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GOST 31795-2012 Fish, marine products and products of them. Method of determining the fraction of total mass of protein, fat, water, phosphorus, calcium and ash by the near-infra-red spectrometry RUSS55252
GOST 8558.1-2015 Meat products. Methods for determination of nitrite RUSS139416
ST RK 1728-2007 Meat and meat products. Packaging, labeling, transportation and storage KAZA22718
GOST R 53127-2008 Canned food. Cucumbers, vegetable marrows, bush pumpkins with greens in brine. General specifications RUSS63029
GOST 280-2009 Canned smoked fish. Sprats in oil. Specifications RUSS58931
ST RK GOST R 54497-2013 Method for determination of food synthetic dyes weight fraction KAZA24701
GOST R 52477-2005 Canned foods. Vegetable pickles. Specifications RUSS66198
GOST 816-91 Stewed fruits RUSS19683
GOST 32104-2013 Canned foods. Juice products. Fruit, fruit and vegetable nectars. General specifications RUSS67947
ST RK 1730-2007 Meat and meat products. General technical conditions KAZA22720
GOST R 52184-2003 Canned foods. Juice products. Juices from fresh fruits. Specifications RUSS67808
ST RK 1574-2006 Preserves. Reconstituted fruit juices. Specification KAZA22554
GOST 12028-2014 Canned small herring fish in oil. Specifications RUSS64972
GOST R 54648-2011 Canned foods. Tomatoes in brine. General specifications RUSS64259
GOST 8756.1-2017 Products of processing fruits, vegetables and mushrooms. Methods for determining organoleptic characteristics, mass fraction of constituent parts, net mass or volume RUSS286935
ST RK 2124-2011 Canned meat. Chicken ragout in jelly. Specification KAZA23393
GOST 10444.5-85 Canned foods. Method for determination of thermophilic airobes and facultive anairobes RUSS74440
GOST 7403-74 Crabs in natural juice RUSS18038
GOST 7454-2007 Canned of blanched, slightly dried or cured fish in oil. Specifications RUSS59218
GOST 697-84 Canned meat "stewed pork" specifications RUSS16813
GOST 32909-2014 Canned food. Soups. General specifications RUSS138826
GOST R 54348-2011 Canned poultry meat and by-products. General specification RUSS64224
DSTU 8075:2015 Canned food. Fried eggplant. Technical conditions UKRA351561
GOST R 54033-2010 Canned meat in pieces. Stewed meat. Specifications RUSS63099
GOST 33612-2015 Canned meat sterilized. Pork fat melted with fillers. Specifications. RUSS208917
GOST 10444.14-91 Canned foods. Method of Howard mould count RUSS61910
GOST 608-93 Canned meat "poultry meat in jelly" RUSS16806
GOST 13865-2000 Canned fish in natural juice with oil. Specifications RUSS60217
ST RK 1578-2006 Preserves. Fruit juice-containing drinks. General specification KAZA22558
GOST 33840-2016 Meat containing cans. Second course meals with garnish. Specification RUSS243249
GOST R 50476-93 Fruit and vegetable products. Method for determination of sorbic and benzoic acids, simultaneously contained in the product RUSS50565
GOST 32906-2014 Meat Cans. Brawn. Specifications RUSS138823
ST RK 1392-2005 Canned dinner. Specification KAZA22367
GOST R 55464-2013 Olives or black olives in brine. Specifications RUSS59772
GOST 7144-2006 Canned smoked fish in oil. Specifications RUSS57166
GOST 7452-2014 Canned fish natural. Specifications RUSS139394
GOST R 50903-96 Canned food. Vegetable sauces. Specifications RUSS65177
GOST 8687-65 Beans, peas or lentil with meat RUSS17732
GOST 17472-2013 Canned foods. Cabbage or pepper, stuffed with meat and rice. Specifications RUSS63567
GOST 2654-2017 Canned food. Vegetable caviar. Technical conditions RUSS286372
GOST R 53748-2009 Canned meat. Minced meat. Specifications RUSS64181
GOST 937-91 Preserved food. Tomato juice RUSS17008
GOST 8756.12-91 Fruit and vegetable products. Methods for determination of jellying power and paste-forming capacity of fruit puree RUSS62030
GOST 698-84 Canned meat 'Stewed mutton'. Specifications RUSS51440
GOST 26808-2017 Canned fish and seafood. Methods for determination of dry matter RUSS286382
GOST R 55462-2013 Jelly. General specifications RUSS57735
GOST 9935-2015 Sterilized meat cans. Piglet in jelly. Specifications RUSS139434
GOST R 50106-92 Sterilized and pasteurized fish and sea products. Packing and marking RUSS43977
GOST R 52186-2003 Canned food. Juice products. Reconstituted fruit and vegetable juices. Specifications RUSS68746
GOST R 54679-2011 Canned beans. Specifications RUSS60812
GOST R 50187-92 Canned meat. Poultry meat in gel. Specifications RUSS44034
GOST 32103-2013 Canned foods. Juice products. Reconstituted fruit, fruit and vegetable juices. General specifications RUSS67181
ST RK 1575-2006 Preserves. Fruit nectars. General specification KAZA22555
GOST R 52427-2005 Meat industry. Food products. Terms and definitions RUSS68304
GOST 30054-93 Canned, preserved fish and other sea products. Terms and definitions RUSS52900
GOST R 55572-2013 Meat cans. General specifications RUSS71969
ST RK 1894-2009 Juices and juice products. Microbiological analysis methods with application of special microbiological means KAZA22888
GOST 18611-2013 Canned Food. Sliced vegetables in tomato sauce. General specifications RUSS68918
GOST 7455-2013 Canned fish in jelly. Specifications RUSS65161
DSTU 8017:2015 Canned food. Fruit and vegetable sauces structured. Technical conditions UKRA342653
GOST 18316-2013 Canned food. First dinner dishes. Specifications RUSS66466
GOST R 56559-2015 Canned food. Cocktails from fruits and vegetables. General specifications RUSS140302
GOST R 50475-93 Fruit and vegetable products. Canned and quick frozen green peas and corn. Determination of alcohol-insoluble solid content RUSS50226
RST RSFSR 108-75 Canned food. Fruit and berry supplies RUSS167013
GOST 31478-2012 Canned meat. Minced meat. Specifications RUSS62614
GOST 18423-97 Canned squids and cuttle in natural juice. Specifications RUSS56153
GOST 28322-2014 Processed fruits, vegetables and mushrooms. Terms and definitions RUSS138545
GOST 29206-91 Fruit and vegetable products. Methods for determination of xylite and sorbite content in diet canned foods RUSS51553
GOST R 52187-2003 Canned food. Juice products. Fruit, fruit and vegetable nectars. General specifications RUSS68747
GOST 25555.5-91 Fruit and vegetable products. Methods for determination of sulphur dioxide RUSS56829
GOST 33284-2015 Canned mussel in sauce and filling. Specifications RUSS139021
GOST R 51490-99 Canned sardines and similar fish species in oil. Specifications RUSS52495
RST RSFSR 550-82 Canned food. Rose Hip Drink. Technical conditions RUSS167111
GOST 33610-2015 Pasteurized meat cans. Sliced speck and bacon. Specifications RUSS139278
GOST 25856-97 Canned fish with vegetables in bouillon, marinade and various sauces. Specifications RUSS55163
GOST 33443-2015 Canned food. Fruits in heavy syrup. General specifications RUSS139159
ST RK 1573-2006 Canned foods. Concentrated fruit juices. Specification KAZA22553
GOST R 54681-2011 Canned food. Pureed or crushed fruit. General specifications RUSS61743
GOST R 51926-2002 Canned food. Vegetable paste. Specifications RUSS57434
GOST 29275-92 Dietic canned fish in sauces RUSS16779
GOST 31713-2012 Canned foods. Cucumbers, vegetable morrows, bush pumpkins with greens in brine. Specifications RUSS65228
GOST 1633-73 Vegetable pickles RUSS18847
GOST R 55477-2013 Meat cans from by-products. Specifications RUSS67454
DSTU 8547:2015 Canned food. Birch sap blended. General technical conditions UKRA342899
GOST R 55336-2012 Canned paste meat. Specifications RUSS64300
GOST 1016-90 Stuffed vegetables in tomato sauce RUSS17308
GOST R 54470-2011 Glass containers for canned food products. General specifications RUSS64236
GOST R 52421-2005 Fish, marine products and products of them. Method of determining the fraction of total mass of protein, fat, water, phosphorus, calcium and ash by the near-infra-red spectrometry RUSS60898
GOST 34113-2017 Varen'e. Obschie tehnicheskie usloviya RUSS286701
ST RK 1577-2006 Canned foods. Vegetable juices. Tomato juice. Specification KAZA22557
GOST 5981-2011 Cans and metallic preserve caps. Technical specifications. RUSS68906
GOST 15877-70 Canned sweet corn RUSS16919
GOST 6065-2012 Canned fried fish in oil. Specifications RUSS59185
GOST 15170-91 Canned meat "chopped beef" RUSS16688
GOST 32907-2014 Canned meat . First dishes. Specifications RUSS138824
GOST 18077-2013 Canned food. Fruit sauces. Technical conditions RUSS63339
ST RK 1728-2015 Meat and meat products. Packaging, labeling, transportation and storage KAZA262285
GOST 10981-97 Canned 'Ragout of Far-Eastern salmon fishes in natural juice'. Specifications RUSS55672
GOST 9163-2014 Meat-and-vegetable cans. Sausages with garnish. Specifications RUSS139425
GOST 32101-2013 Canned foods. Juice products. Juices from fresh fruit. General specifications RUSS61509

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