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GOST 29273-92 Weldability. Definition RUSS15633
GOST 12.1.009-76 Occupational safety standards system. Electrical safety. Terms and definitions RUSS15682
GOST 21508-76 Icing protection of aircrafts and helicopters. Terms and definitions RUSS15706
GOST 27552-87 Mobile cranes. Terms and definitions RUSS15747
GOST 12.0.002-80 Occupational safety standards system. Terms and definitions RUSS16050
GOST 27409-97 Noise. Technical regulation of stationary equipment noise characteristics. General RUSS16077
GOST 30319.0-96 Natural gas. Methods of calculation of physical properties RUSS16235
GOST R IEC 60050-195-2005 Earthing and protection against electric shock. Terms and definitions RUSS17779
GOST R 52720-2007 Pipeline valves. Terms and definitions RUSS18273
GOST 23166-99 Windows. General specifications RUSS18449
GOST R 51383-99 Automatic forced draught burners for gaseous fuels. Technical requirements, safety requirements and test methods RUSS19378
GOST 27570.8-88 Safety of household appliances and analogous electric apparatus RUSS19481
GOST 27570.14-88 Safety of domestic and analogous electrical apparatuses RUSS19905
GOST 14312-79 Electrical contacts. Terms and definitions RUSS20436
GOST 14350-80 Roll-formed section. Terms and definitions RUSS20437
GOST 16530-83 Gears. General terms, definitions and symbols RUSS20453
GOST 21623-76 System of technical maintenance and repair of equipment. Characteristics for evaluation of maintainability and rapairability. Terms and definitions RUSS20488
GOST 24955-81 Rolling bearings. Terms and definitions RUSS20508
GOST 27471-87 Electrical rotating machinery. Terms and definitions RUSS20524
GOST 9.102-91 Unified system of corrosion and ageing protection. Influence of biological factors on technical objects. Terms and definitions RUSS20580
GOST R 51625-2000 Industrial gas-using equipment. Air heaters with air-flue gases mixing. General technical requirements RUSS20614
GOST R 52002-2003 Electrotechnics. Terms and definitions of basic concepts RUSS20618
GOST R 52292-2004 Information technology. Electronic information exchange. Terms and definitions RUSS20621
GOST 26522-85 Short circuits in electrical installations. Term and definitions RUSS20923
GOST 28465-90 Cleaning devices of the driver's cab windscreens of tractive rolling stock. General specifications RUSS20932
GOST 3.1109-82 Unified system for technological documentation. Terms and definitions of main concepts RUSS20935
GOST 30834-2002 Wallpaper. Definitions and graphical symbols RUSS20941
GOST R 53431-2009 Railway automatics and telemechanics. Terms and definitions RUSS21425
GOST R 50048-92 Glass containers. Terms and definitions of defects RUSS43947
GOST R 50214-92 Technological foundry equipment. Terms and definitions RUSS44056
GOST R 50305-92 Analogue hybrid computing technique. Terms and definitions RUSS44120
GOST R 50416-92 Electromagnetic compatibility of computer equipment. Terms and definitions RUSS44192
GOST 32048-2013 Perfumery and cosmetic products Terms and definitions RUSS44416
GOST 29162-91 Woodworking machines. Lifting tables and stages. Nomenclature RUSS45572
GOST 29163-91 Woodworking machines. Nomenclature RUSS45909
GOST 29165-91 Woodworking machines. Circular sawing machines for building sites. Nomenclature RUSS46155
GOST 29160-91 Woodworking machines. Disc sanding machines with spindle in fixed position. Nomenclature RUSS46257
GOST 29161-91 Woodworking machines. Horizontal shredding machines for wood wool production, quadruple effect. Nomenclature RUSS46290
GOST 28580-90 Non-cellulosic papers for electrical purposes. Definitions and general requirements RUSS46331
GOST 29164-91 Woodworking machines. Vertical shredding machines for wood wool production with hydraulic clamping. Nomenclature RUSS46381
GOST 29159-91 Woodworking machines. Universal tool and cutter grinding machines. Nomenclature RUSS46415
GOST 16430-83 Non-woven sheets. Terms and definitions RUSS46551
GOST 29196-91 Woodworking machines. Crosswise veneer splicing machines. Terminology RUSS46552
GOST 24060-80 Steering ships active devices. Terms and definitions RUSS46637
GOST 22448-77 Aircraft (helicopter) flight control systems. Terms and definitions RUSS46679
GOST 16483.18-72 Wood. Method for determination the number of annual rings in 1 cm and content of latewood in an annual ring RUSS46684
GOST 29199-91 Woodworking machines. Hand-loading veneering presses for flat surfaces. Terminology RUSS46702
GOST R ISO 9176-93 Tubular technical pens. Adapters for compasses RUSS46706
GOST 25284.0-95 Zinc alloys. General requirements for methods of analysis RUSS46743
GOST 26975-86 Micro-assemblies. Terms and definitions RUSS47018
GOST 6674.0-96 Copper-phosphorus alloys. General requirements for methods of analysis RUSS47082
GOST 29274-92 Woodworking machines. Machines for production of core stock from laths. Terminology RUSS47115
GOST 28910-91 Transfer machines. Terms and definitions RUSS47253
GOST 25462-82 Fibre optics. Terms and definitions RUSS47294
GOST R 54884-2011 Diligent practice in the field of consumers rights protection. Terms and definitions RUSS48257
GOST 23498-79 Apparatus of artificial blood circulation. Terms and definitions RUSS48325
GOST 29198-91 Woodworking machines. Single-end edge bonding machines. Terminology RUSS48326
GOST 19810-85 Medical glass. Determination of alkali resistance RUSS48422
GOST 22651-77 Cartographic instruments. Terms and definitions RUSS48425
GOST 24450-80 Magnetic non-destructive inspection. Terms and definitions RUSS48686
GOST 28322-89 Fruit and vegetable products. Terms and definitions RUSS48740
GOST 31189-2003 Dry building mixes. Classification RUSS48781
GOST 12576-89 Sugar. Methods for determination of appearance, smell, smack and solution cleanness RUSS48890
GOST 18478-85 Tea manufacturing. Terms and definitions RUSS48992
GOST 29158-91 Woodworking machines. Mortising machines with oscillating tool action. Nomenclature RUSS48997
GOST 23871-79 Transformers multifunctional electronic and magnetic. Terms and definitions RUSS49042
GOST 23771-79 Electrochemical converters of electrical quantities. Terms and definitions RUSS49066
GOST 29128-91 Meat products. Terms and definitions on organoleptic quality evaluation RUSS49091
GOST ISO 8130.7-2001 Powder paints. The determination of weight loss after oven drying. RUSS49439
GOST R 54975-2012 Stationary gas turbine plants' air intake ducts. Terms and definitions RUSS49672
GOST 26966-86 Water intake and outlet works and gates. Terms and definitions RUSS49688
GOST 21453-75 Parachute landing facilities for cargo and technique. Terms and definitions RUSS49796
GOST 29195-91 Woodworking machines. Veneer slicing machines. Nomenclature RUSS49881
GOST R ISO 7228-93 Tracheal tube connectors RUSS50277
GOST R 51462-99 Dried milk products. Method for determination of bulk density RUSS50356
GOST R ISO 7088-2013 Fish-meal. Terms and definitions RUSS50401
GOST 27346-87 Hardware. Terms and definitions RUSS50432
GOST 22285-76 Transport aircraft cargo cabin equipment. Terms and definitions RUSS50462
GOST 25273-82 X-ray image intensifier for medical apparatus. Terms and definitions RUSS50661
GOST R 50443-92 Prepress and premixes. Terms and definitions RUSS50686
GOST R 54953-2012 Zootechnic production for unproductive animals. Terms and definitions RUSS50689
GOST 25645.103-84 Physical conditions in the space. Terms and definitions RUSS50742
GOST 22639-77 Aircraft and helicopter ground support equipment. Terms and definitions RUSS50863
GOST R 50343-92 Sheet stamping dies. Punches. Types, terms and definitions RUSS50895
GOST 25866-83 Exploitation of technique. Terms and definitions RUSS50975
GOST 27284-87 Gauge. Terms and definitions RUSS50989
GOST R 51006-96 Transport services. Terms and definitions RUSS50990
GOST 26553-85 Integrated centralized service of computer facilities. Terms and definitions RUSS51029
GOST 25645.108-84 Cosmic X-rays and gamma-rays. Terms and definitions RUSS51171
GOST 31763-2012 Wine spirit. Specifications RUSS51209
GOST ISO 7228-2011 Tracheal tube connectors RUSS51269
GOST R ISO 6310-93 Road vehicles. Brake linings. Compressibility. Test procedure RUSS51303
GOST 26228-90 Flexible manufacturing systems. Terms and definitions, nomenclature of indices RUSS51327
GOST 30180.1-99 Paper cellulosic for electrical purposes. Specification. Part 1. Definitions and general requirements RUSS51355
GOST R ISO 8549-3-2011 Prosthetics and orthotics. Vocabulary. Part 3. Terms relating to external orthoses RUSS51421
GOST R ISO 8549-2-2013 Prosthetics and orthotics. Vocabulary. Part 2. Terms relating to external limb prostheses and wearers of these prostheses RUSS51442
GOST R 51725.2-2001 Catalogization of products for federal state needs. Terms and definitions RUSS51488
GOST 32160-2013 Fruit distillate. Specifications RUSS51554
GOST R 53729-2009 Quality of service «allocation of the Virtual Private Network». Quality indices RUSS51669
GOST 28681.0-90 Standardization in the field of tourist-excursion service. Basis provisions RUSS51756

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