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GOST R IEC 61056-2-99 Portable lead-acid cells and batteries (valve-regulated types). Part 2. Dimensions, terminals and marking RUSS53521
GOST 15523-70 Hexagon thick nuts product grade B. Construction and dimensions RUSS53555
GOST 13649-79 Spring lugs for the wrist watch cases. Design and sizes RUSS53561
GOST 13941-86 Retaining spring concentric rings for bores and grooves for them. Dimensions RUSS53601
GOST 12638-80 Hollow edge-rounded-head rivets. Specifications RUSS53612
GOST R ISO 9727-1-2009 Cylindrical cork stoppers. Methods for determination of physical properties. Part 1. Determination of dimensions RUSS53641
GOST 13042-83 Arbors with ionogitudinal key and tapes claw-ended shank for end cutters. Design and dimensions RUSS53862
GOST 23857-91 Head mounting brackets for modular type machine tools. Basic dimensions. Standards of accuracy RUSS53751
GOST 22002.7-76 Ring cable terminals, with open tail, attached to conductor core and insulations. Construction and sizes RUSS53801
GOST 6999-85 Tape and paper for cash recording registers. Specifications RUSS53813
GOST 24317-80 Blocks of cassettes press moulds for producing the rubber technical parts. Design and dimensions RUSS53817
GOST ISO 4252-2005 Agricultural tractors. Operator’s workplace, access and exit. Dimensions RUSS53842
GOST 12935-76 Free wheeling clutch of agricultural machines. Specifications RUSS53843
GOST 15068-75 Tool holders with supporting bush and 7:24 taper shank for horizontal milling machines. Design and dimensions RUSS53844
GOST R ISO 7606-2005 Shipbuilding. Inland navigation vessels. Draught scales RUSS53896
GOST 2841-80 Single-ended open spanners. Constructions and dimensions RUSS53997
GOST 12456-83 Fibre for grinding disks. Specifications RUSS54002
GOST ISO 4253-2005 Agricultural tractors. Operator's seating accommodation. Dimensions RUSS54051
GOST 30225-94 Tyres (ply rating marked series) and rims for agricultural tractors and machines. Log skidder tyres RUSS54112
GOST 26394-84 Tools for cold upset automatic machines. Hard alloy insert cutters for cutting off bolt blanks with shank length up to five diameters. Construction and dimensions RUSS54128
GOST 10352-80 Refractories for ships' boiler furnaces. Specifications RUSS54135
GOST 19307-73 Centrifugal moulds with flange and latch locks. Construction and dimensions RUSS54169
GOST 28264-89 Test documents FS1, FS2, FS3 for facsimile apparatus. Specifications RUSS54174
GOST 22002.14-76 Flag cable terminals, with open tail, attached to conductor core and insulations. Construction and sizes RUSS54218
GOST R ISO/IEC 11694-2-2010 Identification cards. Optical memory cards. Linear recording method. Part 2. Dimensions and location of the accessible optical area RUSS54227
GOST 28191-89 Clamps for hoses. Specifications RUSS55917
GOST 11025-78 Industrial felt of line wool for electrotechnical equipment and details of it. Specifications RUSS55926
GOST R 50569.2-94 Dental rotary instruments. Diamond instruments. Specifications. Test methods RUSS56063
GOST R IEC 61969-2-2013 Mechanical structures for electronic equipment. Outdoor enclosures. Dimensions of cabinets RUSS55911
GOST 26401-84 Tools for cold upset automatic machines. Finishing punches. Construction and dimensions RUSS55980
GOST 24704-94 Corundum and high alumina refractory products. Specifications RUSS55981
GOST 7639-88 Straight side double action one point presses. Basic parameters and dimensions. Norms of accuracy RUSS56067
GOST 24092-80 Threaded tube connections. Passage unions for welding. Construction RUSS55984
GOST ISO 5836-2011 Implants for surgery. Metal bone plates. Holes corresponding to screws with asymmetrical thread and spherical under-surface RUSS55999
GOST ISO 8319-1-2011 Orthopaedic instruments. Drive connections. Part 1. Keys for use with screws with hexagon socket heads RUSS56007
GOST 15526-70 Hexagon nuts, product grade C. Construction and dimensions RUSS56012
GOST 32674-2014 Glass containers. Sizes. Control methods RUSS56159
GOST 14114-85 Vessels attaching rigs. Erection lugs. Design and dimensions RUSS56176
GOST 24359-80 Steel and mills with inserted carbide teeth. Construction and dimensions RUSS56185
GOST R 50792-95 Hexagon head bolts with thread to head, product grade C. Specifications RUSS58591
GOST 26005-83 Pressure switches for Pnom up to 320 MPa (320 kgf/sq cm). Specifications RUSS56186
GOST 13876-87 Spindle noses for modular type machines. Basic dimensions RUSS56248
GOST R ISO/IEC 11693-2004 Identification cards. Optical memory cards. General characteristics RUSS56405
GOST 11700-80 Two-line lubricating stations. Specifications RUSS56414
GOST 30470-97 The flag of the Commonwealth Independent States. Specifications RUSS56423
GOST R 51349-99 Floor mounted lift trucks. Load plates, fork. Specifications RUSS56428
GOST 4411-79 Hardmetal products for mining tools. Technical requirements RUSS56455
GOST 22002.1-82 Ring cable terminals with close tail, attached to conductor core. Construction and sizes RUSS56463
GOST R 51784-2001 Silver weighted ingots. Specifications RUSS56466
GOST R IEC 61056-2-2012 General purpose lead-acid batteries (valve-regulated types). Part 2. Dimensions, terminals and marking RUSS56472
GOST 25921-83 Paper tape for graphic devices of computers. Specifications RUSS56488
GOST 21762-76 Cams for self-opening threadcutting die heads. Main dimensions RUSS56491
GOST 4097-78 Cans for motion-picture rawstock, magnetic tapes and film materials. Specifications RUSS54686
GOST 20551-93 Electrical-discharge machines. Basic dimensions. Standards of accuracy RUSS54829
GOST 5399-69 Rolls. Basic dimensions RUSS54851
GOST 21901-76 Aircraft pallets type PA-5,6 and PA-2,5. General specifications RUSS54765
GOST 15981-70 Apparatus for determining dropping temperature of phenolformaldehyde resins. Specifications RUSS54783
GOST 28771-90 Earth moving machinery. Tractors with dozer, graders, tractor scrapers. Cutting edges. Principal shapes and basic dimensions RUSS54797
GOST R 50971-96 Traffic control devices. Road reflectors. General specification. Application rules RUSS54854
GOST 22318-77 Printed circuit junction wires. Types, construction and dimensions, technical requirements RUSS54815
GOST 28530-90 Equipment for beet sugar production. Juice heat and heaters changers. Types, and basic parameters and dimensions RUSS54823
GOST R ISO 5612-94 Mining. Scraper bars for chain conveyors RUSS54825
GOST 21218-75 Rubber spheres dividing for pipelines. Specifications RUSS54880
GOST 22957-78 Wall profiles of all-cast steel and iron moulding boxes. Construction and dimensions RUSS54881
GOST 25304-88 Diagonal pneumatic industrial tyres. The main parameters, dimensions, marking, packing, transportation and keeping RUSS54917
GOST 2591-2006 Square hot-rolled steel bars. Dimensions RUSS54930
GOST 14279-79 Sleeved water collecting. Technical conditions RUSS55028
GOST 13796-78 Sports foot-wear. Figure skating boots. Technical requirements RUSS55022
GOST 13942-86 Retaining spring flat eccentric rings for shafts and grooves for them. Dimensions RUSS55023
GOST 16626-80 Quick-changing round punches for ball mounting. Construction and dimensions RUSS55048
GOST 16639-80 Female dies with round hole and flange. Construction and dimensions RUSS55050
GOST 21221-75 Console boring bars with cutter fitting at 90° and taper shank. Design and dimensions RUSS55105
GOST 21900-76 Aircraft multipurpose containers. General specifications RUSS55113
GOST 3543-87 Cameras 35 mm film cartridge 135. Specifications RUSS55281
GOST 3910-75 Refractory silica products for brickwork of glassmaking furnaces. Specifications RUSS55287
GOST 4046-80 Sine bars. Specifications RUSS55294
GOST 5973-91 Dump cars for 1520 mm railway gauge. General specifications RUSS55315
GOST 6809-87 Hot stamping crank presses. Basic parameters and dimensions. Norms of accuracy RUSS55322
GOST 6870-81 Rolling bearings. Needle rollers. Specifications RUSS55323
GOST 8.592-2009 State system for ensuring the uniformity of measurements. Single-crystal silicon nanometre range relief measures. Geometrical shapes, linear size and manufacturing material requirements RUSS55348
GOST 4751-73 Screw rings. Specifications RUSS58141
GOST 6859-72 Apparatus for liquids sampling and measuring. Specifications RUSS58173
GOST 24822-81 Broaches combined for 10-slitting holes with straight side profile and centring at outside diameter, alternatives. Design and dimension RUSS58295
GOST 2590-2006 Round hot-rolled steel bars. Dimensions RUSS58401
GOST 15900-85 Sorting photoelectrical transducers. Specifications RUSS58412
GOST 23469.3-79 Copper connection cable sleeves fastened by pressing. Construction and sizes RUSS58428
GOST 18429-73 Jig bushes fixed type. Design and dimensions RUSS58516
GOST R ISO 1082-94 Mining. Shackle type connector units for chain conveyors RUSS58456
GOST 19305-73 Centrifugal moulds with threaded shank and latch locks. Construction and dimensions RUSS58467
GOST 12247-80 Large seamless steel gas cylinders for operating pressure of 31,4 and 39,2 MPa (320 and 400 kgf/cm sq.). Specifications RUSS58545
GOST 9515-81 Piston metal rings for piston compressors. Specifications RUSS58574
GOST 10602-94 Hexagon head bolts with thread diameter over 48 mm. Product grade B. Specifications RUSS58643
GOST 10935-97 Box-cars for 1520 mm gauge main line railways. General specifications RUSS58649
GOST 11172-70 Extra long machine reamers. Design and dimensions RUSS58654
GOST 2786-82 Testing glasses for radii and form control of spherical optical surfaces. Specifications RUSS58927
GOST 16839-71 Scintillation detector units of ionizing radiation. Basic dimensions RUSS58624
GOST 11906-77 Spiral bevel and hypoid gear-shaping cutter heads. Specifications RUSS58660
GOST 13121-83 Guide bushes with shoulders for cold plastic working dies. Construction and dimensions RUSS58693
GOST 15622-96 Safety slipping couplings. Parameters, design and dimensions RUSS58727
GOST 16167-90 Diamond grinding wheels peripheral wheel shape 1A1. Basic dimensions RUSS58735

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