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GOST 9128-97 Asphaltic concrete Mixtures for roads and aerodromes and asphaltic concrete. Specifications RUSS17280
GOST 12801-98 Materials on the basis of organic binders for road and airfield construction. Test methods RUSS19712
GOST 9128-2009 Asphaltic concrete mixtures for roads and aerodromes and asphaltic concrete. Specifications RUSS56065
GOST R 55052-2012 Reclaimed asphalt. Specifications RUSS57715
GOST R 54400-2011 Automobile roads of general use. Hot road mastic asphalt. Test methods RUSS61735
GOST R 54401-2011 Automobile roads of general use. Hot road mastic asphalt. Technical requirements RUSS66283
GOST 31015-2002 Bituminous stone mastic mixtures and stone mastic asphalt. Specifications RUSS67576
GOST 9128-2013 Asphaltic concrete and polymer asphaltic concrete mixtures, asphaltic concrete and polymer asphaltic concrete for roads and aerodromes. Specifications RUSS73593
VSP 02.01.32/Russian Defense Ministry Rules for the production and acceptance of work in the construction of aerodromes of the Armed Forces of the Russian Federation RUSS152215
ODM 218.2.001-2007 Method for determining the crack resistance of polymersphalt concrete at low temperatures (for experimental use) RUSS161417
ODM 218.2.002-2009 Guidelines for the use of modern materials in the mating pavement with the expansion joints of bridge structures RUSS161421
ODM 218.2.003-2007 Recommendations for the use of polymer-bitumen binders based on SBS-type block copolymers in the construction and reconstruction of roads RUSS161422
ODM 218.3.001-2007 Methodical recommendations on the technology of using the cadem-type surfactant additive Cadem-VT in the construction of asphalt concrete pavements RUSS161459
DND MO-004/2004 Recommendations for the selection of asphalt concretes on bituminous rubber composite binder for the upper layers of coatings and wear layers RUSS260292
ODM 218.2.065-2015 Guidelines for increasing the service life of non-rigid pavements between repairs RUSS292119
ODM 218.3.045-2015 Recommendations on the construction of seamless sprayed bridge waterproofing from composite materials on reinforced concrete and steel orthotropic slabs of span structures of bridge structures, as well as on other building structures made of steel and rei RUSS292139
ODM 218.3.060-2015 Guidelines for the repair of pavements consisting of cement concrete pavements, covered with asphalt concrete pavements, on public roads RUSS292150
ODM 218.3.073-2016 Recommendations for the use of impregnating compositions to improve the durability of asphalt concrete pavements RUSS292155
ODM 218.3.087-2017 Recommendations for the use of asphalt mixes based on metallurgical slag materials for the conditions of the Central Federal District RUSS292161
ODM 218.4.036-2017 Guidelines for the preparation of asphalt mixes, their installation, as well as acceptance of work performed, based on the methodology "SUPERPAVE" RUSS292184
ODM 218.4.038-2017 Guidelines for the acceptance of coatings from dense asphalt concrete mixtures, designed by the volumetric method RUSS292185
PNST 109-2016 Automobile roads of general use. Hot asphalt mixtures and asphalt concrete. Method for determination of resistance to plastic flow of cylindrical samples at Marshall installation RUSS303908
PNST 110-2016 Automobile roads of general use. Hot asphalt mixtures and asphalt. Method of preparation of cylindrical specimens using Marshall installation RUSS303909
PNST 126-2016 Automobile roads of general use. Asphalt concrete mixtures stone mastic. Method for determination of draindown binder RUSS303925
PNST 244-2017 Automobile roads of general use. Recycled asphalt pavement (RAP). Specifications RUSS304043
PNST 266-2018 Cast sulfur asphalt mixture and cast sulfur asphalt. Specifications RUSS354723
PNST 306-2018 Automobile roads of general use. Organo-mineral cold mixes with addition of recycled asphalt concrete pavement (RAP). Specifications RUSS354763
ODM 218.9.079-2016 Recommendations about design macrorough pavings RUSS371564
ODM 218.3.096-2017 Guidelines for the volumetric design of asphalt mixtures according to the Marshall Methodology RUSS372673
STO NOSTROJ 2.29.113-2013 Bridges. Paving on bridges and artificial constructions RUSS143240

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