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GOST 33603-2015 Pneumatic brake connections between towing and towed vehicles. Requirements and test methods RUSS243057
GOST 4.132-85 Product-quality index system. Fire extinguishers. Nomenclature of indices RUSS63841
GOST 16097-83 Chemical charges for fire extinguishers RUSS18488
GOST 8554-89 Motor pumps RUSS19179
GOST Foundry processing equipment RUSS19900
GOST 7041-71 Fire snaphook RUSS49940
GOST 8220-62 Underground fire hydrants RUSS256251
GOST 12.3.227-2003 SSBT. Fire safety of technological processes. General requirements. Control methods RUSS355703
GOST 8556-72 Portable wood fire ladders RUSS59257
GOST 7499-95 Hydrant stand pipe. Technical specifications. RUSS65680
GOST 4.332-85 Product-quality index system. Fire extinguishing trucks. Nomenclature of indices RUSS66031
GOST 8220-85 Underground fire hydrants. Specifications RUSS15779
GOST 28130-89 Fire. engineering. Fire extinguishers, fire extinguishing systems and fire alarm systems. Graphical conventional signs. RUSS15695
GOST 27331-87 Fire engineering. Cassification of fires RUSS15719
GOST 26952-97 Fire-extinguishing powders. General technical requirements and service test methods RUSS44319
GOST 30694-2000 Fire-extinguishing equipment. Fire-fighting helmet. General technical requirements and service test methods RUSS44365
GOST 4.107-83 System of product quality indices. Fire-extinguishing powders. Nomenclature of indices RUSS56468
GOST 23466-79 Fire aerial ladder. General specifications RUSS71380
GOST 26938-95 Fire-extinguishing equipment. Fire fighting machines. General specifications. RUSS71618
GOST 4.445-86 Product-quality index system. Charging stations for fire extinguishers. Index nomenclature RUSS52769
GOST R 57307-2016 Fire equipment. Self-rescue filtering devices for protection of children from 1, 5 to 7 years old against toxic products at rescue from smoking buildings during fire. General technical requirements. Test methods RUSS288271
GOST R 57308-2016 Fire equipment. Сamera protection for children for protection of the children 1, 5 years against toxic products at rescue from smoking buildings from fire. Protective devices for children for rescue of new born and small babys out of smoking areas during RUSS288272
GOST 12.2.037-78 Fire engineering. Safety requirements RUSS16278
GOST 4.106-83 System of product quality indices. Gas extinguisher mixtures. Nomenclature of indices RUSS51500
GOST 12.1.114-82 Occupational safety standards system. Fire engineering. Symbolic representations RUSS52141
GOST 28352-89 Couplings for fire-fighting equipment Types, general parameters and dimensions RUSS15865
GOST 4.99-83 System of product quality indexes. Foaming agents for fire extinguishing. Nomenclature of indexes RUSS54731
GOST 16714-71 Non-mechanized hand fire instruments. Specifications RUSS54408
GOST 4.331-85 Product-quality index system. Fire power pumps. Nomenclature of indices RUSS54603
GOST 13815-82 Fire foam sprinklers and drenchers RUSS17331
GOST 14630-80 Fire water sprinklers and drenchers RUSS17580
GOST 7040-93 Fire safety belt RUSS18231
GOST 11101-93 Air foam hoses. Specifications. RUSS208316
GOST 12962-93 Medium grade foam generators. Specifications. RUSS208339
GOST 12963-93 Suction nets. Specifications. RUSS208340
GOST 14279-95 Hose water collector. Specifications. RUSS208371
GOST 14286-95 Wrenches for fire hoses. Specifications. RUSS208372
GOST 2071-95 Fasteners for fire hoses. Specifications. RUSS208449
GOST 7183-93 Foam mixers. Specifications. RUSS208935
GOST 7498-93 Hydro elevators for firefighting. Specifications. RUSS208937
GOST 8037-93 Hose branches. Specifications. RUSS208955
GOST 9029-95 Barrels for fire monitors combined. Specifications. RUSS208960
GOST 9923-93 Fire hose nozzles. Specifications. RUSS208970
GOST 13816-80 Hydrant column. Specification RUSS228764

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