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GOST 6943.0-93 Textile glass. Rules of acceptance RUSS20953
GOST 29324-92 Thermoplastics pipes for the transport of fluids. Nominal outside diameters and nominal pressures RUSS46553
GOST 11035.1-93 Plastics. Determinations of apparent density of moulding materials that can be poured from a specified funnel RUSS48804
GOST 28478-90 Surface active agents. Determination of mineral sulphate content. Titrimetric method RUSS50733
GOST 7850-86 Caprolactam. Specifications RUSS56442
GOST 9639-71 Sheets from unplasticized polyvinylchloride (sheet vinyplast). Specifications RUSS62290
GOST 14888-78 Benzoyl peroxide technical. Specifications RUSS66620
GOST 13079-81 Sodium silicate soluble. Technical conditions RUSS71007
GOST 21970-2015 Unsaturated polyester resins. Methods for determination of maximum temperature during the setting RUSS138466
GOST ISO 1081-2002 V-belt transmission. Terms and definitions RUSS209108
GOST 11875-66 Apparatuses with rotating drums for general use. Basic parameters and dimensions RUSS225602
GOST 13583.10-81 Alumina. Methods for determination of manganese oxide (II) content RUSS228385
GOST 17050-71 Ageing of polymeric materials. Terms and definitions RUSS233251
GOST 2210-43 Ammonium chloride, technical (ammonia) RUSS238374
GOST 2484-44 Black heeled shoes for army footwear. Specification RUSS240210
GOST 2603-44 Acetone RUSS240839
GOST 372-41 Hinged three-column centrifuges with the top unloading. Type and basic parameters RUSS244097
GOST 5.2236-74 Centrifuges for filtering horizontal with knife discharge of FGN-903K-1 and VGN-903K-2 sediments. Quality requirements for certified products RUSS248248
GOST 8340-68 Centrifuges three-column hanging. Type, basic parameters and dimensions RUSS256547
GOST 8459-68 Centrifuges horizontal continuous action high-speed precipitation augers. Basic parameters and dimensions RUSS260366
GOST ISO 15970-2012 Natural gas. Measurement of properties. Bulk properties: density, pressure, temperature and compressibility factor RUSS287238
GOST 30018-93 Tires of the usual profile and wide-profile for off-road conditions and rims. Part 1. Tire designations and sizes RUSS355744
GOST 23821-79 Fluoroplastic sealing devices with corrugated springs for pistons. Pins. Construction and dimensions RUSS45264
GOST 21119.1-75 General methods of test for pigments and extenders. Determination of water and volatile matters mass fraction RUSS48640
GOST 6824-76 Distilled glycerine. Specifications RUSS43731
GOST 29172-91 Liquid halogenated hydrocarbons for industrial use. Determination of residue on evaporation RUSS46789
GOST 27567-87 Super pure substances. Method used for determination of substances reducing potassium permanganate RUSS49304
GOST 8.290-78 State system for ensuring the uniformity of measurements. BУ-type viscometers. Methods and means of calibration RUSS51558
GOST 31973-2013 Paint materials. Method for determination of fineness of grind RUSS57049
GOST 28006-88 Structural carbonic strip. Specifications RUSS62533
GOST 12099-75 Copolymer BA-15 vinyl chloride and vinyl acetate. Specifications RUSS67645
GOST 24032-80 Mine instruments for gas analysis. General technical requirements. Testing methods RUSS71650
GOST 29326-2015 Plastics. Phenolic resins. Determination of reactivity of resols under acid conditions RUSS138555
VSN 10-83/Minhimprom Instruction on designing of oxygen gas pipelines RUSS221951
GOST 11973-66 Shaper-vulcanizers for tires RUSS225745
GOST 13933-68 Machines, diagonal-cutting, horizontal for rubberized cord, fabric and metal cord RUSS228928
GOST 1729-42 Method for determining the mechanical strength of smokeless gunpowder RUSS233526
GOST 2342-43 Air hoses for diving of rubber RUSS239399
GOST 25017-81 Pressure-operated vessels. Marking RUSS240292
GOST 266-41 Rubber testing for multiple compression RUSS241114
GOST 375-51 Automatic horizontal centrifuges. Types and main parameters RUSS244154
GOST 5.891-77 Vacuum filter drums, acid resistant with an external filtering surface. Quality requirements for certified products RUSS249127
GOST 841-41 Phosphoric meta acid RUSS256715
GOST 18329-2002 Resins and plasticizers liquid. Methods for determining the density RUSS286313
GOST IEC 61010-2-032-2002 Safety of electrical instrumentation and laboratory equipment. Part 2-032. Particular requirements for amperometric manual ticks for electrical measurements and tests RUSS287431
GOST 30911-2002 Plastics. Resins homopolymer and copolymer vinyl chloride. Determination of pH of the aqueous extract RUSS355812
GOST 23817-79 Fluoroplastic sealing devices with corrugated springs for pistons. Construction and dimensions RUSS46636
GOST 29081-91 Natural rubber latex concentrate, centrifuged or creamed ammonia-preserved types. Specifications RUSS48989
GOST 28659-90 Rubber products. Determination of zinc content. EDTA titrimetric method RUSS51462
GOST 19503-88 Hydrazine hydrate technical. Technical conditions RUSS18727
GOST 31013.5-2002 Ethylic alcohol for industrial use. Analysis methods. Determination of alcohol oxides. Visual colorimetric method. RUSS44381
GOST 28959-91 Nitric acid for industrial use. Evaluation of the nitric acid concentration by measurement of density RUSS47114
GOST 9980.1-86 Paint materials. Rules of acceptance RUSS49679
GOST 26592-85 Higher fatty alcohols. Method of carbonyl value determination RUSS52912
GOST 30355.2-96 Sulphur for industrial use. Determination of ash at 850-900 °C and of residue at 200 °C RUSS60057
GOST 13583.9-93 Alumina. Methods for the determination of zinc oxide RUSS64712
GOST 8.234-77 State system for ensuring the uniformity of measurements. Volumetric glass ware. Methods and means of verification RUSS69299
GOST 19856-86 Pesticides. Common names RUSS73511
GOST 6943.1-2015 Fibreglass. Yarns and rovings. Method for determination of linear density RUSS139377
GOST 105-41 Paris green color (Schweinfurt type) RUSS223173
GOST 12.4.041-78 Occupational safety standards system. Filtering gas half мasks. General technical requirements RUSS225938
GOST 15119-79 Shell-and-tube evaporators with fixed tube grids and shell-and-tube with a temperature compensator on the casing. Basic parameters and dimensions RUSS230786
GOST 2014-43 Metallurgical coke from the coals of the eastern regions RUSS236552
GOST 235-41 Rubber tubes for air pumps and cycle pumps RUSS239492
GOST 2548-44 Chromic anhydride technical RUSS240535
GOST 33023-2014 Cosmetics. Determination of the mass fraction of lead by atomic absorption with electro thermal atomization RUSS242843
GOST 413-41 Determination of water permeability of rubberized and impregnated fabrics on a Schopper-type device RUSS245065
GOST 6755-73 Type HP-I calcareous chemical absorbent RUSS252835
GOST 903-41 Sodium sulfate, crystalline RUSS258033
GOST 32374-2013 Test methods for chemical products that are hazardous to the environment. Tests to assess the acute irritant/corrosive (corrosive) action on the mucous membranes of the eyes RUSS286513
GOST V-1705-42 Xylil (Trinitroxylol) RUSS290464
GOST 2665-86 Technical nickel sulfate. Technical conditions RUSS19360
GOST 24456-80 Emulsified floor polish. Test method for heat resistance RUSS47572
GOST 27077-86 Thermoplastic fitting. Methods of determination of the fittings appearance alteration after heating RUSS49393
GOST 9.402-80 Metal surface preparation for painting RUSS20006
GOST 2706.9-74 Benzene hydrocarbons and allied products. Method of determination of water layer height in tank RUSS45328
GOST 21119.8-75 General methods of test for pigments and extenders. Determination of oil absorption value RUSS48643
GOST 8061-72 Black powders. Methods for determination of potassium nitrate content determination methods RUSS50626
GOST 18325-80 Laboratory furniture for operation with radioactive substances. General requirements RUSS53873
GOST 20255.1-89 Ionites Method for determining static exchange capacity RUSS62004
GOST 30621-98 Hydrochloric acid for industrial use. Determination of arsenic content by silver diethyldithiocarbamate photometric method RUSS66441
GOST 4650-2014 Plastics. Methods for the determination of water absorption RUSS71003
GOST 25542.1-82 Alumina. Method for the determination of cilica dioxide content RUSS74983
GOST 30410.5-96 Ingredients of rubber mixes. Sulfur. Determination of heat reversion of insoluble sulfur RUSS208583
GOST 10899-75 Ion exchange resins. Method for determination of resistance to chemical agents RUSS223841
GOST 13530-81 Vulcanizers for tires that are restored to their full profile. General specifications RUSS228310
GOST 16453-79 Sieve plates with baffle elements, single-flow for the column type apparatus. Basic parameters and dimensions RUSS232533
GOST 2162-43 Adhesive rubberized tape RUSS237995
GOST 24-40 Methyl p-aminophenol sulfate (methol) RUSS239992
GOST 2567-44 Technical hydrofluoric acid RUSS240635
GOST 371-62 Centrifuges hanging self-unloading. Type, basic parameters and dimensions RUSS244079
GOST 482-41 Zink oxide oil paste RUSS246501
GOST 833-41 Filter presses, on a frame. Main parameters and specifications RUSS256529
GOST ISO 1272-2016 Essential oils. Method for the determination of the content of phenols RUSS260191
GOST ISO 13734-2015 Natural gas. Organic compounds used as perfume. Requirements and test methods RUSS287213
GOST 34370-2017 Plastics. Determination of tensile properties. Part 1. General principles RUSS353629
GOST 7883-82 Plastic accumulator cases. Specifications RUSS43778
GOST 21119.12-92 General methods of test for pigments and extenders. Determination of acidity or alkalinity of the aqueous extract RUSS48639
GOST 6943.11-93 Textile glass. Woven fabrics. Method for determination of conventional flexural stiffness. Fixed angle flexometer method RUSS50697
GOST 6943.1-79 Method of linear density determination RUSS43738

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