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GOST R 51158-2009 Sparkling wines and sparkling pearl wines. General specification RUSS59389
GOST R 52845-2007 Tonic drinks with low quantity of alcohol. General specifications RUSS59527
GOST R 53459-2009 Special beer. General specifications RUSS59570
GOST R 51608-2000 Digital topographic maps. Quality requirements RUSS59426
GOST R 51899-2002 Granulated mixed feeds. General specifications RUSS59453
GOST R 51968-2002 Domestic vacuum flasks with glass fills. General specifications RUSS59461
GOST R 53492-2009 Canned milk. Whey powders. Specifications RUSS59572
GOST R 51969-2002 Kitchen utensils from special domestic glass. General specifications RUSS59462
GOST R 52898-2007 Glass bottles for food acetic acid and food vinegars. Specifications RUSS59531
GOST R 53098-2008 Nutrient stillage. Specifications RUSS59542
GOST R 53800-2010 Orthopaedic shoe lasts. General specifications RUSS59607
GOST R 53952-2010 Drinking enriched milk. General specifications RUSS59621
GOST R 54408-2011 Special clothing for disable persons. General technical specifications RUSS59665
GOST R 54656-2011 Macaroni products with enriching additives. General specifications RUSS59701
GOST R ISO 5348-99 Mechanical vibration and shock. Mechanical mounting of accelerometers RUSS59939
GOST R 55024-2012 Geodetic networks. Classification. General technical requirements RUSS59733
GOST R 55296-2012 Low protein macaroni products. General specifications RUSS59759
GOST R 8.716-2010 State system for ensuring the uniformity of measurements. Reflectometers of the extreme ultraviolet radiation for measurements of the characteristics of multilayer nanostructures in the wavelength range 10 to 30 nm. Measurement procedure RUSS59805
GOST R ISO 11170-2010 Hydraulic fluid power. Filter elements. Sequence of tests for verifying performance characteristics RUSS59873
GOST 11107-90 Artificial leather T, haberdashery. General specifications RUSS60158
GOST 3699-82 Low voltoege protective voltageralays. General technical requirements RUSS60226
GOST 16298-81 Machine-yield raw cotton. Specifications RUSS60273
GOST ISO 8042-2002 Vibration and shock. Seismic transducers for shock and vibration measurements. Characteristics to be specified RUSS60418
GOST R IEC 61267-2001 Medical diagnostic X-ray equipment. Radiation conditions for use in the determination of characteristics RUSS71174
GOST 26995-86 Ionization gas-discharge detectors. Specifications RUSS71211
GOST IEC 60269-6-2013 Low-voltage fuses. Part 6. Supplementary requirements for fuse-links for the protection of solar photovoltaic energy system RUSS71368
GOST R 51551-2000 Protein-vitamin-mineral and amide-vitamin-mineral concentrates. Specifications RUSS55435
GOST R 51606-2000 Digital topographic maps. Classifying and encoding system for digital cartographic information. General requirements RUSS54752
GOST 32360-2013 Matt glass. Specifications RUSS54949
GOST 31820-2012 Ciders. General specifications RUSS55253
GOST 32027-2013 Fruit wine materials fermented and alcoholized after fermentation. Specifications RUSS55261
GOST 32033-2012 Honey drinks. General specifications RUSS55262
GOST R 54180-2010 Heat strengthened glass. Specifications RUSS55550
GOST R 52835-2007 Special fruit wines and special fruit wine stocks. General specifications RUSS55483
GOST R 53504-2009 Cottage cheese. Specifications RUSS55514
GOST R 53505-2009 Mechnikovskaya curdled milk. Specifications RUSS55515
GOST R 53506-2009 Acidophilus milk. Specifications RUSS55516
GOST R 53508-2009 Varenets. Specifications RUSS55517
GOST R 55284-2012 Dry mixes with egg components for drinks. General specifications RUSS55586
GOST R 51475-99 Glass bottles for food liquids. General specifications RUSS64055
GOST R 52897-2007 Glass jars food products of fishing industry. Specifications RUSS64134
GOST R 52675-2006 Semi-prepared meat and meat-contained products. General specifications RUSS64126
GOST R 53512-2009 Cheese products. General specifications RUSS64164
GOST R 53921-2010 Glass containers for alcohol and non – alcohol food products. General specifications RUSS64196
GOST R 54407-2011 Orthopaedic shoe. General technical specifications RUSS64230
GOST R 54470-2011 Glass containers for canned food products. General specifications RUSS64236
GOST Occupational safety standards system. Agricultural and forest vehicles. Determination of braking performance RUSS64553
GOST 32563-2013 Adhesive backed polymeric filmed glass. Specifications RUSS64811
GOST R 54663-2011 Cheese products for processing. Specifications RUSS64924
GOST 32389-2013 Boiled oils. General specifications RUSS64957
GOST 17471-2013 Canned food. Vegetable sauces. General specifications RUSS64969
GOST R 56054-2014 Navigational and dataware system of coordinate agriculture. Functions, structure and characteristics of board navigation and communication equipment of telematics monitoring and dispatcher systems for agriculture machinery RUSS65036
GOST 1435-99 Bars, strips and reels of tool unalloyed steel. General specifications RUSS65070
GOST 31703-2012 Milk-containing sweetened condensed canned foods. General specifications RUSS65095
GOST 21822-87 Petroleum fragile bitumens. Specifications RUSS58209
GOST 31661-2012 Mechnikovskaya curdled milk. Specifications RUSS58410
GOST 8313-88 Technical ethylcellosolve. Specifications RUSS58570
GOST 31680-2012 Tvorog's massa «Osobaya». Specifications RUSS58475
GOST 16312-97 Electric motor frequency convertors with rated power up to 200 kW and frequency to 20000 Hz. Test methods RUSS58738
GOST 23432-89 Decorative sheets. General specifications RUSS58843
GOST ISO 2371-97 Field balancing equipment. Description and evaluation RUSS59325
GOST 31492-2012 Sparkling wines and sparkling pearl wines. General specification RUSS59034
GOST 31647-2012 Refined deodorized palm oil for food industry. General specifications RUSS59055
GOST 31648-2012 Milk fat replacer. General specifications RUSS59056
GOST 31731-2012 Sparkling wine. Specification RUSS59076
GOST 31743-2012 Macaroni products. General specifications RUSS59077
GOST 31981-2013 Yoghurts. General specifications RUSS59106
GOST 5717.1-2003 Glass jars for canned food. General specifications RUSS59173
GOST R ISO 10817-1-99 Mechanical vibration. Rotating shaft vibration measuring systems. Part 1. Relative and absolute sensing of radial vibration RUSS66343
GOST R ISO 12039-2011 Stationary source emissions. Determination of carbon monoxide, carbon dioxide and oxygen. Performance characteristics and calibration of automated measuring systems RUSS66348
GOST R ISO 10191-2012 Tyres for passenger cars. Verifying tyres characterises. Laboratory test methods RUSS66477
GOST R IEC 61207-2-2009 Gas analysers. Expression of performance. Part 2. Measurement of oxygen concentration in gas (utilizing high-temperature electrochemical sensors) RUSS66586
GOST 25088-98 Ship's doors. Specifications RUSS66594
GOST 26703-93 Analytical gas chromatographs. Specifications and testing methods RUSS66681
GOST 30363-2013 Products egg dry and liquid food. Specification RUSS66708
GOST 31690-2013 Processеd cheese. General specifications RUSS66742
GOST 32260-2013 Semihard cheeses. Specifications RUSS66761
GOST 32261-2013 Butter. Specifications RUSS66762
GOST R 53486-2009 Linen waste. Specifications RUSS66938
GOST R 53502-2009 Process(ed) cheese food. General specifications RUSS66939
GOST R 53549-2009 Dressed flax. Specifications RUSS66941
GOST R 54162-2010 Tempered glass. Specifications RUSS66982
GOST R 54177-2010 Hart coat low emissivity glass. Specifications RUSS66983
GOST R 8.658-2009 State system for ensuring the uniformity of measurements Instruments measuring the characteristics of ultraviolet radiation of solar bad Verification procedure RUSS67043
GOST 30747-2001 Agricultural tractors. Measurement of characteristics tested through the power take-off shaft RUSS56983
GOST 31494-2012 Kvases. General specifications RUSS57009
GOST 31534-2012 Cottage cheese. Specifications RUSS57013
GOST 31668-2012 Acidophilus milk. Specifications RUSS57023
GOST 31809-2012 Hurient stillage. Specifications RUSS57040
GOST 7.70-2003 System of standards on information, librarianship and publishing. Standard description for data bases and information computer files. The set of characteristics and their representation RUSS57159
GOST R 52138-2003 Electrical apparatus for the detection and measurement of flammable gases. Part 3. Performance requirements for group I apparatus indicating a volume fraction up to 100 % methane in air RUSS57460
GOST R 52137-2003 Electrical apparatus for the detection and measurement of flammable gases. Part 2. Performance requirements for group I apparatus indicating a volume fraction up to 5 % methane in air RUSS57459
GOST R 52139-2003 Electrical apparatus for the detection and measurement of flammable gases. Part 4. Performance requirements for group I1 apparatus indicating a volume fraction up to 100 % lower explosive limit RUSS57461
GOST R 52140-2003 Electrical apparatus for the detection and measurement of flammable gases. Part 5. Performance requirements for group II apparatus indicating a volume fraction up to 100 % gas RUSS57462
GOST R 52700-2006 Drinks with low quantity of alcohol. General specifications RUSS57513
GOST R 52844-2007 Alcohol-free tonic beverages. General specifications RUSS57527
GOST R 53094-2008 Kvasses. General specifications RUSS57562
GOST R 55292-2012 Beer drinks. General specifications RUSS57728
GOST R 55295-2012 Macaroni products instant. General specifications RUSS57729
GOST R ISO 6879-2005 Air quality. Performance characteristics and related concepts for air quality measuring methods RUSS57862

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