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GOST 21.404-85 System of design documents for construction. Industrial process automation. Instrumentation symbols for use in diagrams RUSS15930
GOST 18056-88 Canned natural shrimps RUSS16382
GOST 12.0.004-90 Organization of training for labor safety. General rules RUSS16574
GOST 5186-88 Electric insulating sulfate cellulose for capacitor, cable and transformer paper RUSS16799
GOST 14087-88 Domestic electric appliances RUSS17110
GOST 10111-85 Diamond glass cutters RUSS17307
GOST 26899-86 Chassis dynamometers for determining of parameters of traction and speed characteristics and fuel efficiency of motor vehicles and wheeled tractors under operating conditions RUSS17405
GOST 28131-89 Dentist` s chairs RUSS17419
GOST 8726-88 Electrotechnical paper-Bakelite tubes RUSS17495
GOST 12965-85 General purpose oil-immersed power transformers rated for voltages 110 and 150 kv RUSS17504
GOST 27824-2000 Industrial burners for liquid fuel. General technical requirements RUSS17536
GOST 28241-89 Hand wise. Specification. RUSS17657
GOST 26590-85 Ferroalloys RUSS18002
GOST 7211-86 Cold chisels RUSS18033
GOST 17519-87 Rectangular electromagnetic chucks RUSS18126
GOST 24104-88 General purpose and reference laboratory balances RUSS18156
GOST 8615-89 Universal dividing heads RUSS18245
GOST 9218-86 Tanks for food liquids mounted on vehicles RUSS18249
GOST 1135-88 Indoor and outdoor footwear RUSS18302
GOST 24638-85 Annular diamond drills for reinforced concrete constructions RUSS18364
GOST 4570-93 Sweets RUSS18401
GOST 27752-88 Electronic mechanical quartz desktop and wall clocks and alarm clocks RUSS18521
GOST 177-88 Hydrogen peroxide RUSS18605
GOST 596-89 Sodium sulfide technical (sodium sulfide). Technical conditions RUSS18656
GOST 26.205-88 Telemechanics complexes and devices RUSS18681
GOST 19503-88 Hydrazine hydrate technical. Technical conditions RUSS18727
GOST 18396-88 Holders for luminescent lamps and starters RUSS18959
GOST 22407-85 Synchronous explicit-pole generators of general purpose RUSS19222
GOST 5727-88 Safe glass for ground transport RUSS19488
GOST 21140-88 Containers RUSS19518
GOST 17544-85 General purpose power oil transformers of voltage classes 220, 330, 500 and 750 kv RUSS19698
GOST 26830-86 Semiconductor electric power converters rated to 5 kv/a inclusive RUSS19785
GOST 2746.1-88 Plastic Edison screw holders of series e14 and e27 RUSS19816
GOST 21251-85 Five-port spool operated pneumatic valves RUSS19861
GOST 15849-89 Canned fruits and berries RUSS19869
GOST 621-87 Piston rings for internal combustion engines RUSS19888
GOST 27174-86 Open-type alkaline nickel-cadmium rechargeable cells and storage batteries of capacity up to 150 a/h RUSS19948
GOST 16809-88 Starter and control devices RUSS19955
GOST 15.001-88 System of product development and launching into manufacture. Products of industrial and technical designation RUSS20442
GOST 5289-88 Disk records. General specifications RUSS43703
GOST 28284-89 Head frames for weaving machines. Main dimensions RUSS46924
GOST 30.001-83 The system of ergonomic and technical design standards. General principles RUSS47501
GOST 13.1.205-85 Reprography. Micrography. Microforms. Rules for registration RUSS50170
GOST 8248-88 Round, flat, section cutting сrank shears closed construction. Parameters and dimensions accuracy norms RUSS54243
GOST 19822-88 Industrial container. Specifications RUSS55083
GOST 9.911-89 Unified system of corrosion and ageing protection. Atmospheric steel. Accelerated corrosion test method RUSS56478
GOST 10480-88 Powder metal compacting mechanical automatic machines. Parameters and dimensions. Norms of accuracy RUSS56496
GOST 14-88 Surface grinders with circular table and horizontal spindle. Basic dimensions. Standards of accuracy RUSS57922
GOST 27218-87 Flexible manufacturing modules and machining centres. Work holding pallets. Basic and coupling dimensions RUSS60409
GOST 26810-86 Fitter tools. Acceptance rules RUSS60906
GOST 18694-80 Hard phenol formaldehyde resins. Specifications RUSS62405
GOST 713-88 Screw presses. Рarameters and dimensions, norms of accuracy RUSS64955
GOST 17523-85 Electromagnetic relays. General specifications RUSS65273
GOST 26957-86 Variator with wide angle belt pulleys. General specifications RUSS66487
GOST 22524-77 Glass density bottles. Specifications RUSS67676
GOST R 54810-2011 Motor vehicles. Fuel economy. Test methods RUSS69366
GOST 7220-87 Electric call bells for domestic use. General specifications RUSS69598
GOST 26821-86 Tableware and decorative articles made of soda-lima-silicate glass. General specifications RUSS69873
GOST 7568-88 Ethylene oxide. Specifications RUSS70206
GOST 11097-86 Technical acrylonitrile. Specifications RUSS71073
GOST R ISO 23045-2013 Building environment design. Guidelines to assess energy efficiency of new buildings RUSS71199
GOST R 53704-2009 Complex and integrated security systems. General technical requirements RUSS71284
GOST 9042-86 Aerial and earthling connectors for domestic radio apparatus. Specification RUSS71673
GOST 27943-88 Photosensitive charge transfer devices. General specifications RUSS71777
GOST 26822-86 Tableware and decorative articles made of crystal glass. General specifications RUSS73028
GOST 27778-88 Ceramic fixed capacitors. General specifications RUSS73047
GOST 28244-89 Reinforced wires and cords. Specifications RUSS73564
GOST 7396.0-89 Plugs and socket-outlets for household and similar purposes. General specifications RUSS74083
GOST 15.014-87 Procedure of launching elementary non-food consumer goods into manufacture RUSS74611
GOST 1583-89 Aluminium casting alloys. Specifications RUSS74624
RD 50-101-88 Methodical instructions on the procedure for the development, implementation and monitoring of the implementation of programs for the metrological support of the sectors of the national economy, national economic complexes RUSS165332
RD 50-352-82 Guidelines for the implementation of PCO in standardization. The procedure for the installation of OKP codes in standards and product specifications RUSS165535
ODM 218.8.002-2010 Guidelines for the winter maintenance of roads using specialized hydrometeorological information (for experimental use) RUSS161524
PR 32.199-2002 Testing system of rolling stock. Organization and procedure of performance tests of locomotives and motor-coach rolling stock RUSS21369
VSN 10-73 Guidelines for the Techno-Economic Assessment of Model and Pilot Projects of Residential Houses and Public Buildings and Structures RUSS341481
R 50-605-100-94 Energy conservation. Base directions of energy conservation in ferrous metallurgy. Technology procedure for reduction of boiler-furnaco fuel consumption RUSS144136

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