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ST RK 1733-2007 Milk and milk products. General specification KAZA22723
GOST 938.29-2002 Leather. Methods of dry and wet friction tests for dyeing fastness RUSS44438
GOST 30648.3-99 Infant milk products. Methods for determination of water and total solids content RUSS58240
GOST 31729-2015 Wine drinks. General specifications RUSS138572
GOST ISO 6498-2014 Feeds, compound feeds. Preparation of samples for testing RUSS139761
GOST 33708-2015 Sausage smoked and uncooked jerked sausages. General specifications RUSS208920
GOST 33806-2016 Fruit and vegetable wines. General specifications RUSS243212
ST RK 1733-2015 Milk and dairy products. General technical conditions KAZA262286
GOST R 57460-2017 Textiles. Determination of colour fastness. Part Х11. Colour fastness to hot pressing RUSS288423
GOST R 58010-2017 Poirй traditional. Spectifications RUSS288986
GOST R 58011-2017 Ciders traditional. Spectifications RUSS288987
GOST R 58013-2017 Fruit wine drinks. General specifications RUSS288989
GOST 28303-2017 Perfume and cosmetic products. Packaging, labeling, transportation and storage RUSS372596
GOST R 58851-2020 Traditional fruit ciders. Specifications RUSS380154
GOST R 59746-2021 Raw sausage products. Technical requirements RUSS428319
GOST R 59842-2021 Honey drinks. General specifications RUSS428607
GOST 32033-2021 Honey drinks. General specifications RUSS428710

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