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GOST 20402-2014 Stuffed cooked sausages. Specifications RUSS138437
GOST 34162-2017 Half-smoked sausage products. General technical conditions RUSS286749
GOST R 52196-2017 Cooked meat sausage products. Specifications RUSS287558
GOST 33610-2015 Pasteurized meat cans. Sliced speck and bacon. Specifications RUSS139278
GOST 32906-2014 Meat Cans. Brawn. Specifications RUSS138823
GOST 32900-2014 Venison products. Specifications RUSS138817
GOST R 53643-2009 Cooked pork products. Specifications RUSS67840
GOST R 52196-2003 Cooked sausage items. Specifications RUSS70377
GOST 9935-2015 Sterilized meat cans. Piglet in jelly. Specifications RUSS139434
GOST R 52541-2006 Refractory castables. Preparation of test pieces RUSS55468
GOST 33673-2015 Cooked sausage items. General specifications RUSS243095
GOST 33632-2015 Milk fat, butter and butter paste made from cow milk. Control methods sensory characteristics RUSS139299
GOST R 54043-2010 Pork products smoked-cooked. Specifications RUSS68342
GOST R 53591-2009 Semi-smoked sausages from horse-flesh. Specifications RUSS66247
GOST 33836-2016 Sausage products boiled with reduced caloric content. General specifications RUSS243245
GOST 18256-2017 Smoked baked pork products. Technical conditions RUSS286310
GOST 7269-2015 Meat. Methods of sampling and organoleptic methods of freshness test RUSS139388
GOST R 55367-2012 Brawns. Specifications RUSS64928
GOST 31790-2012 Cooked pork products. Specifications RUSS67740
GOST 33630-2015 Cheese and processed cheese. Methods for control of organoleptic properties RUSS139297
GOST 23670-2019 Cooked meat sausages. Technical specifications RUSS373682
GOST 31786-2012 Semi-smoked sausages from horse-flesh. Specifications RUSS66000
GOST 32784-2014 Meat jellies in casings and broth jellies. Specifications RUSS138721
GOST 8756.1-2017 Products of processing fruits, vegetables and mushrooms. Methods for determining organoleptic characteristics, mass fraction of constituent parts, net mass or volume RUSS286935
GOST R 53587-2009 Cooked sausage from horse-flesh. Specifications RUSS65517
GOST R 54646-2011 Liver sausages. Specifications RUSS66293
GOST R 55455-2013 Boiled-smoked meat sausages. Specifications RUSS64304
GOST R 52196-2011 Cooked sausage items. Specifications RUSS71432
GOST 32785-2014 Products of horsemeat. Specifications RUSS138722
GOST 30004.2-93 Mayonnaises. Sampling rules and test methods RUSS67722
GOST 31780-2012 Cooked sausage from horse-flesh. Specifications RUSS65372

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