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GOST 12.2.030-2000 Occupational safety standards system. Hand tools. Noise characteristics. Limits. Methods of testing RUSS15944
GOST 27409-97 Noise. Technical regulation of stationary equipment noise characteristics. General RUSS16077
GOST Compressor equipment RUSS16339
GOST 27443-87 Skinning machines RUSS16448
GOST 27444-87 Leather rolling machines RUSS16449
GOST 16372-93 Rotating electric machines. Limiting values of noise levels RUSS16568
GOST Compressor equipment RUSS16671
GOST Compressor equipment RUSS16899
GOST Compressor equipment RUSS16900
GOST Compressor equipment RUSS17070
GOST 26899-86 Chassis dynamometers for determining of parameters of traction and speed characteristics and fuel efficiency of motor vehicles and wheeled tractors under operating conditions RUSS17405
GOST 9043-93 Clippers for hair cutting RUSS17736
GOST 27457-93 Industrial washing machines RUSS18003
GOST 27719-88 Earth-moving machinery. Falling object protective devices. Lab studies. RUSS18060
GOST 14227-85 Dish washing machines RUSS18598
GOST 30035-93 Scrapers. General specifications RUSS18643
GOST 11030-93 Motor graders RUSS19107
GOST 12.2.042-91 Occupational safety standards system. Machines and technological equipment for livestock raising and forage production. RUSS19690
GOST 16264.0-85 Low-power electric motors RUSS19696
GOST 28186-89 Brake shoes for motor car of rolling stock. Specifications RUSS20530
GOST 30419-96 Apparatus air bleeder brake equipment. General requirement safety RUSS20538
GOST 31373-2008 Wheelsets of locomotives and motor-powered units. Strength calculations and tests RUSS20548
GOST 3191-93 Railway cars of 1520 mm track gauge. Parts of wood and wooden materials. General specifications RUSS20551
GOST R 52400-2005 Air reservoirs for railway brakes. General specifications RUSS20624
GOST 8802-78 Passenger tram-cars. Specifications RUSS20851
GOST R 50850-96 Metro coaches. General specifications RUSS20969
GOST R 51255-99 Car wheelsets of metro coaches. General safety requirements RUSS20971
GOST R 52916-2008 Stops of automatic coupler equipment for freight and passenger cars. General specifications. RUSS21234
GOST 3475-81 Automatic coupler equipment of railway rolling stock for railway track gauge 1520 (1524) mm. Assembling dimensions RUSS21413
GOST R 55819-2013 Brake block holder and key for railway rolling stock. General specifications RUSS21446
GOST 4.347-85 Product-quality index system. Cars. Nomenclature of indices RUSS43688
GOST R 41.32-99 Uniform provisions concerning the approval of vehicles with regard to the behaviour of the structure of the impacted vehicles in a rear-end collision RUSS43940
GOST R 41.33-99 Uniform provisions concerning the approval of vehicles with regard to the behaviour of the impacted vehicles in a head-on collision RUSS43941
GOST R 50154-92 Electric appliances for hair-cutting. General specifications RUSS44010
GOST R 50188-92 Motor graders. General specifications RUSS44035
GOST R 50216-92 Commercial washing machines. General specifications RUSS44058
GOST R 50227-92 Occupational safety standards system. Machines and equipment for laundries and dry-cleaning enterprises. General safety requirements RUSS44069
GOST R 50358-92 Single-screw machines for rubber. Types, basic parameters and dimensions RUSS44160
GOST EN 418-2002 Safety of machines. Installation of emergency shut-down. Functions Design Philosophy RUSS44533
GOST R 50410-92 Textile machinery and accessories. Weaving looms. Definitions of left and right sides RUSS44909
GOST 28945-91 Dyeing and finishing machines and equipment. Nominal pressure in hydraulic and pneumatic systems and pressure force of working elements RUSS45073
GOST R 50411-92 Textile machinery and accessories. Pirn winders and cross winders. Definition of left and right sides RUSS45186
GOST R 50412-92 Textile machinery and accessories. Weaving preparatory machines. Definition of left and right sides RUSS45291
GOST R 50210-92 Textile machinery and accessories. Pitch bound reeds. Dimensions RUSS45303
GOST R 50448-92 Textile machinery and accessories. Spinning machinery. Definition of side (left or right) RUSS45474
GOST R 50501-93 Textile machinery and accessories. Metal reeds with plastics baulk RUSS45475
GOST R 50055-92 Textile machinery and accessories. Shuttles for pin changing automatic looms. Dimensions RUSS45831
GOST 28248-89 Passenger cars. Ball type mechanical connections. Basic dimensions RUSS45962
GOST 28688-90 Nickel-cadmium accumulators for railway carriages. Basic parameters and dimensions RUSS46126
GOST R 50489-93 Textile machinery and accessories. Perforated cylindrical tubes for cheese dyeing. Dimensions RUSS46209
GOST R 50512-93 Textile machinery. Dyeing and finishing machines. Definition of left and right sides RUSS46230
GOST 29293-92 Earth-moving machinery. Plough bolt heads. Shapes and dimensions (excluding thread dimensions) RUSS46283
GOST 5000-83 Rough tyres for railway cars and tenders of 1520 mm gauge. Dimensions RUSS46284
GOST R 50497-93 Textile machinery and accessories. Flat steel heddles for general use. Dimensions RUSS46291
GOST R 50488-93 Textile machinery and accessories. Spinning machines. Flyer bobbins. Dimensions RUSS46408
GOST R 50505-93 Textile machinery and accessories. Single dox pickers for centre tip shutties for automatic looms and related picking stick. Dimensions RUSS46435
GOST R 50213-92 Textile machinery and accessories. Cones for yarn winding (cross wound). Half angle of the cone 5°57'. Dimensions and checking methods RUSS46880
GOST R 50211-92 Textile machinery and accessories. Metal reeds with plate baulk. Dimensions and designation RUSS46894
GOST R 50510-93 Textile machinery and accessories. Lingoes for jacquard weaving. Dimensions RUSS47065
GOST R 50212-92 Textile machinery and accessories. Metal reeds with double-spring baulk. Dimensions and designation RUSS47380
GOST 28160-89 Marine, locomotive and industrial diesel engines. Cooling systems pumps. Pumping calculation method RUSS47633
GOST R 50494-93 Textile machinery and accessories. Twin wire heddles with insert mail for jacquard weaving. Dimensions RUSS47735
GOST R 50506-93 Textile machinery and accessories. Dobby lags and pegs in wood, metal or other suitable material. Dimension RUSS48873
GOST 26655-85 Technical diagnostics. Diagnostics of motor vehicles, tractors, construction and road machines. Pick-ups. General technical requirements RUSS49631
GOST 29295-92 Earth-moving machinery. Crawler and wheel tractor dozer. Volumetric ratings RUSS49736
GOST R 50954-96 Subway cars. Specifications for caring of invalids RUSS49764
GOST 28337-89 Flexible manufacturing systems. Automatically guided vehicles. Norms of reliability and methods of controlling RUSS49873
GOST R 50958-96 Tram cars. Specifications for caring of invalids RUSS50015
GOST R 50495-93 Textile machinery and accessories. Twinwire heddles for weaving machines with heddle frames. Dimensions RUSS50046
GOST 6143-78 Axle billets for tram cars. Specifications RUSS50190
GOST R 50125-92 Textile machinery and accessories. Ring-spinning frames and speed frames. Top and bottom aprons. Dimensions RUSS50972
GOST R 50570-93 Electric powered floor-mounted industrial trucks. Operator's seat. General ergonomic requirements RUSS51770
GOST R 50956-96 Passenger cars on locomotive traction of main-line railways track 1520 mm. Technical requirements for caring of invalids RUSS51781
GOST 31608-2012 Elektrik powered floor-mounted industrial trucks. Operator’s seat. General ergonomic requirements RUSS52369
GOST R 51998-2002 Diesels of motor vehicles. General specifications RUSS52512
GOST 6144-90 Car axles of tram. Specifications RUSS52693
GOST 22235-2010 Freight cars for 1520 mm gauge main line railways. General requirements for safety in loading-unloading and shunting operations RUSS52757
GOST R 50957-96 Diesel cars. Specifications for caring of invalids RUSS53292
GOST R ISO 4000-2-2005 Passenger car tyres and rims. Part 2. Rims RUSS53812
GOST ISO 7237-2006 Vehicle trains Weight and dimensions. Terms and definitions RUSS54638
GOST 5973-91 Dump cars for 1520 mm railway gauge. General specifications RUSS55315
GOST 29100-91 Earth-moving machinery. Access systems RUSS55824
GOST 31202-2003 Machines for ground trackless electrified transport. Working place of the driver. General ergonomic requirements. RUSS56093
GOST 27534-87 Acoustics. Measurement of airborne noise emitted by earth-moving machinery. Operator's position. Stationary test condition RUSS56874
GOST 30243.1-97 Open hopper wagons of 1520 mm gauge for the loose materials. General specifications RUSS56956
GOST 30243.2-97 Covered hopper wagons of 1520 mm gauge for the transport of cement. General specifications RUSS56957
GOST 31333-2006 Noise of machines. Measurement of noise emitted by passenger cars under conditions representative of urban driving RUSS56998
GOST 9246-2004 Four-wheel bogies of freight cars for 1520 mm gauge mainline railways. Specifications RUSS57234
GOST R 51348-99 Powered industrial trucks and tractors. Brake performance and component strength RUSS58182
GOST 30163.2-96 Household and similar electrical appliances. Test code for determination of airborne. Part 2. Particular requirements for dishwashers RUSS58968
GOST 30690-2000 Removable acoustical screens. Methods for determination of the in situ sound attenuation RUSS58999
GOST 5973-2009 Dump cars for 1520 mm railway gauge. General specifications RUSS59183
GOST 6964-72 External lighting and signaling devices for mechanic vehicles, trailers and semitrailers. General technical requirements RUSS59987
GOST 23759-85 Wash-stands ceramic. Technical requirements RUSS60079
GOST 27717-88 Acoustics. Measurement of airborne noise emitted by earth-moving machinery. Method for determining compliance with limits for exterior noise. Stationary test condition RUSS60643
GOST 4.396-88 Product-quality index system. Passenger cars. Nomenclature of indices RUSS60691
GOST 30868-2002 Ground-type trackless transport. Braking systems. Technical requirements RUSS60995
GOST 22847-85 Ceramic toilet pans. Specifications RUSS61089
GOST R 54847-2011 Children’s playgrounds equipment and surfacing. Сableway’s safety of structure and test methods. General requirements RUSS61160
GOST 10527-84 Four-wheel bogies of passenger cars for mainline railways gauge 1520 mm. Specifications RUSS61188

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