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GOST 25820-2000 Lightweight aggregates concretes. Specifications RUSS17073
ST RK 1609-2006 Foaming agents for fire extinguishing. General technical requirements. Testing methods KAZA22589
ST RK GOST R ISO 13405-1-2013 Prosthetics and orthotics. Classification and description of prosthetic components. Part 1. Classification of prosthetic components KAZA24743
STB IEC 60825-1-2011 Laser product safety. Part 1. Equipment classification and requirements BELA29159
DSTU EN 942:2003 Timber in joinery - General requirements UKRA35818
GOST R ISO 7207-1-2005 Implants for surgery. Femoral and tibial components for partial and total knee joint prostheses. Part 1. Classification, definition and designation of dimensions RUSS51369
GOST R 51865-2010 Macaroni products. General specifications RUSS57428
GOST 32159-2013 Maize starch. General specifications RUSS59121
GOST R ISO 13404-2010 Prosthetics and orthotics. Categorization and description of external orthoses and orthotic components RUSS59882
GOST R 52188-2003 Canned foods. Fruit juice beverages. General specifications RUSS62958
GOST R 22.9.22-2014 Safety in emergencies. Emergency and rescue means. Classification RUSS65062
GOST R 52083-2003 Vented nickel-iron prismatic rechargeable single cells. General specifications RUSS66895
GOST R 55905-2013 Fennel. Specifications RUSS68063
GOST EN 1827-2012 Occupational safety standards system. Respiratory protective devices. Half masks without inhalation valves and with separable filters to protect against gases or gases and particles or particles only. General specifications RUSS70553
GOST R 54819-2011 Domestic heaters dedicated for liquefied petroleum gases, not connected to a chimney RUSS72143
GOST 32873-2014 Sweet chestnuts. Specifications RUSS138791
RD 50-699-90 Procedural Guidelines. Equipment Reliability. General Requirements for Classification of Failures and Limit States RUSS148626
STB 2263-2016 Skimmed milk. Technical conditions BELA260877
GOST 34267-2017 Shallot fresh. Technical conditions RUSS286838
GOST R ISO 22274-2016 Systems to manage terminology, knowledge and content. Concept-related aspects for developing and internationalizing classification systems RUSS289446
GOST 1726-2019 Fresh cucumbers for industrial processing. Technical specifications RUSS376761
GOST 23411-84 Electronic cash registers RUSS19227
ST RK 1541-2006 Absorbing devices of the autocoupler device of freight cars and locomotives. General technical requirements KAZA22517
GOST 30547-97 Roofing and hydraulic insulating materials in rolls General specifications RUSS17534
ST RK 2069-2010 Fermented-milk products. General specification. Put into effect in substitution of RST KazSSR 230-87, ST RK 982-95, ST RK 1337-2005, ST RK 1065-2002, ST RK 1100-2002, ST RK 1101-2002 KAZA23332
ST RK ISO 11124-1-2011 Treatment of steel faces before painting and related products. Performance specification for metal abrasives for blast cleaning -. Part 1. General principles and classification KAZA25022
DSTU 4281:2004 Restaurant catering facilities. Classification. UKRA33135
DSTU ISO 8216-99:2004 Petroleum products. Fuels (class F). Classification. Part 99. General UKRA41773
GOST R 42.3.02-2014 Civil defence. Technical means of communication and control. Classification. General technical requirements RUSS51594
GOST R 55638-2013 Services in manufacturing special orthopaedic shoes. Safety requirements RUSS58221
GOST R 51110-97 Equipment for bank protection. General technical requirements RUSS59382
GOST R 53404-2009 Food eggs (turkey, guinea-fowl, quail, ostrich). Specifications RUSS60779
GOST R 54046-2010 In shell hazelnuts. Specification RUSS63101
GOST 22635-77 Magnesium sheets. Technical requirements RUSS65141
GOST R 55374-2012 Alloyed structural rolled steel for bridge building. General specifications RUSS67034
GOST 32288-2013 Inshell hazelnuts. Specifications RUSS68431
GOST R 52370-2005 Natural diamond powders. Specifications RUSS70589
GOST R ISO/TS 10303-1111-2013 Industrial automation systems and integration. Product data representation and exchange. Part 1111. Application module. Classification with attributes RUSS72536
GOST 32925-2014 Kefir for children's nutrition. Specifications RUSS138841
GOST 33009.1-2014 Gas boilers of central heating. Part 1. Specifications and test methods. RUSS208833
STB 2494-2017 Curd paste for feeding children of preschool and school age. General specifications BELA260966
GOST 34322-2017 Fig fresh. Technical conditions RUSS286870
DK 009-96 State Classifier of Ukraine: Classification of Economic Activities UKRA341829
GOST 18908.7-2019 Cut flowers. Tulips Technical specifications RUSS376793
GOST 16357-83 Nonlinear resistor-type arresters for standard ac voltage RUSS19878
ST RK 1573-2006 Canned foods. Concentrated fruit juices. Specification KAZA22553
ST RK 2950-2010 Brown coals and lignites. Classification by moisture content and resin output KAZA23653
GOST 21427.4-78 Cold-rolled steel electrical anisotropic strip RUSS19463
ST RK 2076-2010 Coals of Alakolsk minefield. General specification KAZA23339
ST RK ISO 11760-2007 Coal. Classification KAZA25061
DSTU 4329:2004 Trunk pipelines. Markers of routes. General technical requirements. Application rules. UKRA33185
GOST 28549.1-90 Lubricants, industrial oils and related products. (Class L). Classification. Family A (total loss systems) RUSS45253
GOST 12632-79 Porous rubber sheets and details for shoes bottom. Specifications RUSS52680
GOST R 50714-94 Artificial leather for personal safety facilities. General specifications RUSS58396
GOST R 51158-2009 Sparkling wines and sparkling pearl wines. General specification RUSS59389
GOST R 53947-2010 Canned compound sweetened condensed milk. Specifications RUSS60793
GOST R 54691-2011 Fresh raspberries and blackberries. Specifications RUSS63133
GOST R 53564-2009 Condition monitoring and diagnostics of machines. Hazardous equipment monitoring. Requirements for monitoring systems RUSS65516
GOST R IEC 60536-2-2001 Classification of electrical and electronic equipment with regard to protection against electric shock. Part 2. Guidelines to requirements for protection against electric shock RUSS67170
GOST 12504-80 Concrete and reinforced concrete panels for internal walls of residential and civil buildings. General specifications RUSS68567
GOST R IEC 61084-2-2-2007 Cable trunking and ducting systems for electrical installations. Part 2-2. Particular requirements. Cable trunking systems and cable ducting systems intended for underfloor and flushfloor installations RUSS70671
GOST R 55039-2012 Ophthalmic optics. Uncut finished spectacle lenses. Specifications for transmittance and anti-reflective coatings. Test methods RUSS72675
GOST 33116-2014 Generating sets driven by gasoline internal combustion engines. General specifications RUSS138934
GOST 33105-2014 Electric generating sets with internal combustion engines. General specifications RUSS208865
STB 315-2017 Cottage cheese. General technical conditions BELA260984
GOST EN 12385-1-2015 Steel wire ropes. Security. Part 1. General requirements RUSS287020
DSTU 7935:2015 Irrigation. Irrigation systems. Classification UKRA342608
GOST R ISO 18275-2020 Welding materials. Coated electrodes for manual arc welding of high-strength steels. Classification RUSS380437
GOST 16121-86 Weak-current electromagnetic relays RUSS19928
ST RK 1605-2006 Fire engineering. Fire-fighter personal protective equipment. Fire-fighter special protective footwear. General technical requirements. Testing methods KAZA22585
GOST 9920-89 A.c. electrical installations for voltage from 3 to 750 kV. Creepage distance of external insulation RUSS15780
ST RK 1495-2006 Fire entry suit. General technical requirements. Testing methods KAZA22471
ST RK GOST R 52674-2010 Meat and meat by-products frozen in blocks for production of baby nutrition foods. Specification KAZA24618
STB EN 12385-1-2009 Steel wire ropes. Security. Part 1. General requirements BELA28137
DSTU EN 1316-3:2005 Hardwood round timber - Qualitative classification - Part 3: Ash and maples and sycamore UKRA34996
GOST R ISO 7206-1-2005 Implants for surgery. Partial and total hip joint prostheses. Part 1. Classification and designation of dimensions RUSS50833
GOST 19588-2006 Preserves of fish in special brine. Specifications RUSS56706
GOST 31591-2012 Gearmotors of general purposes. General specifications RUSS59046
GOST R 55290-2012 Buckwheat groats. General specifications RUSS59757
GOST R IEC 61084-2-4-2007 Cable trunking and ducting systems for electrical installations. Part 2. Particular requirements. Section 4. Service poles RUSS61904
GOST 31586-2012 Soft contact lenses. General specification RUSS64444
GOST 9988-84 Pneumatic regulator devices of SSI. General specifications RUSS66802
GOST 32801-2014 Canned chopped fish, minced and fricassee. Specifications RUSS68006
GOST R 52860-2007 Physical protection systems. General technical requirements RUSS69685
GOST R 51053-97 Safes locks. Requirements and test methods for resistance to criminal opening without lock breakage and to burglary RUSS72132
GOST 32786-2014 Fresh table grapes. Specifications RUSS138723
GOST R 56648-2015 Electronic components for rocket and space technology. Input inspection and additional testing. General provisions RUSS140395
STB 1467-2017 Ice cream. General technical conditions BELA260573
GOST 34212-2017 Parsley fresh. Technical conditions RUSS286788
GOST R 58027-2017 Design and manufacture of site built, vertical, cylindrical, flatbottomed steel tanks for the storage of refrigerated, gases with operating temperatures between 0 °C and to-165 °C. Testing, drying, cleaning and cooling RUSS289003
GOST 20450-2019 Lingonberry fresh. Technical specifications RUSS376743
GOST 11677-85 Power transformers RUSS18806
ST RK 1526-2012 Coals of Shubarkolsk coal field. General specification KAZA22503
ST RK 2225-2012 Radiometers-dosimeters. Specification KAZA23489
ST RK 1324-2010 Drinking milk. General specification KAZA22303
ST RK EN 622-3-2012 Fibre boards. Specification. Part 1. Requirements for semi-solid tiles KAZA24243
ST RK IEC 60296-2011 Fluids for electrical purposes. New insulating mineral oils for transformers and communications equipment. Date of introduction from 2013.01.01 KAZA26190
DSTU 4836:2007 Ciders. General specifications. UKRA33728
GOST R 12.4.195-99 Occupational safety standards system. Respiratory protective devices. Classification RUSS47532
GOST 31451-2013 Drinking cream. Specifications RUSS55238

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