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GOST 27288-87 Industrial sewing machines RUSS16183
GOST 27442-87 Shoe shaping, molding and lasting equipment RUSS16186
GOST 24824-88 Presses RUSS16418
GOST 27274-87 Leather wringing machines RUSS16443
GOST 27293-87 Footwear grinding machines RUSS16444
GOST 27291-87 Footwear tousling machines RUSS16751
GOST 27292-87 Footwear edge-trimming machines RUSS16752
GOST 8390-84 Electro hydraulic presses for blocking RUSS18663
GOST 27275-87 Activating devices of industrial sewing machines fixing dimensions RUSS44824
GOST 25824-83 Bobbin creels for industrial sewing-machines. Types and basic dimensions RUSS45265
GOST 25707-83 Thread tension regulators for industrial sewing machines. Types and main dimensions RUSS45406
GOST 27273-87 Labour safety. Cutting machines. Safety requirements RUSS47576
GOST 27290-87 Skiving footwear machines. Types, technical characteristics and requirements RUSS49059
GOST 24103-80 Sewing wares. Terms and definitions for defects RUSS51125
GOST 20521-75 Technology of sewing wares production. Terms and definitions RUSS56036
GOST 27570.22-89 Safety of household and similar appliances. Additional requirements to household sewing machines and test methods RUSS59989
GOST 27126-86 Automated lines of bottom fastening glue method footwear assembly. General technical requirements RUSS60451
GOST 25647-83 Sewing domestic machines. Methods of functioning tests RUSS61429
GOST 24782-90 Army uniforms. Acceptance inspection of quality RUSS61928
GOST 17037-85 Tailored and knitted goods. Terms and definitions RUSS62389
GOST 27438-87 Foot-wear. Terms and definitions for defects RUSS64781
GOST 27269-87 Textile machines. Graphical conventional signs of control and signal un RUSS65186
GOST 23251-83 Foot-wear. Terms and definitions RUSS65904
GOST 19930-91 Sewing domestic machines. General specifications RUSS68109
GOST 22501-85 Triacetate thread in bobbins. Specifications RUSS68440
GOST 22249-82 Needles for sewing machines. Types and basic dimensions RUSS71355
GOST 30345.22-98 Safety of household and similar electrical appliances. Additional requirements for household sewing machines RUSS208562
GOST 2351-53 Knitted garments and fabrics. Standards of durability of colors RUSS239476
GOST 2351-66 Knitted garments and fabrics. Norms of colour fastness RUSS239478
GOST 2351-77 Knitted garments and fabrics. Norms of colour fastness and methods of determination RUSS239480
GOST 32995-2014 Textiles. Method for measuring the strength of an electrostatic field RUSS242837
GOST 904-51 Knitted sleeping shirts. Dimensions and specifications RUSS258059
GOST 904-69 Knitted sleeping shirts for women and children RUSS258064
GOST 30197-94 The fastener is textile. Method for determining the durability of the compound RUSS286454
GOST 32993-2014 Sportswear. General technical conditions RUSS286526
GOST ISO 3635-2002 Clothing. Sizes. Definitions, designations and requirements for measurement RUSS287290
GOST R 56964-2016 Footwear and footwear components. Test methods to assess antibacterial activity RUSS287905
GOST R 56968-2016 Table vinegar. Specifications RUSS287909
GOST R 56974-2016 Footwear. Performance requirements for components for footwear. Insoles RUSS287915
GOST R ISO 13629-1-2014 Textiles. Determination of antifungal activity of textile products. Part 1. Luminescence method RUSS289254
GOST R ISO 17693-2016 Footwear. Test methods for uppers. Resistance to damage on lasting RUSS289378
GOST R ISO 17696-2016 Footwear. Test methods for uppers, lining and insocks. Tear strength RUSS289380
GOST R ISO 17697-2014 Footwear. Test methods for uppers, lining and insocks. Seam strength RUSS289381
GOST R ISO 17705-2016 Footwear. Test methods for uppers, lining and insocks. Thermal insulation RUSS289385
GOST R ISO 17707-2016 Footwear. Test methods for outsoles. Flex resistance RUSS289386
GOST R ISO 18895-2016 Footwear. Test methods for shanks. Fatigue resistance RUSS289412
GOST R ISO 22649-2014 Footwear. Test methods for insoles and insocks. Water absorption and desorption RUSS289458
GOST R ISO 22652-2014 Footwear. Test method for insoles, lining and insocks. Perspiration resistance RUSS289460
ST SEV 3040-81 Teeth feed mechanisms for industrial sewing machines. Types and main sizes RUSS169472

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