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GOST 12506-81 Wooden windows for production buildings. Types, structure and dimensions RUSS16255
GOST 19281-89 Rolled steel with increased strength. General specifications RUSS19038
RD 24.207.06-90 Pipeline valves. Reliability calculation during the design stage RUSS21485
DSTU 3990-2000 Metrology. State verification schedule for means measuring sound pressure in air. UKRA32774
DSTU B A.1.1-54-94 System of standardization and regulation in construction. Raw clay for the production of ceramic building materials. Terms and definitions. UKRA34489
DSTU EN 89:2005 Gas-fired storage water heaters for the production of domestic hot water UKRA35807
DSTU prEN 81-73:2004 Safety rules for the construction and installation of lifts - Particular applications for passenger and goods passenger lifts - Part 73: Behaviour of lifts in the event of fire UKRA42852
GOST 8320.9-83 Periodic sections produced by cross-helical rolling for bus front axle beam. Dimensions RUSS44692
GOST 15491-91 Rectangular all-cast moulding boxes of aluminium and magnesium alloys having inside dimensions: length 300; 350 mm, width 250; 300 mm, height from 75 to 150 mm. Construction RUSS45835
GOST 16985-79 Jointed hook wrenches for circular spline nuts. Design and dimensions RUSS47743
DSTU EN 10277-4:2007 Bright steel products - Technical delivery conditions - Part 4: Case hardening steels UKRA34732
GOST 4.233-86 Product-quality index system. Building. Mortars. Index nomenclature RUSS51233
GOST 22334-93 Trunnions for wooden cast patterns. Design RUSS53073
GOST 4.226-83 Quality rating system. Building. Windows, doors and gates of wood. Nomeclature of characterictics RUSS57085
GOST 4.252-84 Product. Quality ratings system. Building. Mobile buildings. Nomenclature of characteristics RUSS60243
GOST R 55818-2013 Polymer base decorative coats for facade’s thermal insulation composite systems with external mortar's lays. Specifications RUSS63176
GOST 30331.10-2001 Electrical installations of buildings. Part 5 Selection and mounting of electrical equipment. Chapter 54 Earthling devices and protective conductors. RUSS65759
GOST R 1.5-2012 Standardization in Russian Federation. National Standards. Rules of structure, drafting, presentation and indication RUSS69628
GOST R 51740-2001 Specifications for food products. General requirements for development and lay out RUSS72218
RH 45-128:2012 Requirements for the technical design of information systems of state power and administration UZBE79420
OST 153-34.0-977-99А Assembling units and support station pipeline details of nuclear power plants. Nominal pressure is no more than 4,0 MPa. The guide rail plates. Design and dimensions. RUSS99590
GOST 8411-74 Ceramic drain pipes. Specifications RUSS16048
GOST 19734-80 Input control devices for residential and public buildings RUSS18502
SP 108.13330.2012 Plants, buildings and constructions of storage and grain processing RUSS21085
DSTU 3061-95 Machines for concrete paving. Terms and definitions. UKRA31613
DSTU B V.2.7-48-96 Concrete Basic (first) method for determining frost resistance. General requirements UKRA34439
DSTU EN 13561:2008 External blinds - Performance requirements including safety UKRA35064
DSTU ISO 9305:2009 Seamless steel tubes for pressure purposes UKRA42009
GOST 8268-82 Gravel for construction work RUSS43838
GOST 6942.9-80 Cast iron waste pipes and fittings. Bends. Construction and dimensions RUSS45635
GOST 25912.2-91 Reinforced concrete prestressed slabs PAG-18 for aerodrome pavement. Construction RUSS47139
DSTU IEC 62053-22:2006 Electricity metering equipment (a.c.) - Particular Requirements - Part 22: Static meters for active energy (classes 0, 2 S and 0, 5 S) UKRA39408
GOST 14798-85 90° countersunk-head rivets (high precision). Construction and dimensions RUSS49429
GOST R 54257-2010 Reliability of the constructions and foundations. Basic principles and requirements RUSS52762
GOST 26601-85 Wooden windows and balcony doors for one-two story dwelling buildings. Types, structure and dimensions RUSS56224
GOST 24045-2010 Steel sheet cold-formed sections with trapezoidal corrugations for building. Specifications RUSS58857
GOST 24694-81 Reinforced concrete T-joint of flumed irrigation systems. Specifications RUSS62472
GOST R 55473-2013 Gas distribution systems. Requirements for gas distribution networks. Part 1. Polyethylene gas pipelines RUSS65555
GOST 21.709-2011 System of design documents for construction. Rules of executing of working documentation for linear structures of irrigation systems RUSS68581
GOST 25878-85 Steel moulds for reinforced concrete members. Pallets. Construction and dimensions RUSS71589
GOST 1.5-2001 Interstate system for standardization. Interstate standards, rules and recommendations on interstate standardization. General requirements for structure, drafting, presentation, content and indication RUSS73936
OST 153-34.0-1001-99А Assembling units and station pipeline hang details of nuclear power plants. Nominal pressure is no more than 4,0 MPa. Block of hang fastening. Design and dimensions. RUSS99576
OST 24.125.127-01 CHP and NTPP pipeline suspensions. Clamp units for vertical pipelines. Design and dimensions. RUSS103602
GOST 16557-78 Mineral powder for asphaltic-mixtures. Technical requirements RUSS16298
GOST 8735-88 Sand for construction work. Testing methods RUSS19538
ST RK 1.42-2003 State certification system of the Republic of Kazakhstan. Procedure of development and application of recommendations on standardization, metrology, certification and accreditation. Put into effect in substitution of PR RK 51.1.20-95 KAZA21964
DSTU 4466-5:2008 Gaseous fire-extinguishing systems -- Physical properties and system design -- Part 5: FK-5-1-12 extinguishant UKRA33335
DSTU B V.2.5-4-95 Semi-automatic flush taps. Technical conditions UKRA34496
DSTU GOST 30753-2003 (ISO 3419-81) Carbon and low-alloy steel butt-weldings fittings. Sharply curved bends type 2D (R=DN). Design UKRA38315
RST USSR 1823-91 Cold black crushed stone. Specifications. UKRA43356
GOST 19509-74 Loose pins for faced chill moulds. Construction and dimensions RUSS45092
GOST 24961-81 Plate double-end plug gauges with diameter from 14 to 98 mm. Design and dimensions RUSS45846
GOST 23356-78 Threaded pipeline connections. Pressing rings. Construction RUSS48000
DSTU CEN/TR 81-10:2005 Safety rules for the construction and installation of lifts. Basics and interpretations. System of the EN 81 series of standards UKRA34532
GOST 23208-83 Thermoinsulating cylinders and half-cylinders of mineral wool on synthetic binder. Specifications RUSS51819
GOST 23404-86 Lightweight enclosure panels with foam plastic thermal insulation. Method of determining modulus of elasticity and shear modulus of foam plastic RUSS53398
GOST R 51363-99 Vibration hammers and pile extractors. General specifications RUSS57374
GOST 19570-74 Autoclave cellular concrete panels for internal walls, partitions and floors of house and civil buildings. Technical requirements RUSS60586
GOST 25358-82 Soils. Field method of determining temperature RUSS63701
GOST 21.511-83 System of design documents for construction. Motor-ways. Embankment and road pavement. Working drawings RUSS66434
GOST 31193-2004 Vibration. Testing of mobile machinery in order to determine the vibration emission value. General requirements RUSS69917
GOST 31326-2006 Noise. Guidelines for noise control by enclosures and cabins RUSS72561
ST SEV 2440-80 Corrosion protection in construction. Structures of concrete and reinforced concrete. Classification of corrosive environments. To replace part of RS 2371-70 RUSS84157
OST 153-34.0-991-99А Assembling units and station pipeline hang details of nuclear power plants. Nominal pressure is no more than 4,0 MPa. The hang block with a clip. Design and dimensions. RUSS99601
GOST 25584-90 Soils. Laboratory methods for determination of filtration factor RUSS16030
GOST 5812-82 Tie-cotters for broad gage railway RUSS17866
GOST 26281-84 Heat-insulating construction materials and products. Acceptance rules RUSS20517
DSTU 2912-94 (GOST 27636-95) Equipment for stone extraction and processing. General specifications UKRA31438
DSTU B V.2.7-28-95 Clay tile. Specifications. UKRA34421
DSTU EN 10250-1:2008 Open die steel forgings for general engineering purposes - Part 1: General requirements UKRA34721
DSTU ISO 4952:2009 Structural steels with improved atmospheric corrosion resistance UKRA41048
RST USSR 2007-90 Works on production of reinforced concrete and concrete assemblies for repairing urban roads, pavements and squares. Safety requirements. UKRA43481
GOST 8320.1-83 Periodic three-step sections produced by cross-helical rolling for electric motor shafts. Dimensions RUSS45542
GOST 14799-85 120° countersunk-head rivets (high precision). Construction and dimensions RUSS46771
DSTU ISO 3740:2007 Acoustics -- Determination of sound power levels of noise sources -- Guidelines for the use of basic standards UKRA40816
GOST 4.253-80 Product-quality index system. Beilding. Steel structures. Nomenclature of indixes RUSS49061
GOST 1839-80 Asbestos cement pipes and couplings for non-pressure pipe lines. Specifications RUSS52705
GOST 19277-73 Seamless steel tubes for oil and fuel lines. Specifications RUSS55077
GOST 12.3.040-86 Occupational safety standards system. Construction. Roofing and water proofing. Safety requirements RUSS58664
GOST 9573-82 Thermal insulating mates of mineral wool on synthetic binder. Specifications RUSS62315
GOST R 52065-2007 Caplights for use in mines susceptible to firedamp. Part 1. General requirements and testing methods in relation to the risk of explosion RUSS65480
GOST 18128-82 Timber framed asbestos cement exterior wall panels supplied with insulation. Specifications RUSS68574
GOST 9818-85 Reinforced concrete flights of steps and stair landings. Specification RUSS71407
GOST 8269-87 Crushed aggregate of natural rock, crushed-gravel aggregate and gravel for construction work. Testing methods RUSS73636
ST SEV 632-77 Safety. Electrical Elevators. Graphical symbols RUSS84193
OST 24.125.120-01 CHP and NTPP pipeline suspensions. Semi-clamps for clamp supports. Design and dimensions. RUSS103595
GKINP 14-270-03 Rules for controlling the display of boundaries on maps intended for open publication and marked RUSS152288
GOST 24846-81 Soils. Measuring methods of strains of structures and buildings bases RUSS16248
GOST 21519-84 Windows, balcony doors, shop-windows and stained glass panels of aluminum alloys RUSS18963
NTP EPP 94 Engineering Design Standards. Industrial power supply design RUSS21371
DSTU 3098-95 Equipment of heat treatment chambers for reinforced concrete products. Terms and definitions. UKRA31699
DSTU B V.2.7-93-2000 Polypropylene pipes for cold and hot water supply systems. Specifications. UKRA34478
DSTU EN 81-2:2003 Safety rules for the construction and installation of lifts - Part 2: Hydraulic lifts UKRA35782
DSTU prEN 81-28-2001 Safety rules for the construction and installation of lifts - Lifts for the transport of persons and goods - Part 28: Remote alarm on passenger and goods passenger lifts UKRA42845
GOST R 50149-92 Bolt lifting screw for wooden cast pattern. Design RUSS44006
GOST 6942.2-80 Cast iron waste pipes and fittings. Sockets and spigot ends of fittings. Types, construction and dimensions RUSS45710
GOST 22328-93 Wedge strainers for wooden split core boxes. Design RUSS47264
DSTU EN 12255-10:2008 Wastewater treatment plants - Part 10: Safety principles UKRA34821
GOST 4013-82 Gypsum and gypsum-anhydrite rock for the manufacture of binders. Specifications RUSS51208
GOST 21222-75 Console boring bars with cutter fitting at 60° and taper shank. Design and dimensions RUSS52930

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