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GOST 31670-2012 Vodkas and special vodkas. Spectral-luminescent method of identification ethanol RUSS57024
GOST 31736-2012 Bituminous materials. Determination of substances insoluble in quinoline RUSS57032
GOST 7.48-2002 System of standards on information, librarianship and publishing. Document conservation. Basic terms and definitions RUSS57157
GOST R 50380-2005 Fish, non-fish objects and products from them. Terms and definitions RUSS57338
GOST R 50382-92 Means of medical and biological provision of a person's vital activity and of viability of biological objects at special units. Terms and definitions RUSS57339
GOST R 52093-2003 Kefir. Specifications RUSS57454
GOST R 53194-2008 Vodkas and special vodkas. Spectral-luminescent method of identification ethanol RUSS57572
GOST R 52095-2003 Sour clotted milk. Specifications RUSS57456
GOST R 52369-2005 Phototopography. Terms and definitions RUSS57484
GOST R 52481-2005 Food colours. Terms and definitions RUSS57492
GOST R 52653-2006 Information and communication technologies in education. Terms and definitions RUSS57507
GOST R 52678-2006 Sugar production. Terms and definitions RUSS57510
GOST R 52700-2006 Drinks with low quantity of alcohol. General specifications RUSS57513
GOST R 52765-2007 Automobile roads of the general use. Road facilities. Classification RUSS57519
GOST R 52844-2007 Alcohol-free tonic beverages. General specifications RUSS57527
GOST R 52907-2008 Radioelectronics power supply. Terms and definitions RUSS57539
GOST R 52944-2008 Live-cycle of railway rolling stock. Terms and definitions RUSS57543
GOST R 53914-2010 Milk beverage. Specifications RUSS57629
GOST R 54454-2011 Machinery for forestry. Winches. Definitions, technical requirements, safety requirements RUSS57675
GOST R 54494-2011 Glass containers. Defects of glass and glass products. Terms and definitions RUSS57677
GOST R 55104-2012 Secondary ferrous metals. Terms and definitions RUSS57717
GOST R 55292-2012 Beer drinks. General specifications RUSS57728
GOST R 55295-2012 Macaroni products instant. General specifications RUSS57729
GOST R EN 353-2-2007 Occupational safety standards system. Guided type fall arresters including a flexible anchor line. Part 2. General technical requirements. Test methods RUSS57802
GOST R EN 354-2010 Occupational safety standards system. Personal protective equipment against falls from a height. Lanyard. General technical requirements. Test methods RUSS57803
GOST R EN 361-2008 Occupational safety standards system. Personal protective equipment against falls from a height. Full body harnesses. General technical requirements. Test methods RUSS57804
GOST R 51156-98 Carbonated wine cocktails. General specifications RUSS55419
GOST R 51159-98 Wine drinks. General specifications RUSS55420
GOST R 51300-99 Russian apple brandy. General specifications RUSS55426
GOST R 52943-2008 Poultry processing industry. Products food processed from industrial poultry eggs. Terms and definitions RUSS54766
GOST R ISO 5612-94 Mining. Scraper bars for chain conveyors RUSS54825
GOST 18447-91 Products of poultry meat. Terms and definitions RUSS54905
GOST R 52362-2005 Safety of paint materials. Terms and definitions RUSS55458
GOST R 51725.2-2012 Catalogization of products for Federal State needs. Terms and definitions RUSS54882
GOST R ISO 13861-2003 Wheeled skidders. Definitions and specifications RUSS54952
GOST 16819-71 Vibrometers. Terms and definitions RUSS55053
GOST 21006-75 Electron microscopes. Terms, definitions and letter symbols RUSS55102
GOST 22837-77 Airborne control navigation equipment. Terms and definitions RUSS55125
GOST 23070-78 Computerized circuits analysis and optimization. Terms and definitions RUSS55128
GOST 26292-84 Primary network of coordinated automated complex telecommunication system of the CMEA member countries for transmitting all kinds of information. Terms and definitions RUSS55170
GOST 30054-2003 Canned and preserved fish and other sea products. Terms and definitions RUSS55221
GOST 31848-2012 Industrial gas-using equipment. Air heaters. General techniсal requirements RUSS55254
GOST R 52464-2005 Food flavour additives and food flavourings. Terms and definitions RUSS55462
GOST R 52469-2005 Poultry processing industry. Poultry processing. Terms and definitions RUSS55464
GOST R 52527-2006 Gas turbine plants. Reliability, availability, maintainability and safety RUSS55467
GOST R 53128-2008 Closure products. Terms and definitions RUSS55501
GOST R 54255-2010 Carbonaceous materials for industrial use. Sampling. Terms and definitions RUSS55554
GOST R EN 355-2008 Occupational safety standards system. Personal protective equipment against falls from a height. Energy absorbers. General technical requirements. Test methods RUSS55618
GOST 31849-2012 Industrial gas-using equipment. Air heaters with air-flue gases mixing. General technical requirements RUSS55756
GOST 21704-76 Electroacoustic anti-noise devices for telephone communication systems. Terms and definitions RUSS55816
GOST 23618-79 Products made of ferrites and magneto dielectrics. Terms and definitions RUSS56135
GOST R 50369-92 Electric drives. Terms and definitions RUSS64009
GOST R 50397-92 Electromagnetic compatibility for electronic equipment. Terms and definitions RUSS64011
GOST 32180-2013 Closure products. Terms and definitions RUSS55838
GOST R ISO 13860-2003 Forwarders. Definitions and specifications RUSS55958
GOST R 50670-94 Industrial gas-using equipment. Air heaters. General technical requirements RUSS58590
GOST R 50380-92 Fish and fish products. Terms and definitions RUSS56190
GOST R 52081-2003 Non-destructive testing. Method of metal magnetic memory. Terms and definitions RUSS56294
GOST 15875-80 Plastics. Methods for the determination of transmittance coefficient and turbidity RUSS56630
GOST R 51493-99 Frozen eviscerated and uneviscerated fish. Specifications RUSS57385
GOST 26640-85 Lands. Terms and definitions RUSS56495
GOST R 51494-99 Frozen fillets of oceanic and marine fish. Specifications RUSS57386
GOST R 51495-99 Frozen squid. Specifications RUSS57387
GOST R 51496-99 Frozen raw, partially and fully cooked shrimps. Specifications RUSS57388
GOST R 51852-2001 Gas turbine plants. Terms and definitions RUSS57426
GOST R 51865-2010 Macaroni products. General specifications RUSS57428
GOST R 52089-2003 Coffee. Terms and definitions RUSS57453
GOST R 52094-2003 Ryazhenka. Specifications RUSS57455
GOST 14706-78 Diamonds and diamond tools. Terms and definitions RUSS56618
GOST 20886-85 Data organization in data processing systems. Terms and definitions RUSS56736
GOST 21890-76 Fuselage, wings and empennage of aircrafts and helicopters. Terms and definitions RUSS56751
GOST 22499-77 Rotorcraft. Flight mechanics. Terms, definitions and letter symbols RUSS56762
GOST 23066-78 Beam steering arrangements for phased array antennas. Terms and definitions RUSS56776
GOST 23078-78 Plants and apparatuses for desalination by distillation. Terms and definitions RUSS56777
GOST 23220-78 Control aids for aircraft lugine operation mode. Terms and definitions RUSS56780
GOST 23282-91 Antenna arrays. Terms and definitions RUSS56782
GOST 25375-82 Methods, means and conditions of sterilisation and disinfection of medical use products. Terms and definitions RUSS56826
GOST 25645.104-84 Cosmic rays. Terms and definitions RUSS56833
GOST 26098-84 Petroleum products. Terms and definitions RUSS56846
GOST 26883-86 Exposure factors. Terms and definitions RUSS56864
GOST 27599-88 Cheese making industry. Terms and definitions RUSS56876
GOST 31054.2-2002 Tracheotomy tubes. Part 2. Basic requirements RUSS56991
GOST ISO 1924-1-96 Paper and board. Determination of tensile properties. Part 1. Constant rate of loading method RUSS57299
GOST ISO 4378-4-2001 Plain bearings. Terms, definitions and classification. Part 4. Calculation parameters and their symbol RUSS57305
GOST 27963-88 Earth-moving machinery. Pipe layers. Terminology and commercial specifications RUSS53530
GOST R 43.0.2-2006 Informational ensuring of equipment and operational activity. Terms and definitions RUSS53598
GOST 23130-78 Functional blocks of control unit of switching communication. Terms and definitions RUSS53697
GOST R 51299-99 Oak extractives. Specifications RUSS53761
GOST 23073-78 Heat pipes. Terms, definitions and letter symbols RUSS53773
GOST 14642-69 Functional units, sub-assemblies and devices used in instruments for measurement of ionizing radiation. Terms and definitions RUSS53831
GOST 27332-87 Aircraft flight conditions. Terms and definitions RUSS53864
GOST 30335-95 Service for people. Terms and definitions RUSS53886
GOST R 51279-99 Fruit wine distillate. Specifications RUSS53905
GOST 22866-77 Crystal oscillators. Terms and definitions RUSS53932
GOST R ISO 13862-2003 Feller-bunchers. Definitions and specifications RUSS54045
GOST 25686-85 Manipulators, auto operators and industrial robots. Terms and definitions RUSS54091
GOST 25491-82 Collision avoidance systems. Terms and definitions RUSS54162
GOST 22607-77 Air conditioning systems for aircraft and helicopters. Terms and definitions RUSS54300
GOST 26462-85 Agricultural deforestation. Terms and definitions RUSS54350
GOST R 55059-2012 Safety in emergencies. Emergency Risk Management. Terms and definitions RUSS54216

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