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GOST 29097-91 Corset products RUSS16487
GOST 29298-2005 Cotton and mixed domestic fabrics. General specifications RUSS16536
GOST 4103-82 Ready-made sewing goods. Methods of quality control RUSS16888
GOST 10540-90 Knitted swimming ware RUSS16892
GOST 25294-91 Outerwear of dress and blouse assortment. RUSS17161
GOST 12.4.010-75 Means of individual protection protective mittens RUSS17243
GOST 25295-91 Outerwear of coat and suit assortment RUSS17394
GOST 12.4.064-84 Special clothing for a limited protection against toxic substances RUSS17562
GOST 12694-90 Knitted linen articles for children of newborn, nursery and pre-school age. General specifications RUSS17565
GOST 1875-83 Leathers for garments and headgear RUSS17605
GOST 5710-85 Sheep pelt and fur suede garments RUSS17711
GOST 10151-75 Ladies' fur garments RUSS17797
GOST 20462-87 Men's and boys' knitted underwear RUSS17827
GOST 28503-90 Fur-lined garments RUSS18187
GOST 904-87 Children knitted underwear RUSS18427
GOST 12.4.132-83 Overalls for men RUSS18474
GOST 12.4.029-76 Special aprons RUSS18705
GOST 7474-88 Knitted outerwear for women and girls RUSS18982
GOST 25296-91 Sewing underwear articles RUSS19300
GOST 8541-94 Hosiery products made on seamless hosiery machines RUSS19684
GOST 8765-93 Fur and combined clothes RUSS19752
GOST 7069-74 Collars. Cups and furnish fur RUSS19789
GOST 25294-2003 Outerwear of dress-blouse assortment. General specifications RUSS20510
GOST 30327-95 Shirts. Specifications RUSS20536
ST RK 1620-2007 Light reflective elements of child's and juvenile clothing. General technical requirements KAZA22600
ST RK EN 13402-2-2013 Designation of cloth sizes Part 1. Primary and repetitive sizes KAZA24142
ST RK EN 13402-3-2013 Designation of cloth sizes Part 1. Measurements and intervals KAZA24143
ST RK ISO 10652-2010 Clothes. Standard dimensions system KAZA24993
ST RK ISO 3638-2009 Size designation of clothes. Children wear KAZA25642
ST RK ISO 5971-2010 Designation of cloth sizes Pantyhoses KAZA25784
DSTU 1460-91 Custom-made knitted outerwear. General specifications UKRA30403
DSTU 1461-92 Repaired knitted outerwear. General specifications UKRA30404
DSTU 1512-92 Custom-made coats and suits. General specifications UKRA30406
DSTU 1971-92 Social service of the population. Manufacture of outdoor clothes from rain wear fabrics. General specifications. UKRA30433
DSTU 2023-91 Components of tailored goods. Terms and definitions. UKRA30438
DSTU 2027-92 Sewn and knitted goods. Terms and definitions. UKRA30442
DSTU 2033-92 Sewn goods. Defects. Terms and definitions. UKRA30448
DSTU 2056-92 Hosiery. Socks made on seamless hosiery machines. General specifications. UKRA30467
DSTU 2077-92 Knitted garments. Defects. Terms and definitions. UKRA30487
DSTU 2078-92 Hosiery. Defects. Terms and definitions. UKRA30488
DSTU 2119-93 Technology of garment and knitwear production. Terms and definitions. UKRA30532
DSTU 2122-93 Fabrics for garments. Symbols and care requirements. UKRA30535
DSTU 2162-93 Technology of clothing manufacture. Terms and definitions. UKRA30571
DSTU 2916-94 Clothing and household articles after dry-cleaning. Terms and definitions of main defects. UKRA31442
DSTU EN 13402-2:2009 Size designation of clothes. Part 2. Primary and secondary dimensions (EN 13402-2:2002. IDT) UKRA35041
DSTU EN 13402-3:2009 Size designation of clothes - Part 3: Measurements and intervals UKRA35042
DSTU EN 13536:2008 Manufactured articles filled with feather and down - Requirements for clothing - Light use UKRA35057
DSTU EN 13543:2008 Manufactured articles filled with feather and down - Measurement of water absorption of filling material UKRA35061
DSTU EN 14605:2007 Protective clothing against liquid chemicals - performance requirements for clothing with liquid-tight (Type 3) or spray-tight (Type 4) connections, including items providing protection to parts of the body only (Types PB [3] and PB [4]) UKRA35245
DSTU EN 14682:2008 Safety of children's clothing - Cords and drawstrings on children's clothing - Specifications UKRA35246
DSTU GOST 25294:2005 Outerwear of dress-blouse assortment. General specifications UKRA37970
DSTU GOST 25295:2005 Outerwear of coat-suit assortment. General specifications UKRA37971
DSTU GOST 29298:2008 Cotton and mixed domestic fabrics. General specifications UKRA38246
DSTU GOST 30387:2009 Knitted fabrics and garments. Methods for determination of appearance and mass part of raw material UKRA38280
DSTU GOST 30388:2009 Knitted fabrics and garments. Methods for determination of pilling UKRA38281
DSTU GOST 31293:2009 Clothes of leather. General specifications UKRA38369
DSTU GOST ISO 3636:2007 Size designation of clothes UKRA38807
DSTU GOST ISO 3637:2007 Size designation of clothes UKRA38808
DSTU GOST ISO 4415:2007 Size designation of clothes; Men's and boys' underwear, nightwear and shirts UKRA38821
DSTU ISO 3635:2004 Size designation of clothes -- Definitions and body measurement procedure UKRA40796
DSTU ISO 5971-2001 Size designation of clothes -- Pantyhose UKRA41234
DSTU ISO/TR 9240:2004 Textiles -- Design of apparel for reduced fire hazard UKRA42342
RST USSR 1530-84 Custom-made upper women's and girls' clothes of dress assortment for population. General specifications. UKRA43203
RST USSR 1695-90 Mended street-clothes. General specifications. UKRA43287
RST USSR 1696-76 Top shirts for men and boys on individual orders from customers. General specifications UKRA43288
RST USSR 1923-82 Knitted underwear on individual orders from customers. General specifications UKRA43414
RST USSR 1931-83 Knitted top shirts for men and boys on individual orders from customers. General specifications UKRA43421
RST USSR 1975-87 Bags made of waste material. General specifications UKRA43454
GOST 8541-84 Socks and stockings, made on seamless hosiery machines RUSS43856
GOST EN ISO 13935-1-2002 Sewing products. Method for the determination of the maximal breaking load of a seam, at the tension of a band-sample. RUSS44543
GOST EN ISO 13935-2-2002 Sewing products. Method for the determination of the maximal breaking load of a seam by the acquisition of a sample under tension load. RUSS44544
GOST ISO 3636-2004 Designation of cloth sizes Outwear for men and boys RUSS44601
GOST ISO 3637-2004 Designation of cloth sizes Outwear for women and girls RUSS44602
GOST ISO 4415-2004 Designation of cloth sizes Underwear, night sleepers and shirts for men and boys RUSS44609
GOST 23948-80 Sewing wares. Acceptation rules RUSS47534
GOST 23193-78 Domestic sewing goods. Tolerances RUSS48883
GOST 9173-86 Knitted goods. Acceptance rules RUSS49212
GOST R ISO 3635-99 Clothes. Dimensions. Definitions, designation and measurement requirements RUSS49344
GOST 17317-88 Artificial leather. Method for determination of interlayer bonding strength RUSS49403
GOST 26559-85 Stockings and socks. Method of determining wet treatment resistance RUSS50020
GOST 31293-2005 Clothes of leather. General specifications RUSS51385
GOST 23713-79 Underwear for service men. Sirglets. Specifications RUSS52828
GOST 10399-87 Knitted underwear. Requirements for sewing RUSS52844
GOST 18827-88 Woven, wicker, twisted, knitted metric haberdashery and piece articles of them. Types and dimensions of defects RUSS52879
GOST 9176-87 Knitted goods. Test methods of seams RUSS53897
GOST R EN 1149-5-2008 Occupational safety standards system. Special protective clothing. Electrostatic properties. Part 5. General specifications RUSS54664
GOST 5679-91 Cotton wool for germents and furniture. Specifications RUSS54671
GOST R 51517-99 Clothing. Determination of maximum force to seam rupture using the strip method RUSS54690
GOST R 52585-2006 Wool sheepskin and velour garments. General specifications RUSS55470
GOST 11595-83 Hosiery. Abrasion resistance standards RUSS55809
GOST 19216-81 Uniform cotton men's jacket for militarized guard. Specifications RUSS55991
GOST R 53485-2009 Textile materials. Test method for toxicity RUSS56040
GOST R 51518-99 Textiles. Method for determination of maximum force to seam rupture using grab RUSS56138
GOST 25904-83 Knitted sea singlets and vests for servicemen. General specifications RUSS56452
GOST 1115-81 Knitted outerwear. Determination of grade RUSS56528
GOST 13708-86 Underwear for servicemen. Pants. Specifications RUSS56601
GOST 28073-89 Sewing articles. Methods for the determination of breaking load, elongation of thread seams, slippage of fibre trends in seams RUSS56892
GOST 5201-69 Uncovered sheepskin coat. Specifications RUSS57118
GOST 5759-75 Knitted singlets and vests for the river fleet. General specifications RUSS57123
GOST R 51306-99 Everyday services. Sewing and repair of clothes made to measure. General specifications RUSS57367

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