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GOST R 52585-2006 Wool sheepskin and velour garments. General specifications RUSS55470
GOST R 51518-99 Textiles. Method for determination of maximum force to seam rupture using grab RUSS56138
GOST R 54393-2011 Tailored and knitted goods. Terms and definitions RUSS64226
GOST R EN 1149-3-2008 Occupational safety standards system. Protective clothing. Electrostatic properties. Part 3. Test methods for measurement of charge decay RUSS64340
GOST R ISO 15265-2006 Risk management. Fundamentals of risk assessment strategy for the prevention of stress and discomfort in thermal working conditions RUSS64377
GOST R 52775-2007 Classification of standard figures of massive men RUSS64888
GOST 27216-87 Special army clothes for commandant units. Specifications RUSS65071
GOST R 52584-2006 Fur clothes. General specifications RUSS65110
GOST 19867-93 Uniform shirts. Specifications RUSS73477
GOST 27419-87 Women's uniform shirts. Specifications RUSS73524
GOST 26456.3-91 Standard figures. Measurements for socks and stockings projections. Figures of boys and teenagers RUSS73652
GOST 17522-72 Standard women's figures. Measurements for projection of clothes RUSS73820
GOST 17916-86 Standard girls figures. Measurements for projection of clothing RUSS73875
GOST 26456.1-89 Standard figures. Measurements for socks and stockings projection. Women's figures RUSS74259
GOST 17917-86 Standard boy's figures. Measurements for projection of clothing RUSS74148
GOST 26456.0-89 Standard figures. Measurements for socks and stockings projection. Men's figures RUSS74350
GOST 23167-91 Standard figures of servicemen. Measurements for projection of military uniform RUSS74382
GOST 29298-2005 Cotton and mixed domestic fabrics. General specifications RUSS16536
GOST 29097-91 Corset products RUSS16487
GOST 4103-82 Ready-made sewing goods. Methods of quality control RUSS16888
GOST 10540-90 Knitted swimming ware RUSS16892
GOST ISO 3637-2004 Designation of cloth sizes Outwear for women and girls RUSS44602
GOST EN ISO 13935-1-2002 Sewing products. Method for the determination of the maximal breaking load of a seam, at the tension of a band-sample. RUSS44543
GOST EN ISO 13935-2-2002 Sewing products. Method for the determination of the maximal breaking load of a seam by the acquisition of a sample under tension load. RUSS44544
GOST ISO 3636-2004 Designation of cloth sizes Outwear for men and boys RUSS44601
GOST ISO 4415-2004 Designation of cloth sizes Underwear, night sleepers and shirts for men and boys RUSS44609
GOST 26559-85 Stockings and socks. Method of determining wet treatment resistance RUSS50020
GOST 7416-73 Coats of raw sheepskin. Specifications RUSS62736
GOST 1136-81 Knitted underwear grades. Assessment of sort RUSS63320
GOST 27527-87 Navy military men's uniform intended for hot climatic regions. Specifications RUSS72490
GOST 23059-78 Hospital costumes for men. Specifications RUSS72620
GOST 23703-79 Uniform. Women's coat. Specifications RUSS72543
GOST 19217-85 Uniform. Woollen and cotton trousers into boots. Specifications RUSS72554
GOST 29038-91 Tunics and trousers for mariners. Specifications RUSS72957
GOST 20756-88 Double-breasted overcoats for military men. Specifications RUSS72854
GOST 20801-75 Men's uniform coats. Specifications RUSS72855
GOST 22545-77 Warm wadded with quilting through jacket and pants for very cold districts. Specifications RUSS72856
GOST 26466-85 Special fur suit for Navy soldiers. Specifications RUSS72900
GOST 1126-77 Warmed cotton jackets with yoke. Specifications RUSS73377
GOST 28474-90 Uniform straight trousers for military men. Specifications RUSS73400
GOST 9208-85 Uniform. Woven cloth single-breasted greatcoats for servicemen. Specifications RUSS73403
GOST 26456-93 Standard figures. Measurements for socks and stocking projection. Figures of girls and teenagers RUSS73297
GOST 12.4.010-75 Means of individual protection protective mittens RUSS17243
GOST 25294-91 Outerwear of dress and blouse assortment. RUSS17161
GOST 20462-87 Men's and boys' knitted underwear RUSS17827
GOST 25295-91 Outerwear of coat and suit assortment RUSS17394
GOST 12.4.064-84 Special clothing for a limited protection against toxic substances RUSS17562
GOST 12694-90 Knitted linen articles for children of newborn, nursery and pre-school age. General specifications RUSS17565
GOST 1875-83 Leathers for garments and headgear RUSS17605
GOST 5710-85 Sheep pelt and fur suede garments RUSS17711
GOST 10151-75 Ladies' fur garments RUSS17797
GOST 28503-90 Fur-lined garments RUSS18187
GOST 7474-88 Knitted outerwear for women and girls RUSS18982
GOST 8541-94 Hosiery products made on seamless hosiery machines RUSS19684
GOST 8765-93 Fur and combined clothes RUSS19752
GOST 7069-74 Collars. Cups and furnish fur RUSS19789
GOST 25294-2003 Outerwear of dress-blouse assortment. General specifications RUSS20510
GOST 30327-95 Shirts. Specifications RUSS20536
GOST 8541-84 Socks and stockings, made on seamless hosiery machines RUSS43856
RST RSFSR 74-79 Amplifiers for dry cleaning clothes RUSS167172
GOST 11595-83 Hosiery. Abrasion resistance standards RUSS55809
GOST R 53485-2009 Textile materials. Test method for toxicity RUSS56040
GOST 19216-81 Uniform cotton men's jacket for militarized guard. Specifications RUSS55991
GOST 1115-81 Knitted outerwear. Determination of grade RUSS56528
GOST 25904-83 Knitted sea singlets and vests for servicemen. General specifications RUSS56452
GOST 13708-86 Underwear for servicemen. Pants. Specifications RUSS56601
GOST 28073-89 Sewing articles. Methods for the determination of breaking load, elongation of thread seams, slippage of fibre trends in seams RUSS56892
GOST 26115-84 Knitted outerwear. Requirements for sewing RUSS65181
GOST 31400-2009 Classification of standard figures of massive men RUSS65367
GOST 11287-76 Fur vests. General specifications RUSS65824
GOST R 51307-99 Everyday services. Sewing and repair of knitted wear made to measure. General specifications RUSS66148
GOST 16825-82 Socks and stockings made on seamless hosiery machines. Assessment the grade RUSS74674
GOST 18400-82 Women's stockings in string formation from texture Capron elastic thread RUSS74721
GOST 12.4.029-76 Special aprons RUSS18705
GOST 904-87 Children knitted underwear RUSS18427
GOST 12.4.132-83 Overalls for men RUSS18474
GOST 25296-91 Sewing underwear articles RUSS19300
GOST 23713-79 Underwear for service men. Sirglets. Specifications RUSS52828
GOST 10399-87 Knitted underwear. Requirements for sewing RUSS52844
GOST 18827-88 Woven, wicker, twisted, knitted metric haberdashery and piece articles of them. Types and dimensions of defects RUSS52879
GOST 10581-63 Clothing. Labelling and packing RUSS223249
GOST 10581-68 Clothing. Labelling and packing RUSS223250
GOST 1068-41 Summer overalls for Red Army RUSS223442
GOST 1076-41 Earflap hat of artificial fur for Red Army RUSS223602
GOST 11259-69 Ready-made garments of departmental purpose. Grades RUSS224462
GOST 1126-41 Wadded jacket with a coquette for the rank and file of the Red Army RUSS224470
GOST 12054-66 Overalls. Designation and marking according to protective properties RUSS226070
GOST 12566-67 Domestic sewing goods. Grades RUSS226772
GOST 12566-71 Sewing goods for domestic use. Determination of grade RUSS226773
GOST 12566-81 Sewing goods for domestic use. Determination of grade RUSS226774
GOST 1276-41 Summer jacket (white) for the commanding staff of the Navy RUSS227022
GOST 12807-67 Clothing. Stitches, stitches and seams RUSS227091
GOST 12807-79 Sewing goods. Classification of stitches, stitching and seems RUSS227092
GOST R 52586-2006 Fur-lined garments. General specifications RUSS59509
GOST R 54408-2011 Special clothing for disable persons. General technical specifications RUSS59665
GOST R ISO 15831-2008 Clothing. Physiological effects. Measurement method of thermal insulation by means of thermal manikin RUSS59902
GOST 470-88 Piece-goods of natural silk yarn chemical threads and blends determination of grade RUSS60015
GOST 10581-91 Ready-made sewing. Marking, packing, transportation and storage RUSS60029
GOST 12807-88 Sewing goods. Classification stitches, stitching and seams RUSS68965
GOST 8712-83 Cotton and cloth uniform shirts. Specifications RUSS69004

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