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GOST 26887-86 Platforms and ladders for civil engineering work. Specifications RUSS15904
GOST 5534-79 Floating cranes. Specifications RUSS15910
GOST 22130-86 Steel Pipeline Parts Movable supports and suspensions Specifications RUSS15934
GOST 23120-78 Steel flights of steps, stair landings and railings. Specifications RUSS16549
GOST 16313-97 Electric motor frequency convertors with rated power up to 200 kW and frequency to 20000 Hz. General specifications RUSS16636
GOST 17380-2001 Carbon and low-alloy steel butt-welding fittings. General specifications RUSS16860
GOST 23118-99 Steel construction structures General Technical Specifications RUSS17031
GOST 22336-77 Life-jackets RUSS17282
GOST 26613-85 Lathe tools with mechanic fastening of replaceable faceted plates RUSS17403
GOST 27636-95 Stone extraction and processing equipment RUSS17412
GOST 18517-84 Garage compressors RUSS17603
GOST 7600-90 Press-forging plant RUSS17875
GOST 18444-82 Melioration dredges RUSS18497
GOST 21029-75 Aluminum barrels for chemical products RUSS18504
GOST 8390-84 Electro hydraulic presses for blocking RUSS18663
GOST 5044-79 Thin-walled steel drums for chemical products RUSS18775
GOST 11677-85 Power transformers RUSS18806
GOST 20000-88 Tractor and combine diesel engines RUSS18853
GOST 27824-88 Industrial liquid fuel burners RUSS18877
GOST 6113-84 Horizontal expellers for pottery ware RUSS18979
GOST 15035-80 Underground scraper winches RUSS19117
GOST 3303-82 Rubber hot-water bottles RUSS19157
GOST 26585-85 Large-sized pneumatic tires for off-road quarry automobiles RUSS19233
GOST 22649-83 Medical air sterilizers RUSS19468
GOST 15880-83 Electric drills RUSS19551
GOST 19098-87 Plotters for computers RUSS19556
GOST R 52630-2006 Steel welded vessels and apparatus. General specifications RUSS19582
GOST 7463-89 Pneumatic tires for tractors and agricultural machines RUSS19619
GOST 5652-89 Pneumatic tires for motorcycles, side-cars, scooters and mopeds RUSS19681
GOST 27036-86 Bellows metal expansion joints and seals RUSS20041
GOST 3.1119-83 Unified system of technological documentation. General requirements for completeness and arrangement of sets of documents on single technological processes RUSS20936
GOST 3.1121-84 Unified system of technological documentation. General requirements for completeness and arrangement of sets of documents on typical and group technological processes (operations) RUSS20937
GOST 23118-2012 Building steel structures. General specifications RUSS21398
ST RK 311-94 Kobsas. Specification. In substitution of RST KazSSR 311-89 KAZA23722
STB 1517-2004 Plastic consumer packaging. General specifications BELA26914
STB 1538-2013 Technical means of traffic management. Bumps. General specifications BELA26927
DSTU 4615:2006 Trunk pipelines. Steel welded parts for PN up to 10 MPa. General specifications. UKRA33496
DSTU GOST 17380-2003 (ISO 3419-81) Carbon and low-alloy steel butt-welding fittings. General specifications UKRA36919
GOST 4971-76 Stabe billets for wooden barrels for beer. Specifications RUSS51190
GOST 7661-67 Dial depth gauges. Specifications RUSS51204
GOST 13511-91 Boxes of corrugated board for food-stuffs, matches, tobacco and detergents. Specifications RUSS52164
GOST 6918-81 Line screen grease strainers. Specifications RUSS53345
GOST 5584-75 Lever-toothed indicators graduated in 0,01 mm. Specifications RUSS54292
GOST 11996-79 Batch-type mixers for rubber. General specifications RUSS56541
GOST 13275-87 Reels for magnetic tape with a nominal width of 6,30 mm. Specifications RUSS56587
GOST 25565-88 Electronic measuring devices. Documentation supplied with electronic gauges RUSS56830
GOST 3145-84 Mechanical clocks with signal. General specifications RUSS57005
GOST 3309-84 Table and wall mechanical clocks with balance oscillator. General specifications RUSS57070
GOST 7012-77 Single-operator single-phase transformers for automatic submerged arc welding. General specifications RUSS57163
GOST R 51633-2000 Devices and adapters, which are used to rehabilitation of individuals with disabilities at home. General technical requirements RUSS57399
GOST 18048-80 Reinforced concrete sanitary cabins. Specifications RUSS58763
GOST 26032-83 System of standardized type structures of SSI aggregated complexes. General specifications RUSS58896
GOST 31591-2012 Gearmotors of general purposes. General specifications RUSS59046
GOST 8054-81 Metal propellers. General specifications RUSS59251
GOST R 50968-96 Gearmotors of general purpose. General standard specifications RUSS59376
GOST R 51191-98 Units of lower-limb prostheses. General technical requirements RUSS59393
GOST R 51608-2000 Digital topographic maps. Quality requirements RUSS59426
GOST 13516-86 Corrugated cardboard boxes for canned food, preserves and food liquids. Specifications RUSS61341
GOST 4381-87 Lever-type micrometers. General specifications RUSS61524
GOST 14333-79 Rubber working mills. General specifications RUSS62362
GOST 30421-96 Electrical capacitance, pure resistance and dissipation factor high-voltage meters. General specifications RUSS62577
GOST R 52307-2005 Thermoelectrical food refrigerators for the railway stock. General specifications RUSS62968
GOST R 53129-2008 Corrosion-resistant (stainless) steel billets for cast dentures of orthopaedic dentistry. General specifications RUSS63030
GOST 23117-91 Semiautomatic grips for tensioning of the steel in prestressed concrete structures. Specifications RUSS63670
GOST 30533-97 General purpose adjustable d. c. drive systems. General technical requirements RUSS65972
GOST 9298-77 Accumulator ebonite monoblocks for aviation. Specifications RUSS66075
GOST R 55559-2013 Composite cylinders for liquefied petroleum gases at pressure up to 2,0 MPa. General technical requirements. Test methods RUSS66518
GOST 31569-2012 Corrosion-resistant (stainless) steel billets for cast dentures of orthopedic dentistry. General specifications RUSS66581
GOST 10580-2006 Technological foundry equipment. General specifications RUSS68070
GOST R 51632-2000 Technical aids for disabled persons. General technical requirements and test methods RUSS68284
GOST R 53650-2009 Plough installations. General specifications RUSS68777
GOST 21672-82 Ships rectangular windows. Specifications RUSS69231
GOST R 55016-2012 General-purpose 110 and 150 kW power oil transformers. Specifications RUSS69368
GOST R 52860-2007 Physical protection systems. General technical requirements RUSS69685
GOST R 55730-2013 Mining equipment. Loading-transport machines. General technical requirements RUSS69729
GOST R 55618-2013 Guide for procurement of power station equipment. Part 5-3. Wind turbines RUSS71863
GOST R 55621-2013 Guide for procurement of power station equipment. Part 5-4. Turbines-hydraulic turbines, storage pumps and pump-turbines RUSS72468
GOST R 50896-96 Power generating sets and mobile electric power stations with internal combustion engines. Kinds, complete collection and contents of operation documents RUSS72578
GOST 30766-2001 Tins for chemical products. General specifications RUSS72695
GOST R 51760-2001 Polymeric consumers packagings. General specifications RUSS72713
GOST 30765-2001 Metal transport packagings. General specifications RUSS73215
GOST R 54803-2011 High-pressure welded steel vessels. General technical requirements RUSS73585
GOST R 55260.2.1-2012 Hydro power plants. Part 2-1. Hydrotreaters. Procurement specification RUSS73759
GOST R 8.892-2015 State system for ensuring the uniformity of measurements. Metrological assurance. Assessment of state at industrial plants, organizations and corporations RUSS140677
STO TsKTI 10.002-2007 Pipe elements of heating surfaces, connecting pipes within a boiler and a drum of stationary boilers. General technical requirements for manufacture RUSS148108
STO TsKTI 10.004-2007 Reservoirs for power engineering. General technical requirements for manufacturing RUSS149443
STO TsKTI 10.003-2007 Steam and hot water pipelines of thermal stations. General technical requirements for manufacture RUSS150547
STO TsKTI 10.001-2005 Welded drums of stationary boilers. General technical requirements for manufacturing RUSS151482
STO 70238424.27.140.019-2010 Hydrogenerators. Delivery conditions. Standards and requirements RUSS170158
STO 70238424. Turbogenerators and synchronous compensators. Delivery conditions. Standards and requirements RUSS170194
GOST R 51632-2014 Technical aids for disabled persons. General technical requirements and test methods RUSS287537
GOST R 57764-2017 Support canes and crutches axillary. Technical requirements and methods of control RUSS288733
DSTU B V.2.6-39:2008 Structures of buildings and structures. Devices are rotary, folding and rotary and folding for window and balcony blocks. Technical conditions UKRA343664
GOST 22130-2018 Steel piping details. Movable supports and hangers. Specifications RUSS353465
GOST 26429-2018 Steel structures of suspended transport tracks. Specifications RUSS353490
GOST 24950-2019 Curved bends and curve inserts on bends of the linear part of steel pipelines. Technical specifications RUSS373924
GOST R 51633-2019 Rehabilitation devices and appliances used by people with disabilities in residential premises. General technical requirements RUSS375591

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