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GOST 12970-67 Round plates for machines and devices. Dimensions RUSS15616
GOST 12971-67 Rectangular plates for machines and devices. Dimensions RUSS15651
GOST Nature protection. Soils. General requirements for the classification of soils in accordance with the impact of chemical pollutants on them RUSS15654
GOST 12969-67 Plates for machines and devices. Technical requirements RUSS15759
GOST 10003-90 Styrene Technical Specification RUSS15787
GOST 30331.5-95 Electrical installations of buildings. Part 4. Protection for safety. Protection against overcurrent RUSS16073
GOST R 50571.5-94 Electrical installations of buildings. Part 4. Protection for safety. Protection against overcurrent RUSS16074
GOST 20522-96 Soils. Statistical treatment of the test results RUSS16120
GOST 16264.4-85 Non-contacting direct current motors RUSS16154
GOST 7169-66 Wheat pran. Specifications RUSS16210
GOST 24444-87 General assembly and technological requirements RUSS16562
GOST 12.1.003-83 Noise. General safety requirements RUSS16575
GOST 16264.2-85 Synchronous motors RUSS16692
GOST 20056-97 Preserved specially salted oceanic fish RUSS16709
GOST 28807-90 Rye and mixed rye-wheat bread RUSS16775
GOST 7713-62 Limits and fits. Basic definitions RUSS16849
GOST 12.1.001-89 Occupational safety standards system. Ultrasound. General safety requirements RUSS16853
GOST 16264.3-85 Commutator motors RUSS16921
GOST 22455-77 Seaweed meal and granules for animal feed RUSS16943
GOST 28808-90 Bread made from wheat flour RUSS16974
GOST 23941-79 Noise of machines. Methods for determination of noise characteristics. General requirements RUSS17071
GOST 12780-67 Dressed squirrel skins RUSS17100
GOST 28620-90 Bread buns. General specifications RUSS17182
GOST 28809-90 Rolls RUSS17187
GOST 9846-88 Cracker-type bread RUSS17232
GOST 23740-79 Soils. Methods of laboratory determination of organic composition RUSS17246
GOST 30147-95 Dishwashers for household use. Methods for measuring the performance RUSS17258
GOST 15807-93 Wire-line pressure gauges RUSS17335
GOST 16264.5-85 Step motors. General specifications RUSS17337
GOST 20414-93 Frozen squid cuttle. Specifications RUSS17359
GOST 6065-97 Canned fried fish in oil RUSS17467
GOST 7452-97 Canned fish in natural juice RUSS17478
GOST 26633-91 Heavy-weight and sand concretes. Specifications RUSS17509
GOST R 51330.19-99 Electrical apparatus for explosive gas atmospheres. Part 20. Data for flammable gases and vapors relating to the use of electrical apparatus RUSS17510
GOST 16523-97 Rolled sheets from quality and ordinary carbon steel for general purposes. Specifications RUSS17533
GOST 13515-91 Boxes of container flat glued cardboard for butter and margarine RUSS17568
GOST 29298-92 Cotton and mixed fabrics for domestic use RUSS17669
GOST 9268-90 Concentrated mixed feed for cattle RUSS17738
GOST 12766.5-90 Flattened strip of high electric resistance precision alloys RUSS17805
GOST 24557-89 Rich bakery products RUSS17841
GOST 6616-94 Thermoelectric converters. General specifications RUSS18052
GOST 18510-87 Writing paper RUSS18131
GOST 5210-95 Tool steel bars for files , rasps, chisels and groove chisels RUSS18226
GOST 25346-89 Basic norms of interchangeability. Unified system of tolerances and fits. General, series of tolerances and fundamental deviations RUSS18257
GOST 1639-93 Non-ferrous metals and alloys scrap and waste. General specifications RUSS18265
GOST 17770-86 Manual machines RUSS18333
GOST 9155-88 Rubber and rubber-and-textile athletic footwear RUSS18428
GOST R 50571.2-94 Electrical installations of buildings. Part 3. General characteristics RUSS18458
GOST 23543-88 Geodesic instruments RUSS18510
GOST 28100-89 Noise silencers. Methods for determination of acoustic characteristics RUSS18639
GOST 8803-89 Round finer wire made of precision alloys with high electrical resistivity for resistive elements RUSS18666
GOST 27842-88 Wheat bread RUSS18759
GOST 20000-88 Tractor and combine diesel engines RUSS18853
GOST 21815.18-90 Electro optical image intensifiers measuring spatial modulation transfer function RUSS18858
GOST 20440-75 Gas turbines. Acceptance tests RUSS19079
GOST 28196-89 Water-dispersion paints RUSS19236
GOST 15150-69 Machines, instruments and other industrial products. Modifications for different climatic regions. Categories, operating, storage and transportation conditions as to environment climatic aspects influence RUSS19279
GOST 9393-82 Fish and marine mammals veterinary oil RUSS19314
GOST 12.2.028-84 General-purpose ventilators. Methods of noise characteristics determination RUSS19339
GOST 19917-93 Furniture for sitting and lying on RUSS19558
GOST 13273-88 Drinking medicinal and medicinal and table waters RUSS19591
GOST 5652-89 Pneumatic tires for motorcycles, side-cars, scooters and mopeds RUSS19681
GOST 10117-91 Glass bottles for food liquids RUSS19823
GOST 6134-87 Rotor-dynamic pumps RUSS19842
GOST 12.1.012-2004 Occupational safety stаndards system. Vibration safety. General requirements RUSS20416
GOST 21023-75 Power transformers. Methods of measuring partial discharge characteristics during power frequency voltage testing RUSS20484
GOST 27918-88 Single input energizing quantity measuring relays with dependent specified time RUSS20527
GOST 11929-87 Rotating electrical machinery. General test methods. Noise levels determinations RUSS20798
GOST 23941-2002 Noise of machines. Methods for determination of noise characteristics. General requirements RUSS20823
GOST 2689-54 Tolerances and fits of dimensions over 500 to 10000 mm RUSS20828
GOST 24866-99 Sealed insulating glass units. Specifications RUSS20917
GOST R 51689-2000 Rotating electrical machines. Asynchronous motors of power from 0,12 to 400 kW inclusive. General technical reguirements RUSS20974
GOST R 52972-2008 Semihard cheeses. Specifications RUSS20991
GOST R 54170-2010 Clear flat glass. Specifications RUSS21003
GOST R 52942-2008 Railway applications. Axles. Product requirements. RUSS21235
GOST R 54800-2011 Power convertors railway rolling stock. Characteristics and test methods RUSS21433
GOST 8.540-85 State system for ensuring the uniformity of measurements. State special standard and state verification schedule for means measuring pulsed electric and magnetic fields RUSS43809
GOST R 8.659-2009 State system for ensuring the uniformity of measurements Instruments measuring the characteristics of ultraviolet radiation of technological testing of nanophotolitography. Verification procedure RUSS44220
GOST R ISO 23185-2013 Assessment and benchmarking of terminological resources. General concepts, principles and requirements RUSS44235
GOST R ISO 8084-99 Machines and tractors for forestry. Operator protective structures. Safety requirements and test methods RUSS44238
GOST 14697-69 Dinner bread Technical specifications. RUSS44296
GOST 27.506-2000 Reliability for engineering devices. Test plans for the control of mean time between failures (to failure). Part 2 Diffusion distribution RUSS44320
GOST 30879-2003 Road transport, tractors and machines for agricultural and forestry works. The determinations of combustion characteristics for the interior material. RUSS44374
GOST ISO 10570-2013 Excavating machines. Performance of centre pivot frame articulation. Technical requirements RUSS44479
GOST ISO 10263-2-2000 Excavating machines. Working space in the operator's cabin. Part 2. Testing of air filter. RUSS44546
GOST MEK 61293-2002 Electrical engineering equipment Marking with the mentioning of the parameters and characteristic of power supply. Safety requirements RUSS44682
GOST 10948-64 Radii of fillets and chamfers. Dimensions RUSS45039
GOST 2904-91 Basic norms of interchangeability. Marks on the parts with the left thread RUSS45902
GOST 14775-81 Slitting clearance grooves. Dimensions RUSS46051
GOST 27753.3-88 Greenhouse grounds. Method for determination of water extract pH RUSS46140
GOST 21474-75 Straight and diamond knurl. Form and basic dimensions RUSS46279
GOST 27913-88 Lifting appliances. Controls. Layout and characteristics. Part 1. General principles RUSS46464
GOST 26484-85 Soils. Method for determination of exchangeable acidity RUSS46573
GOST 26179-84 Basic norms of interchangeability. Tolerances for sizes above 10000 up to 40000 mm RUSS46630
GOST 27753.12-88 Greenhouse grounds method for determination of water-soluble sodium RUSS46999
GOST R ISO/IEC 11694-1-2003 Identification cards. Optical memory cards. Linear recording method. Part 1. Physical characteristics RUSS47096
GOST 27753.4-88 Greenhouse grounds. Method for determination of total salts content RUSS47162
GOST 27409-87 Regulation of stationary equipment noise characteristics. Basic standardization RUSS47398
GOST R ISO 5906-95 Gymnastic equipment. Surfaces for floor exercises. Mats RUSS47789
GOST 27753.10-88 Greenhouse grounds method for determination of organic matter RUSS47840

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