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ST RK 1116-2002 Brucellar allergen for diagnostics of brucellosis for farm livestock. Specification KAZA22094
ST RK 1121-2002 Positive sera for serum test at brucellosis diagnostics for farm livestock and he-sheep infectious epididymitis. Specification KAZA22099
ST RK 1122-2002 Hemolysin for complement fixation test and long complement fixation test at farm livestock diagnostics of infectious diseases. Specification KAZA22100
ST RK 1130-2002 SKZh- tuberculin for mammals, standard solution. Specification KAZA22108
GOST R 55044-2012 Technical diagnostics. Selection of test items for the calibration of equipment for measuring the stress-strain state of structural materials. General requirements RUSS54628
GOST R 52600.2-2008 Protocol for patient's management. Complete adentia RUSS67816
GOST R ISO 13381-1-2011 Condition monitoring and diagnostics of machines. Machine condition prognosis. Part 1. General guidelines RUSS67897
GOST 25134-2013 Brucellin VIEV. Specification RUSS68002
GOST R 52600.6-2008 Protocol for patient's management. Pulmonary embolism prevention RUSS70787
GOST R 52600.4-2008 Protocol for patient's management. Iron deficiency anaemia RUSS71120
GOST R 52600.1-2008 Protocol for patient's management. Von Willebrand's disease RUSS72448
GOST R 52600.5-2008 Protocol for patient's management. Stroke RUSS74205
GOST R 58819-2020 Pipe fittings for trunk oil pipelines and oil product pipelines. Rules for assessing the technical condition and extension of assigned indicators RUSS378805

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