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GOST 7825-96 Soybean oil RUSS18793
GOST 8807-94 Mustard oil RUSS18799
GOST R 52972-2008 Semihard cheeses. Specifications RUSS20991
ST RK 1026-2000 Road binding materials. Specification KAZA22014
ST RK 1306-2004 Meat and meat products. Dietary cooked sausage Yubileynaya. Specification KAZA22286
ST RK 1307-2004 Milk and milk products. Dietary cheese spread. Specification KAZA22287
ST RK 1324-2005 Cow's milk (drinking vitaminized). Specification KAZA22302
ST RK 1428-2005 Table safflower oil. General specification KAZA22402
ST RK EN 1520-2012 Assembly reinforced concrete components with light aggregates, open structure, functional and secondary reinforcement KAZA24185
ST RK GOST R 51578-2003 Liquid parfumes. General specification KAZA24501
ST RK GOST R 51579-2003 Cosmetics. General specification KAZA24502
ST RK GOST R 51691-2003 Paint-and-varnish materials. Enamels. General specification KAZA24515
ST RK STB 1719-2011 Hollow porous ceramic blocks. Specification KAZA26315
GOST R 51579-2000 Liquid cosmetic products. General specifications RUSS52759
GOST 31453-2013 Tvorog. Specifications RUSS57004
GOST 31794-2012 Grained salmon caviar. Specifications RUSS57037
GOST R 54542-2011 Cover paper for exercise- books. General specifications RUSS57680
GOST ISO 161-1-2004 Thermoplastics pipes for the conveyance of fluids. Nominal outside diameters and nominal pressures. Metric series RUSS58024
GOST R 54208-2010 Protective decorative coating for wood furniture. Classification and designation RUSS59640
GOST 31449-2013 Raw cow's milk. Specifications RUSS61229
GOST R 51691-2000 Paint materials. Enamels. General specifications RUSS61625
GOST R 51691-2008 Paint materials. Enamels. General specifications RUSS61626
GOST R 53207-2008 Cardboard for plain layers of corrugated cardboard. Specifications RUSS61679
GOST 31679-2012 Liquid cosmetics. General specifications RUSS62054
GOST 32263-2013 Soft cheeses. Specifications RUSS62660
GOST R 53379-2009 Soft cheeses. Specifications RUSS63049
GOST R 53437-2009 Cheeses Suluguni and Sloistyi. Specifications RUSS63051
GOST 31693-2012 Cosmetics for nails care and make-up. General specifications RUSS63801
GOST R 53421-2009 Salted cheeses. Specifications RUSS66238
GOST 32105-2013 Canned foods. Juice products. Fruit, fruit and vegetable juice containing beverages. General specifications RUSS66484
GOST 31690-2013 Processеd cheese. General specifications RUSS66742
GOST 32260-2013 Semihard cheeses. Specifications RUSS66761
GOST R 52685-2006 Process(еd) cheeses. General specifications RUSS67425
GOST 8988-2002 Rapeseed oil. Specifications RUSS67773
GOST R 52184-2003 Canned foods. Juice products. Juices from fresh fruits. Specifications RUSS67808
GOST 32104-2013 Canned foods. Juice products. Fruit, fruit and vegetable nectars. General specifications RUSS67947
GOST R 55016-2012 General-purpose 110 and 150 kW power oil transformers. Specifications RUSS69368
GOST ISO/TS 22113/IDF/RM 204-2014 Milk and dairy products. Determination of titratable acidity of the milk fat RUSS209332
GOST 33956-2016 Milk albumin and pasta albumin. Specification RUSS243348
ST RK 1103-2015 National Kazakh dairy products Suzba. General technical conditions KAZA262240
ST RK 1105-2015 National Kazakh dairy products BAL-Kaymak Specifications KAZA262241
GOST 34352-2017 Milk whey-raw material. Specifications RUSS286879
GOST R 57112-2016 Gummed tape on paper substrate industrial-technical appointment. General specifications RUSS288052
GOST R 57566-2017 Pulp for absorbing articles from paper sanitary purposes. Specifications RUSS288523
GOST R 58106-2018 Paper for office equipment. Specifications RUSS289044
GOST R 58220-2018 Non-enriched nepheline ores. Specifications RUSS354191
GOST 30624-98 Vegetable oils. Detection of falsification by concentrate of vitamin D RUSS56132
ST RK 1006-98 Kaymak. Specification. In substitution of TU 10-14 KazSSR 116-87 KAZA21992

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