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GOST 27168-86 Flour for infant formula products RUSS16964
GOST 15849-89 Canned fruits and berries RUSS19869
ST RK 1305-2004 Meat and meat products. Dietary meat souffle. Specification KAZA22285
ST RK 1733-2007 Milk and milk products. General specification KAZA22723
ST RK 2207-2012 Juices for child nutrition. Specification KAZA23471
ST RK GOST R 50848-2010 Requirements at raising and feeding of young cattle stock for meat to produce food products for children. Standard technological process. KAZA24390
ST RK ISO 8262-1-2009 Milk products and milk-based food products. Determination of fat content of by the Weibull-Berntrop gravimetrical method (conrol method). Part 1. Products for child nutrition. KAZA25931
STB 1859-2009 Kefir for children. Specifications BELA27212
STB 1860-2009 Sterilized milk for children. Specifications BELA27213
GOST 26971-86 Corn, grouts, flour, oatmeal for children's food. Method for determination of total acidity RUSS55175
GOST R 55335-2012 Meat. Horse-flesh for baby nutrition. Specifications RUSS55587
GOST 31798-2012 Beef and veal for infants nutrition. Specifications RUSS57038
GOST R 52478-2005 Beef and veal for children's food production. Specifications RUSS57491
GOST R 54034-2010 Meat. Mutton and lamb for children’s nutrition. Specifications RUSS57646
GOST 30705-2000 Infant milk products. Method for determination of the total amount of mesophilic aerobic and elective anaerobic bacteria RUSS59001
GOST R 52674-2006 Frozen in blocks meat and meat by-products for production of baby nutrition foods. Specifications RUSS59514
GOST R 52199-2003 Canned meat (class A). Meat puree for children. Specifications RUSS60750
GOST 32735-2014 Refrigerated liquid egg products for children nutrition. Specifications RUSS60954
GOST 30706-2000 Infant milk products. Method for determination of yeasts and moulds quantity RUSS61476
GOST 31799-2012 Meat and meat by-products, frozen in blocks, for production of child nutrition foods. Technical specifications RUSS62638
GOST R 52690-2006 Foods. Voltammetric method of vitamin C mass concentration determination RUSS62988
GOST 32273-2013 Meаt. Venison for children’s nutrition. Specifications RUSS63347
GOST 22788-77 Electric heaters for baby feed. Specifications RUSS63495
GOST R 52992-2008 Semi-smoked sausages for children's nutrition. Specifications RUSS64137
GOST R 52198-2003 Canned meat and vegetable products for children of early age feeding. Specifications RUSS64870
GOST 32734-2014 Quail meat for children nutrition. Specifications RUSS65242
GOST R 52197-2003 Meat and meat products for baby food. Method for determination of bone particles dimensions RUSS65776
GOST R 50848-96 Cattle. The criteria in raising and feeding the young livestock for the production of meat foodstuffs for children. Requirements. Standard technological process RUSS67979
GOST R 52820-2007 Turkey meat for children's nutrition. Specifications RUSS68319
GOST 26972-86 Corn, flour, grouts and oatmeal for children's food. Methods of microbiological analysis RUSS68603
GOST R 55973-2014 Food additives. Calcium chloride. Technical requirements RUSS68935
GOST R 52306-2005 Poultry meat (carcasses of chickens, broiler-chickens and their cut parts) for children nutrition. Specifications RUSS69093
GOST R 52704-2006 Meat and vegetable preserves from poultry meat for babies nutrition. Specifications RUSS69682
GOST R 52705-2006 Canned poultry meat for babies nutrition. Specifications RUSS69993
GOST R 55574-2013 Meat pate for child food. Specifications RUSS70130
GOST R 52818-2007 Sausage cooked goods from poultry meat for children's nutrition. General specifications RUSS70383
GOST 32750-2014 Frozen semi-finished products in dough for children`s nutrition. Specifications RUSS138698
GOST 32752-2014 Cooled by-products for child nutrition. Specifications RUSS138699
GOST 32888-2014 Canned products. Pasties for child nutrition. Specifications RUSS138806
GOST 32889-2014 Canned meat in pieces for children`s nutrition. Specifications RUSS138807
GOST 32914-2014 Freeze-dried meat for children nutrition. Specifications RUSS138831
GOST 33282-2015 Frozen fish fillet for children nutrition. Specifications RUSS139019
GOST 33337-2015 Culinary fabrics of poultry meat for children nutrition. Specifications RUSS139074
GOST 33338-2015 Semi-prepared ground ready-to-heat-and-eat of poultry meat for children nutrition. Specifications RUSS139075
GOST R 56365-2015 Russian quality. Ham products from poultry meat for children nutrition. Specifications RUSS140106
ST RK 1733-2015 Milk and dairy products. General technical conditions KAZA262286
GOST 34122-2017 Offal of bird for children nutrition. Specifications RUSS286710
GOST R 52819-2016 Canned goods from poultry meat for dietary preventing nutrition of toddlers. Specifications RUSS287566
GOST R 57106-2016 Products diet therapeutic and preventive nutrition diet. Vitamin-mineral complexes in clinical nutrition. Specification RUSS288046
GOST R 57150-2016 Canned poultry meat for children. General specifications RUSS288090
GOST R 57573-2017 Specialized foodstuffs. Food production for baby foods. Terms and definitions RUSS288530
SanPiN Sanitary rules and regulations "Production of baby food in children's dairy kitchens" RUSS305197
SanPiN 42-123-4689-88 Recommended composition, criteria and quality indicators of breast milk substitutes RUSS305249
GOST 34424-2018 Meat industry. Classification of trimmed meat for production of meat products for child nutrition RUSS353669
GOST R 58110-2018 Sausage cooked goods from poultry meat (offal) for children nutrition. Specifications RUSS354074
SanPiN of 03.06.2013 # 42 Sanitary norms and rules "Requirements for organizations engaged in the production of food products for baby food" RUSS366159
SanPiN of 24.06.2009 # 71 Sanitary norms, rules and hygienic standards "Hygienic requirements for the organization of the production of food products intended for the nutrition of children" RUSS366287

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