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GOST 9941-81 Seamless cold- and warm-deformed tubes made from corrosion-resistant steel RUSS18077
ST RK GOST R 52079-2011 Steel weld pipes for trunk gas pipelines, oil pipelines and oil products pipelines. Specification KAZA24561
GOST R 55374-2012 Alloyed structural rolled steel for bridge building. General specifications RUSS67034
GOST 24767-2018 Aluminium and aluminium alloys cold-formed sections for enclosing structures. Specifications RUSS353479
GOST 14117-85 Strip made from precision alloys for elastic elements RUSS19341
GOST 16827-81 Two lay multistrand low-twisting rope type ЛК-РО construction 12x36(1+7+7/7+14)+6x36(1+7+7/7+14)+1 o.c. Gauge RUSS48421
GOST 14082-78 Bars and plates precision alloys with assigned temperature coefficient of linear expansion. Specifications RUSS60554
GOST 8510-86 Hot-rolled steel unequal-leg angles. Dimensions RUSS15881
GOST 5267.4-90 Section of upper binding. Dimensions RUSS44768
GOST R 53915-2010 New-born children`s articles and articles for infants of nursery age. General specifications RUSS66583
GOST 10707-80 Steel cold shaped electrically welded tubes technical conditions RUSS16628
ST RK 1329-2005 Kazakhstani cow's butter. Specification KAZA22308
GOST 8509-86 Rolled angular equilateral steel RUSS62120
GOST 1050-2013 Metal products from nonalloyed structural quality and special steels. General specification RUSS138260
GOST 19703-79 Leaded brass wire type LS 63-3 specifications RUSS17357
GOST 5267.13-90 Section for door binding. Dimensions RUSS45001
GOST 5362-78 Brass ribbons. Specifications RUSS60166
GOST 32591-2013 Fittings of copper and copper alloys with compression ends for use with copper tubes. Specifications RUSS73209
GOST 25295-2003 Outerwear of coat-suit assortment. General specifications RUSS20511
GOST R 54682-2011 Semi-products. Fruit and vegetable fillers. General specifications RUSS59705
GOST 19437-81 Cylindrical aluminium ingots. Specifications RUSS65872
GOST R 58389-2019 Bent steel sheet profiles with trapezoidal corrugations for steel-reinforced concrete structures. Technical specifications RUSS373830
ST RK 1471-2005 National fermented-milk product TAN. Specification KAZA22447
GOST R 50278-92 Drill pipes with weld-on tool joints. Specifications RUSS67403
GOST 5520-2017 Rolled plate of unalloyed and alloyed steel for boilers and vessels working under pressure. Technical conditions RUSS353721
GOST 1051-73 Calibrated quality steel RUSS17309
GOST 21427.4-78 Cold-rolled steel electrical anisotropic strip RUSS19463
GOST 16358-79 Copper strips for coaxial main cables. Specifications RUSS56331
GOST 4543-2016 Metal products from structural alloy steel. Specification RUSS245919
GOST 5529-75 Round brass wire for foot-wear industry RUSS16802
GOST 7675-73 Steel wire ropes. Locked conveying wire rope with one layer of V-shaped wire, one layer of Z-wire and type ТК cope. Dimensions RUSS46199
GOST 13083-77 Rods of nickel and nickel-silicon alloys. Technical requirements RUSS56577
GOST R 59727-2021 Cold-rolled light-gage steel sheets and strips of electrical alloyed steel for medium frequencies. Technical specifications RUSS428262
ST RK 976-94 Non-fat and fat cheeses for melting. Specification KAZA23869
GOST R 56043-2014 Extruded aluminium alloy bulb-shaped strip-section symmetrical and asymmetrical shapes with trapezoidal heads. Dimensions RUSS57993
GOST 2591-88 Square Hot-rolled Steel Bars Dimensions RUSS16428
ST RK 1007-98 Cream paste. Specification KAZA21993
GOST 21990-76 Magnesium and magnesium alloys plates. Specifications RUSS55115
GOST R 50077-92 Extruded oblique angle section shapes of aluminium and magnesium alloys. Dimensions RUSS73333
GOST 6235-2020 Nickel sheets and strips. Specifications RUSS380539
GOST 4543-71 Structural alloyed steel RUSS19322
GOST 4134-75 Copper alloys sections for collectors of electrical machines. Specifications RUSS58337
GOST R 53932-2010 Tube billet. General specifications RUSS69701
GOST 11068-81 Electric-welded pipes from corrosion-resistant steel RUSS17553
GOST 8036-79 Tombac strips. Specifications RUSS52735
GOST R 51573-2000 Tubes from alloyed brasses for heat-exchange apparatus. Specifications RUSS64064
GOST 2170-2016 Strips of nickel and nickel low alloys. Specifications RUSS286339
GOST 14959-79 Spring carbon and alloy steel bars. Specifications RUSS20441
GOST R 53439-2009 Brass wire for cold upsetting. Specifications RUSS61696
GOST 18327-2018 Zinc strips for general use. Specifications RUSS353453
GOST 8240-89 Steel hot-rolled channels RUSS16827
GOST 16828-81 Two lay multistrand low-twisting rope type ЛK-O and ЛK-P construction 12x7(1+6)+6x19(1+6+6/6)+1 o.c. Gauge RUSS50000
GOST 2936-75 Plane-oval seamless radiator tubes RUSS17191
GOST 15040-77 Oxygen-free copper pipes RUSS19395
GOST 25856-97 Canned fish with vegetables in bouillon, marinade and various sauces. Specifications RUSS55163
GOST 1018-2015 Aluminium, copper, brass and cupronickel strips for capsules. Specifications RUSS138255
GOST 8509-93 Hot-rolled steel equal-leg angles. Dimensions RUSS16283
ST RK 296-97 Patties with meat and liver stuffing. Technical conditions KAZA23654
GOST 10703-73 Aluminium sheets for graphic arts industry. Specifications RUSS54856
GOST 5949-2018 Stainless corrosion resisting, heat-resisting and creep resisting steel and alloy on iron-nickel-based products. Specifications RUSS353725
GOST 22666-77 Copper and copel alloy wire for low-temperature thermocouples RUSS18621
GOST 30563-98 Seamless cold-worked carbon and alloy steel tubes for special purposes. Specifications RUSS56968
GOST 22689.1-89 Polyethylene waste-pipes and fittings. Assortment RUSS15809
GOST 28546-90 Toilet soap RUSS19419
GOST 21937-76 Hot-rolled steel unsymmetrical bulb section for shipbuilding. Dimensions RUSS53062
GOST 29296-92 Extruded rectangular unequishelf T-section shapes of aluminium and magnesium alloys. Dimensions RUSS72012
GOST R 58385-2019 Cold-rolled steel profiles for construction. Technical specifications RUSS373821
GOST 15834-77 Wire from beryllium bronze RUSS18486
GOST 15146-69 Thermal-treated steel tape for musical instrument reeds. Specifications RUSS57951
GOST 29303-92 Extruded rectangular unequishelf H-beam section shapes of aluminium and magnesium alloys. Dimensions RUSS66700
GOST 4752-79 Copper cylinder wire RUSS16985
GOST 7676-73 Steel wire ropes. Locked conveying wire rope with two layers of V-shaped wire, one layer of Z-wire and type TK core. Dimensions RUSS47670
GOST 5187-70 Nickel silver, german silver and monel tapes. Specifications RUSS63864
GOST 15515-2016 Nickel electrolyzed strips. Specifications RUSS231274
GOST R 52079-2003 Steel welded pipes for trunk gas pipelines, oil pipelines and oil products pipelines. Specifications RUSS18576
GOST 9498-79 Flat ingots of aluminium and wrought aluminium alloys for rolling. Specifications RUSS57241
DSTU 8609:2015 Calibrated hexagon rental. product mix UKRA342925
GOST 2590-88 Round steel bars. Dimensions RUSS16427
GOST 3193-74 Steel rolled up soldered double-layer tubes RUSS18202
GOST 5267.12-90 Section for door closing. Dimensions RUSS44767
GOST 1173-2006 Copper foil, ribbons, sheets and plates. Specifications RUSS68563
GOST 598-2020 General purpose zinc sheets. Specifications RUSS380537
GOST 13345-85 Tin-plate and black plate RUSS19759
GOST 2771-81 Cold-drawn round wire. Gauge RUSS49593
GOST 12920-2013 Brass wire for cold upsetting RUSS65620
GOST 13073-77 Zinc wire RUSS16356
GOST 3070-88 Two lay steel rope type ТК construction 6x19 (1+6+12)+1 o.с. Dimensions RUSS49269
GOST 25905-83 Aluminium foil for condensers. Specifications RUSS69266
GOST 8240-97 Hot-rolled steel channels. Assortment RUSS17043
ST RK GOST R 50713-2008 New-born children`s articles and articles for infants of nursery age. General specification KAZA24350
GOST 23855-79 Cylindrical ingots of aluminium alloy AD31. Specifications RUSS65311
GOST 5189-2018 Constantan strips. Specifications RUSS353716
GOST 8687-65 Beans, peas or lentil with meat RUSS17732
GOST 9234-74 Steel bent sheet sections with trapezoid-shaped corrugation. Dimensions RUSS49320
GOST 17576-97 Extruded oblique-angled trapezoidal flanged-section shapes of aluminium, aluminium and magnesium alloys. Dimensions RUSS60884
GOST 2205-2016 L-90 tapes and strips for plating. Specifications RUSS238329
ST RK 715-95 Processed cheeses. Specification. In substitution of RST KazSSR 715-81, TU, TU 11.01.825-89, TU 49 354-76, TU 49 889-85, TU 49 580-85, TU 49 1069-85, TU 49 962-81, TU 10 KazSSR 11.162-90, TU 49 KazSSR 89-81, TU 49 KazSSR 104-85 KAZA23837
GOST R 55411-2013 Roll-formed shapes of aluminium and aluminium alloys. Specifications RUSS60038
GOST 13616-97 Extruded rectangular sheet-section shapes of aluminium, aluminium and magnesium alloys. Dimensions RUSS66590
GOST 1180-2021 Zinc anodes. Technical specifications RUSS428546

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