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GOST 10163-76 Reagents. Soluble starch. Specifications RUSS54782
GOST 3759-75 Reagents. Aluminium chloride 6-aqueous. Specifications RUSS54865
GOST 25794.3-83 Reagents. Methods of preparation of standard volumetric solutions for precipitation titration, non-aqueous titration and other titrimetric methods RUSS55162
GOST 10521-78 Reagents. Benzoic acid. Specifications RUSS54977
GOST 10651-75 Reagents. Ammonium phosphate tribasic 3-aqueous. Specifications RUSS54979
GOST 11773-76 Reagents. Sodium phosphate dibasic. Specifications RUSS54992
GOST 20573-75 Reagents. Potassium dicyanoaurate (I). Specifications RUSS55097
GOST 245-76 Reagents. Sodium dehydrogenate phosphate dehydrate. Specifications RUSS55145
GOST 5829-71 Reagents. Acetyl chloride. Specifications RUSS55313
GOST 5868-78 Reagents. Potassium oxalate, 1-aqueous. Specifications RUSS55314
GOST 6419-78 Reagents. Magnesium carbonate basic aqueous. Specifications RUSS55318
GOST 4038-79 Reagents. Nickel chloride 6-aqueous. Specifications RUSS55293
GOST 4055-78 Reagents. Nickel nitrate 6-aqueous. Specifications RUSS55295
GOST 4144-79 Reagents. Potassium nitrite. Specifications RUSS55296
GOST 4202-75 Reagents. Potassium iodate. Specifications RUSS55297
GOST 4207-75 Reagents. Potassium ferrocyanide. Specifications RUSS55298
GOST 435-77 Reagents. 5-aqueous manganese sulphate (II). Specifications RUSS55299
GOST 8750-78 Reagents. Phenylhydrazine. Specifications RUSS55357
GOST 3762-78 Reagents. Ammonium hydrogen carbonate. Specifications RUSS55283
GOST 3763-76 Reagents. Ammonium bichromate. Specifications RUSS55284
GOST 3774-76 Reagents. Ammonium chromate. Specifications RUSS55285
GOST 9656-75 Reagents. Boric acid. Specifications RUSS55370
GOST 3777-76 Reagents. Barium nitrate. Specifications RUSS56101
GOST 3757-75 Reagents. Aluminium nitrate 9-aqueous. Specifications RUSS55814
GOST 4110-75 Reagents. Bismuth (III) nitrate pentahydrate. Specifications RUSS61967
GOST 14870-77 Reagents. Methods for determination of water RUSS62144
GOST 1027-67 Reagents. Lead (II) acetate trihydrate. Specifications RUSS62319
GOST 10398-76 Reagents and super pure substances. Complexonometric method for determination of basic matter content RUSS62320
GOST 11841-76 Reagents. Aluminium hydroxide. Specifications RUSS62328
GOST 4233-77 Reagents. Sodium chloride. Specifications RUSS62280
GOST 1277-75 Reagents. Silver nitrate. Specifications RUSS62339
GOST 20490-75 Reagents. Potassium permanganate. Specifications RUSS62426
GOST 3204-76 Reagents. Calcium hudrogen phosphate dihydrate. Specifications RUSS58301
GOST 4170-78 Reagents. Ammonium sodium hydrogen phosphate 4-aqueous. Specifications RUSS58471
GOST 27067-86 Reagents. Ammonium thiocyanate. Specifications RUSS58918
GOST 10929-76 Reagents. Hydrogen peroxide. Specifications RUSS58648
GOST 10075-75 Reagents. Potassium phosphate tribasic 7-aqueous. Specifications RUSS58628
GOST 10164-75 Reagents. Ethylene glycol. Specifications RUSS58632
GOST 10259-78 Reagents. Acetylacetone. Specifications RUSS58636
GOST 22159-76 Reagents. Hydrazine dihydrochloride. Specifications RUSS58819
GOST 6691-77 Reagents. Urea. Specifications RUSS59197
GOST 7172-76 Reagents. Potassium pyrosulphate RUSS59207
GOST 342-77 Reagents. Sodium diphosphate, 10-aqueous. Specifications RUSS59132
GOST 3769-78 Reagents. Ammonium sulphate. Specifications RUSS59135
GOST 3771-74 Reagents. Ammonium dihydrogen orthophosphate Specifications RUSS59136
GOST 4109-79 Reagents. Bromine. Specifications RUSS59149
GOST 4164-79 Reagents. Cuprous chloride. Specifications RUSS59150
GOST 4174-77 Reagents. Zinc sulphate 7-aqueous. Specifications RUSS59151
GOST 4200-77 Reagents. Hydroiodic acid. Specifications RUSS59152
GOST 4201-79 Reagents. Sodium bicarbonate. Specifications RUSS59153
GOST 4220-75 Reagents. Potassium bichromate. Specifications RUSS59154
GOST 4461-77 Reagents. Nitric acid. Specifications RUSS59155
GOST 4478-78 Reagents. Sulphosalicylic acid, 2-aqueous. Specifications RUSS59156
GOST 4523-77 Reagents. Magnesium sulphate 7-aqueous. Specifications RUSS59157
GOST 4530-76 Reagents. Calcium carbonate. Specifications RUSS59158
GOST 5819-78 Reagents. Aniline. Specifications RUSS59176
GOST 5822-78 Reagents. Aniline hydrochloride. Specifications RUSS59177
GOST 5823-78 Reagents. Zinc acetate 2-aqueous. Specifications RUSS59178
GOST 5845-79 Reagents. Potassium-sodium tartrate 4-aqueous. Specifications RUSS59179
GOST 5852-79 Reagents. Cooper (II) acetate monohydrate. Specifications RUSS59180
GOST 6016-77 Reagents. Isobutyl alcohol. Specifications RUSS59184
GOST 6259-75 Reagents. Glycerin. Specifications RUSS59189
GOST 83-79 Reagents. Sodium carbonate. Specifications RUSS59254
GOST 8751-72 Reagents. Benzyl alcohol. Specifications RUSS59261
GOST 3652-69 Reagents. Citric acid monohydrate and anhydrous. Specifications RUSS67753
GOST 4142-77 Reagents. Calcium nitrate tetrahydrate. Specifications RUSS67756
GOST 3776-78 Reagents. Chromium (VI) oxide. Specifications RUSS57079
GOST 4143-78 Reagents. Potassium hydrogen carbonate. Specifications RUSS57102
GOST 4146-74 Reagents. Potassium persulphate. Specifications RUSS57103
GOST 4160-74 Reagents. Potassium bromide. Specifications RUSS57104
GOST 4208-72 Reagents. Ammonium ferrous sulphate. Specifications RUSS57105
GOST 4331-78 Reagents. Nickelic black oxide. Specifications RUSS57107
GOST 4466-78 Reagents. Basic aqueous nickel (II) carbonate. Specifications RUSS57108
GOST 4470-79 Reagents. Manganese (IV) oxide. Specifications RUSS57109
GOST 4472-78 Reagents. Chromic sulphate 6-aqueous. Specifications RUSS57110
GOST 4521-78 Reagents. Mercury (I) nitrate, 2-aqueous. Specifications RUSS57111
GOST 4529-78 Reagents. Zinc chloride. Specifications RUSS57112
GOST 5830-79 Reagents. Isoamyl alcohol. Specifications RUSS57124
GOST 5839-77 Reagents. Sodium oxalate. Specifications RUSS57125
GOST 5848-73 Reagents. Formic acid. Specifications RUSS57126
GOST 5861-79 Reagents. Cobalt (II) acetate, 4-aqueous. Specifications RUSS57127
GOST 6038-79 Reagents. D-glucose. Specifications RUSS57134
GOST 6262-79 Reagents. Cadmium nitrate, 4-aqueous. Specifications RUSS57139
GOST 6341-75 Reagents. Succinic acid. Specifications RUSS57140
GOST 6344-73 Reagents. Thiourea. Specifications RUSS57141
GOST 9428-73 Reagents. Silicon dioxide. Specifications RUSS57240
GOST 3758-75 Reagents. Aluminium sulphate octadecahydrate. Specifications RUSS57885
GOST 3770-75 Reagents. Ammonium carbonate. Specifications RUSS58339
GOST 17319-76 Reagents. Methods for the determination of heavy metals RUSS65199
GOST 10455-80 Reagents. 1,4 - Dioxan. Specifications RUSS65248
GOST 10484-78 Reagents. Hydrofluoric acid. Specifications RUSS65249
GOST 20288-74 Reagents. Carbon tetrachloride. Specifications RUSS65287
GOST 20289-74 Reagents. Dimethyl formamide. Specifications RUSS65288
GOST 20848-75 Reagents. Potassium fluoride 2-aqueous. Specifications RUSS65289
GOST 3885-73 Reagents and superpure substances. Regulations of acceptance, sampling, packing, marking, transportation and storage RUSS65390
GOST 8421-79 Reagents. Cadmium iodide. Specifications RUSS65421
GOST 61-75 Reagents. Acetic acid. Specifications RUSS65400
GOST 22516-77 Reagents. Stannic (IV) oxide. Specifications RUSS65646
GOST 10262-73 Reagents. Zinc oxide. Specifications RUSS65820
GOST 10485-75 Reagents. Methods for determination of arsenic admixture RUSS65767

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