flameless spectrometric method for determination of lead in food products MONG213581
STB EN 15662-2017 Foods of plant origin. Determination of pesticide residues using GC-MS and/or LC-MS/MS following acetonitrile extraction/partitioning and clean-up by dispersive SPE-QuEChERS-method BELA261152
MUK 4.1.3326-15 Determination of residues of galaxifop-P-methyl in pea grains, buckwheat, white cabbage and carrot roots by capillary gas-liquid chromatography RUSS291693
ST RK 1286-2004 Soils. Methods for determination ready soluble salts content KAZA22268
GOST 19920.18-74 Stereo regular butadiene synthetic rubbers. Method for determination of cold flow RUSS46632
GOST 21119.12-92 General methods of test for pigments and extenders. Determination of acidity or alkalinity of the aqueous extract RUSS48639
GOST 6988-73 Technical dicyandiamide. Specifications RUSS55324
GOST 4770-77 Organic dyestuffs. Fat-soluble induline. Specifications RUSS60221
GOST 4217-77 Reagents. Potassium nitrate. Specifications RUSS66037
O'z RH 51-008:2003 Methodological guidelines. The procedure for providing methodological and practical assistance to economic entities UZBE79174
MNS ISO 9308-1:1998 Water quality-Detection and enumeration of Coliform organisms, thermotolerant coliform organisms and presumptive E coli) Part 1. Membrane filtration method MONG211434
MNS 4335:1996 Potable water. Method content test ammonium MONG212641
MNS ISO 6332:2006 Determination of iron. Spectrometric method using 1, 10-phenanthroline MONG215081
GOST 17299-78 Technical ethyl alcohol. Specifications RUSS15962
ST RK 1356-2005 Ores and rocks. Method for vanadium determination KAZA22332
GOST 13340.2-77 Dried vegetables. Methods of determination of metal impurities and pests of cereal stocks RUSS49093
GOST ISO 762-2013 Fruit and vegetable products. Determination of mineral impurities RUSS52862
GOST 4472-78 Reagents. Chromic sulphate 6-aqueous. Specifications RUSS57110
GOST R 50436-92 Cereals. Sampling (as grain) RUSS60936
GOST 3628-78 Milk products. Methods for sugar determination RUSS63837
GOST 12044-93 Agricultural seeds. Methods for determination of disease infestation RUSS73043
MNS ISO 5815-2:2015 Water quality. Identify biochemical oxygen demand n days (BOD). Part 2: Methods for low concentrations of dilutions MONG211048
MNS 4354:1996 Water for industrial use. Determination of nitrite MONG212634
MNS ISO 11083:2001 Water quality. Determination of chromium (VI). Spectrometric method using 1, 5-diphenylcarbazide MONG214717
M-P-2006 FR.1.39.2006.02264 Methods for measuring seed germination and root length of seedlings of higher plants to determine the toxicity of technologically polluted soils RUSS290900
OST 1-92071.9-90 Nickel-based heat-resistant alloys. Atomic absorption method for the determination of silicon RUSS302132
ST RK 1974-2010 Food products. Determination of T-2 toxin by means of chromatographic method KAZA22968
GOST 22552.0-77 Quartz sand, ground sandstone, quartzite and vinyl quartz for glass industry. General requirements for methods of analysis RUSS47554
GOST 17818.16-90 Graphite. Method for determination of phosphorus RUSS48922
GOST 16591.5-94 Ferro-silico-manganese. Method for determination of phosphorus RUSS56646
GOST 11739.7-99 Aluminium casting and wrought alloys. Methods for determination of silicon RUSS62326
GOST 4234-77 Reagents. Potassium chloride. Specifications RUSS69931
PND F 13.1.34-2002 Quantitative chemical analysis of atmospheric air and air emissions. Methods of measuring mass concentrations of hydrogen sulfide and methyl mercaptan in industrial emissions of enterprises using potentiometric argenometric titration RUSS162016
MNS 4499:1997 Atomic absorption flameless spectrometric method for determination of cadmium in food products MONG211819
MNS 5140-2:2011 Organizational and ordinance documents. Part 2. Completions and requirements of managerial records (Amended by 2014/27) MONG214159
MNS 6-20-1:1987 Documentation system. System of international trade documentation. Main rules MONG220125
PST RK 09-2014 Broad fraction of light hydrocarbons. Specification KAZA21746
DSTU 7150:2010 Water quality. Determination of nickel mass fraction using express non-extraction photometric method. UKRA34264
GOST 3765-78 Reagents. Ammonium molibdate. Specifications RUSS52380
GOST R 52466-2005 Grain and grain products. Method for determination of acid number of fat RUSS55463
GOST Environment protection. Atmosphere. Methods of determination of humidity of gas-and-dust streams from stationary sources of pollution RUSS58753
GOST 11739.6-99 Aluminium casting and wrought alloys. Methods for determination of iron RUSS63494
GOST R ISO 16017-2-2007 Indoor, ambient and workplace air. Sampling and analysis of volatile organic compounds by sorbent tube/thermal desorption/capillary gas chromatography. Part 2. Diffusive sampling RUSS71832
MNS 5036:2001 Method of determination for toxic heavy metals and trace elements content in products of fermentation- Total reflection X-ray fluorescence method MONG210762
MNS 4972:2000 Method of determination for fiber in vegetable origin products MONG212009
MNS 4344:1996 Water for industrial use. Determination of sodium content MONG214070
STB Pr EN 14082-2014 Foodstuffs. Determination of trace elements. Determination of lead, cadmium, zinc, copper, iron and chromium by atomic absorption spectrometry (AAS) after dry ashing BELA261470
OST 1-90192-90 Electrolyte solutions. Method of analysis of ammonium chloride electrolyte RUSS301828

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