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GOST 11381-83 Cotton handkerchiefs RUSS16134
GOST 5274-90 Knitted scarves RUSS16206
GOST 10325-79 Fur headgear RUSS19390
GOST 5007-87 Knitted gloves and mittens RUSS19423
GOST 30019.1-93 Textile fastener. General specifications RUSS20938
GOST ISO 4417-2002 Clothes. Headdresses. Designations of dimensions RUSS44610
GOST ISO 4418-2002 Clothes. Handwear Designations of dimensions RUSS44611
GOST 16218.6-93 Small wares. Method for determination of linear density of threads RUSS47494
GOST 16218.7-93 Small wares. Method for determination resistance in abrasion RUSS47495
GOST 16218.0-93 Small wares. Rules of acceptance and sampling method RUSS48563
GOST 16218.2-93 Small wares. Method for determination of the linear density and mass RUSS49163
GOST 1164-86 Knitted headwear and scarves. Determination of grades RUSS49376
GOST 11372-84 Cotton kerchiefs blended and viscose filament. General specifications RUSS49642
GOST 26223-84 Knitted gloves and mittens. Method for determination of finished products linear dimensions changes after wet treatment RUSS49726
GOST 18081-93 Narrow fabrics, braids and knitted fabrics. Method of determining change in linear dimensions after wet treatments RUSS50042
GOST 16218.8-89 Small wares. Method for determination of resistance for abrasion RUSS50360
GOST 16218.4-93 Small wares. Method for determination of density RUSS50614
GOST 30019.2-93 Textile fastener. Method for determination of longitudinal and transverse shearing strength RUSS50934
GOST 25530-82 Semi-silk fabrics and piece goods. Primary packing and marking RUSS50986
GOST 1165-86 Knitted gloves. Determination of grades RUSS52137
GOST 30420-96 Textile fastening. Method for determination of strength engagement change as a result of static load in use RUSS52854
GOST 30019.3-93 Textile fastener. Method for determination of delaminating strength RUSS53107
GOST 30019.4-93 Textile fastener. Method for determination of separation strength RUSS54141
GOST 32118-2013 Headgears. General technical conditions RUSS54210
GOST 28846-90 Gloves and mittens. Specifications RUSS54431
GOST 16218.1-93 Small wares. Method for determination of linear dimensions RUSS54804
GOST 28943-91 Accessories for product of light industry. Marking, packing, transportation and storage RUSS55206
GOST 22021-76 Cotton summer helmet. Technical specifications RUSS55693
GOST 16218.9-89 Small wares. Test methods at tension RUSS56230
GOST 16218.5-93 Small wares. Method for determination of the breaking strength and breaking elongation RUSS56635
GOST 19411-88 Haberdashery woven, knitted, twisted metric and piece articles. Marking and primary packing RUSS56704
GOST 20176-84 Fur gloves and mittens. General specifications RUSS56718
GOST 28965-91 Zipper. Methods of checking RUSS58046
GOST 20823-90 Curtain-lace linens and piece articles. Determination of grade RUSS60171
GOST 23627-89 Haberdashery woven, twisted, knitted, metric and piece articles. Norms of colour fastness and methods of its determination RUSS60613
GOST 9441-80 Fine woollen (blended) woven kerchiefs, scarves and palatines. General specifications RUSS60712
GOST 28847-90 Ties for military uniforms. Specifications RUSS61956
GOST 30736-2001 Accessories for products of light industry. Plastic zip-fasteners. General specifications. RUSS67627
GOST 29093-91 Umbrellas. General specifications RUSS69191
GOST 29150-2001 Accessories for products of light industry. Control methods RUSS69219
GOST 1076-86 Artificial for cap with ear-fleps for service man. Specifications RUSS71072
GOST 16980-82 Uniform caps. Specifications RUSS71996
GOST 26577-85 Fur lined gloves and mittens for service man. Specification RUSS72399
GOST 19690-89 State flags of the USSR, of union and autonomous republics. General specifications RUSS74769
GOST 5274-2014 Knitted scarves and shawls. General specifications RUSS139347
GOST 9441-2014 Pure wool, wool and wool blend shawls, scarves and stoles. General technical conditions RUSS208964
DSTU GOST 28846:2009 Gloves and mittens. General specifications UKRA346241
DSTU EN 16732:2018 (EN 16732:2014, IDT) Zippers. Technical conditions UKRA351688

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