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GOST 18896-73 Steel thick-walled drums for chemical products. Specifications RUSS62409
GOST R 52620-2006 Transport polymeric containers. General specifications RUSS72372
GOST 30766-2001 Tins for chemical products. General specifications RUSS72695
GOST 30765-2001 Metal transport packagings. General specifications RUSS73215
GOST ISO 9058-2002 Glass containers. Tolerances RUSS44647
GOST R 51864-2002 Packagings. Testing methods of handle fastening strength RUSS57427
GOST 18173-2004 Grained salmon caviar packed in cans. Specifications RUSS56678
GOST 5105-82 Steel fuel and oil tanks RUSS19640
ST SEV 261-76 Banks cylindrical and conic metal and combined. Dimensions RUSS169458
GOST 8821-75 Stave billets for wooden barrels for dry and liquid products. Specifications RUSS61066
GOST 26384-84 Cylindrical round tins for canned food. Sizes of constructive elements RUSS61109
GOST 247-58 Stave for barrels for vine, cognac, alcohol, juices and fruit water. Specifications RUSS51506
GOST 5717.2-2003 Glass jars canned food. Basic parameters and dimensions RUSS51569
GOST 30288-95 Glass containers. Safety, marking, raw materials saving. General RUSS51722
GOST 11127-78 Wooden drums for wire ropes. Specifications RUSS52133
GOST 5717.1-2003 Glass jars for canned food. General specifications RUSS59173
GOST 9338-80 Plywood drums. Specifications RUSS59271
GOST 17733-89 Glass containers. Method for determination of thermal resistance at raised temperatures RUSS49705
GOST 5799-78 Flasks for paints and varnishes. Specifications RUSS64814
GOST R 55504-2013 Metal tins for preserve. Specifications RUSS71981
GOST 5037-78 Metallic churns RUSS17690
GOST 5151-79 Wooden drums for electrical cables and wires. Specifications RUSS18065
GOST 12120-82 Metal and combined cans RUSS18310
GOST 8777-80 Tight and slack wooden barrels RUSS18901
GOST 6128-81 Metal cans for chemical products RUSS18980
GOST 25749-83 Metal covers for glass container with neck crown of type iii RUSS18371
GOST 26155-84 Barrels from corrosion-resistant steel RUSS18374
GOST 13950-91 Welded and folded steel barrels RUSS18712
GOST 17366-80 Welded thick-walled steel barrels for chemical products RUSS18722
GOST 6247-79 Steel welded barrels with rolling hoops on the shell RUSS18785
GOST 5044-79 Thin-walled steel drums for chemical products RUSS18775
GOST 21029-75 Aluminum barrels for chemical products RUSS18504
GOST 5981-88 Tins for preserved food RUSS19571
GOST EN 12377-2016 Packaging. Flexible pipes. Pipe cap breathability test method RUSS355956

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