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DSTU 4851:2007 Beer. Color determination methods UKRA33743
DSTU 4852:2007 Beer. Methods for determining the acidity UKRA33744
DSTU 4853:2007 Beer. Acceptance rules and sampling methods UKRA33745
DSTU 7001:2009 Fruit and vegetable products. Method for determination of flesh content. UKRA34118
DSTU GOST 14252:2009 Wines and wine materials, spirit fruit-and-berry juices. Methods for determination of titrating acids UKRA36530
GOST R 50364-92 Food concentrates. Instant coffee substitutes drinks. Specifications RUSS51214
GOST R 52523-2006 Table wines and table wine stocks. General specifications RUSS51848
GOST R 51272-2008 Ciders. General specifications RUSS52488
GOST R 53070-2008 Beer. Method for determination of pH RUSS53081
GOST R 51618-2009 Russian brandy. General specifications RUSS55437
GOST R 51159-2009 Wine drinks. General specifications RUSS57355
GOST R 52558-2006 Carbonized wines and carbonized perl wines. General specifications RUSS57499
GOST R 52700-2006 Drinks with low quantity of alcohol. General specifications RUSS57513
GOST R 53459-2009 Special beer. General specifications RUSS59570
GOST R 53193-2008 Alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks and beverages. Determination of caffeine, ascorbic acid and its salts, preservatives and sweeteners using capillary electrophoresis method RUSS63034
GOST R 51174-2009 Beer. General specifications RUSS65467
GOST R 52109-2003 Drinking bottled water. General specifications RUSS66177
GOST R 53773-2010 Juice products. Methods for determination of Anthocyanins RUSS66258
GOST 32102-2013 Canned foods. Juice products. Сoncentrated fruit juices. General specifications RUSS66571
GOST R 52185-2003 Concentrated fruit juices. Specifications RUSS66904
GOST 32100-2013 Canned foods. Juice products. Vegetable, vegetable and fruit juices, nectars, juices. General specifications RUSS67998
GOST R 52182-2003 Canned food. Juice products. Vegetable, vegetable and fruit juices, nectars, juices beverages. Specifications RUSS68745
GOST R 52061-2003 Rye dried malt. Specifications RUSS69671
GOST 32709-2014 Juice products. Methods for determination of Anthocyanins RUSS70933
Amendment No. 1 O'z DSt 962:2012 Sparkling/Fizzy grape wines UZBE75503
O'z DSt 1003:2012 Vodka. Packing, marking, transportation and storage UZBE76347
O'z DSt 1004:2012 Wines. Packing, marking, transportation and storage UZBE76348
O'z DSt 230:2012 Beer. General Specification UZBE76646
O'z DSt 925:2004 Soft drinks of company Coca-Cola UZBE78924
O'z DSt 945:2010 Vodka and special vodka. General Specification UZBE78933
O'z DSt 962:2012 Grape wines carbonated (sparkling). General Specification UZBE78941
O'z DSt 963:2011 Grape wine materials unprocessed. General Specification UZBE78942
O'z DSt 964:2012 Champagne wine materials. General Specification UZBE78943
O'z DSt 991:2012 Soft drinks. General Specification UZBE78958
O'z DSt 939:2016 Brandy alcohol. General Specification UZBE209568
O'z DSt 942:2016 Grape wines and processed grape wine materials. General Specification UZBE209579
O'z DSt 943:2016 Liquor Products. General Specification UZBE209587
O'z DSt 941:2016 Sparkling wines. General Specification UZBE209599
O'z DSt 940:2016 Uzbek brandies. General Specification UZBE209602
O'z DSt 944:2016 Vacuumed grape must. Specification UZBE209603
O'z DSt 3091:2016 Ethanol made from food raw materials and liquor. Methods for sensory analysis. UZBE209839
O'z DSt 3110:2016 Uzbekistani whiskey. Specification UZBE209849
MNS 5273-2:2003 Fermentation processing. Part-3: Vine processing MONG210555
MNS 5273-3:2003 Fermentation processing. Part-3: Vine processing MONG211278
MNS 5138:2002 Test method of compaction of sugar and unsugar of malt MONG211554
MNS 5137:2002 Determination of Hartong and Colbakh index of malt. Picnometric method MONG211555
MNS 5273-4:2003 Fermentation processing. Part-4: Beer processing MONG211556
MNS 5136:2002 Malt. Test method MONG211557
MNS 0181:2008 Various of beer. Technical requirements MONG211671
MNS 5273-5:2007 General requirements for fermentation processing. Part-5: Beverage processing MONG211714
MNS GOST R 51698:2004 Vodka and ethanol. Gas chromatography express- method for determination of toxic micro admixtures content MONG211764
MNS 2544:1978 Wild cherry juice MONG212043
MNS 4307:1996 Some types of fruit juices MONG212424
MNS 5520:2005 Carrot juice. Technical requirements MONG212425
MNS CAC 49:1996 Tomato juice. Specification MONG212426
MNS 5322:2015 Method for microbiological analysis for beverages MONG212655
MNS 5253:2003 Alcoholic soft drink. Technical general requirements MONG212656
MNS 4269:1995 Essence of pear /izomilacetat/. Technical requirement MONG213064
MNS 2117:1989 Test method for vodka MONG213202
MNS 0687-1:2012 Juices from various types of fruits and vegetables. General technical requirements MONG213213
MNS 0178:2014 Food ethanol. General technical requirements MONG213591
MNS 2827:1979 Bilberry juice MONG213847
MNS 4243:1994 Fusel spirit. Technical requirements MONG213860
MNS 2826:1979 Gooseberry juice MONG213886
MNS 0987:1986 Ethyl alcohol. Test method MONG213967
MNS 5074:2011 Various of wine products. Technical general requirements MONG214163
MNS 2108:2000 Malt. Technical general requirement MONG214164
MNS 2019:1974 Beer. Method for preparation of test samples MONG214277
MNS CAC 108:1997 Natural mineral water. Specification MONG214368
MNS 0687:2003 Beverages. Technical general requirements MONG214455
MNS GOST R 51786:2012 Alcohol and food alcohol. Gas chromatographic method for determining origin MONG215046
MNS ISO 2172:2015 Fruit Juice. Identify soluble solids. Plynometric method MONG215255
MNS ISO 2173:2015 Fruit and vegetable products. Determination of soluble dry matter refractometer MONG215256
MNS 5984:2009 Alcohol drink. Liqueur vodka products. Technical requirements MONG215292
MNS 2020:2015 Determination of method for beer analysis spirit, real extract, app. Extract MONG215527
MNS 0687-3:2015 Carbonated Drink. Technical requirements MONG215711
MNS 0687-2:2014 Different kind‘s non-alcoholic beverage. Tea and coffee beverages. Technical general requirements MONG215725
MNS 0664:2015 Ointment from sand thorns MONG215756
MNS 4949:2000 Vodka and ethanol. Gas-chromatographic method for determination of toxic micro mixtures content MONG215808
MNS 5007:2007 Bottled water. Technical requirements MONG215923
MNS 0179:2009 Alcohol drink. Vodka and special vodka. Technical requirements MONG216612
MNS 2016:1974 Method for determination of color of beer MONG218071
MNS 2017:1974 Method for determination of acidity of beer MONG218072
MNS 2018:1974 Method for determination of stability and carbon dioxide of beer MONG218073
MNS 5135:2002 Beer. Determination of foam MONG219760
MNS 5273-1:2003 Fermentation processing. Part-1: Spirit processing MONG219795
MNS 5321:2003 Test method for beverage MONG219802
MNS ISO 8128-1:1999 Non-alcoholic beverages. Apple juice, apple juice concentrates and drinks containing apple juice- Determination of petulant content. Part 1: Method using high-performance liquid chromatography MONG220562
MNS ISO 8128-2:1999 Non-alcoholic beverages. Apple juice, apple juice concentrates and drinks containing apple juice- Determination of petulant content. Part 2: Method using Thin-layer chromatography MONG220563
TKP 175-2009 (09170) Rates of consumption of raw materials and materials, the maximum allowable standards for losses and waste in the production of alcoholic, low-alcohol, brewing and non-alcoholic products. The procedure for the development, coordination and approval BELA261770
TKP 175-2016 (33700) Alcoholic, low-alcoholic and non-alcoholic products. Norms of expenses raw food materials and materials, maximum acceptable norms of losses and by-products of foodstuffs, raw food materials and materials. Procedure of development, conformance and approval BELA261771
DSTU 3139:2015 Brewing. Terms and Definitions UKRA342016
DSTU 4069:2016 Non-alcoholic drinks. General technical conditions UKRA342083
DSTU 7208:2011 Ingredients of vegetable raw materials for flavored beverages. General technical conditions UKRA342157
DSTU 7335:2013 Grain alloy and malt sprouts. Technical conditions UKRA342211
DSTU 7397:2013 Vodka, special vodka, alcoholic beverage. Method for determining predicted storage stability UKRA342244
DSTU 7398:2013 Ethyl alcohol and alcohol-containing products. Determination of bitrex content by high performance liquid chromatography UKRA342245
DSTU 8073:2015 Canned food. Birch sap with sugar. Technical conditions UKRA342685
DSTU 8082:2015 Canned food. Carrot juice and carrot-fruit juices with pulp. General technical conditions UKRA342688
DSTU 8547:2015 Canned food. Birch sap blended. General technical conditions UKRA342899

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