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GOST 8714-2014 Fish and aquatic mammals food oil. Specifications RUSS58230
GOST 7457-91 Canned fish. Pastes. Specifications RUSS58405
GOST 11298-2002 Cold-smoked salmons and whitefishes. Specifications RUSS58655
GOST 1573-2011 Fish salted screened caviar. Specifications RUSS58728
GOST 20056-2013 Preserves of oceanic fish in special brine. Specifications RUSS58795
GOST 20845-2002 Frozen shrimps. Specifications RUSS58804
GOST 31583-2012 Sea frozen kale. Specifications RUSS59043
GOST 31793-2012 Grained salmon roe, frozen. Specifications RUSS59082
GOST 32002-2012 Dried squid. Specifications RUSS59109
GOST 32003-2012 Ovary caviar of sturgeons. Specifications RUSS59110
GOST 32004-2012 Iced small fish. Specifications RUSS59111
GOST 7444-2002 Cold-smoked and dry-cured balyk products from inconnu and nelma. Specifications RUSS59215
GOST 7447-97 Hot-smoked fish. Specifications RUSS59216
GOST 7454-2007 Canned of blanched, slightly dried or cured fish in oil. Specifications RUSS59218
GOST 6756-57 Tugun', 'sosvinskaja' herring and lake herring of tierce spicy salting. Specifications RUSS50096
GOST 11829-66 Cold-smoked balyk of black-spine shad. Specifications RUSS50286
GOST R ISO 7088-2013 Fish-meal. Terms and definitions RUSS50401
GOST 27082-89 Canned and preserved fish and other sea products. Method for determination of total acidity RUSS50960
GOST 32006-2012 Cod fillet skinless pressed frozen. Specifications RUSS59112
GOST 32341-2013 Peled, cisco and tugun spicy salted. Specifications RUSS59126
GOST 813-2002 Cold-smoked herrings and Japanese sardine. Specifications RUSS59252
GOST 32432-2013 Testing of chemicals of environmental hazard. Aerobic and anaerobic transformation in aquatic sediment systems RUSS71215
GOST 32198-2013 Product for reproduction. Semen. Microbiological analysis technique RUSS71504
GOST 31339-2006 Fish, non-fish objects and products of their processing. Acceptance rules and sampling methods RUSS71594
GOST R 53184-2008 Fish, marine invertebrates and products of their processing. Determination of dioxins and dioxin-like biphenyls by GC-MS method RUSS71809
GOST 33282-2015 Frozen fish fillet for children nutrition. Specifications RUSS139019
GOST 33638-2015 Testing of chemicals of environmental hazard. Fish sexual development test RUSS139304
GOST 7403-2015 Canned of crab natural. Specifications RUSS139391
GOST 5545-50 Small-sized salted fish. Specification RUSS250301
GOST 5788-51 Canned fish natural from Far Eastern salmonids. Specification RUSS250738
GOST 16978-99 Canned fish in tomato souse. Specifications RUSS60574
GOST 20414-2011 Frozen squid cuttle. Specifications RUSS60592
GOST 32156-2013 Canned of the pacific Salmon fishes natural and natural with oil addition. Spacifications RUSS60683
GOST R 52421-2005 Fish, marine products and products of them. Method of determining the fraction of total mass of protein, fat, water, phosphorus, calcium and ash by the near-infra-red spectrometry RUSS60898
GOST 27082-2014 Canned and preserved from fish, water invertebrates, water mammals and algae. Methods for determination of total acidity RUSS61223
GOST 27001-86 Caviar and preserves from fish and sea products. Methods for determination of preservatives RUSS61444
GOST 7630-87 Fish marine mammals, marine invertebrates, algae and products of their processing. Marking RUSS43768
GOST 20438-75 Seaweeds, marine grass and it processing products. Reception rules. Methods for determination of organoleptic characteristics. Sampling methods for laboratory tests RUSS61386
GOST 7631-2008 Fish, non-fish objects and products from them. Methods of sensory and physical characteristics identification RUSS61549
GOST 32294-2013 Testing of chemicals of environmental hazard. Fish, Early-Life Stage Toxicity Test RUSS69849
GOST 1368-91 Fish of all types of processing. Length and mass RUSS69885
GOST 7631-85 Fish and products made of fish, marine mammals and invertebrates. Reception rules. Methods for determination of organoleptic characteristics. Sampling methods for laboratory tests RUSS70207
GOST 4.31-82 Quality rating system. Canned fish and fish preserves. The nomenclature of indexes RUSS70351
GOST 1551-75 Dried fish. Specifications. RUSS208377
GOST 10118-62 Canned fish. Sardines Atlantic in tomato sauce. Technical requirements RUSS222367
GOST 10531-63 Canned fish. Fish fried in marinade. Technical requirements RUSS223149
GOST 1074-41 Salted fish RUSS223561
GOST 1084-2016 Herring and sardines from Pacific, spicy salted and pickled. Specification RUSS223739
GOST 1084-41 Herring and sardines pickled and spicy RUSS223743
GOST 1084-55 Herring Spicy and Pickled (in cask) RUSS223745
GOST 10979-64 Canned fish products. Saira of special canned salting. Technical requirements RUSS223975
GOST 10980-64 Canned fish products. Saira of spicy canned salting. Technical requirements RUSS223976
GOST 11482-65 Cold smoked fish RUSS224960
GOST 11482-73 Cold smoked fish. Specifications RUSS224961
GOST 1168-41 Frozen fish RUSS225275
GOST 1168-52 Frozen fish. Specification RUSS225277
GOST 1168-55 Frozen fish RUSS225278
GOST 1168-68 Frozen fish RUSS225281
GOST 11771-66 Canned and preserved food in metal and glass containers. Canning, packing and labeling RUSS225450
GOST 26808-86 Canned fish and sea products. Methods for determination of dry matters RUSS53630
GOST 13272-80 Canned fish liver. Specifications RUSS54725
GOST 28914-91 Canned and preserved fish and sea products. Method of determination of aluminium RUSS54331
GOST 32199-2013 Product for reproduction. Sperm of goats. Specifications RUSS54704
GOST 13197-2013 Cold-smoked balyk products of Baltic salmon. Specifications RUSS63386
GOST 7445-2004 Hot-smoked sturgeons. Specifications RUSS63409
GOST 13686-68 Fall chum salmon of "semuzhnyi" salting RUSS15980
GOST 10.69-72 Fish and fish products RUSS16127
GOST 10979-85 Fish preserves. Specially salted saury RUSS16335
GOST 12292-66 Canned fish garnished with vegetables RUSS16351
GOST 32292-2013 Testing of chemicals of environmental hazard. Fish, Juvenile Growth Test RUSS63832
GOST 32366-2013 Frozen fish. Specifications RUSS72251
GOST 26185-84 Seaweeds, sea-grasses and its processed products. Methods of physical and chemical analysis RUSS73045
GOST 32537-2013 Testing of chemicals of environmental hazard. Determination of biodegradability under aerobic treatment methods RUSS73796
GOST 18056-88 Canned natural shrimps RUSS16382
GOST 20845-75 Frozen shrimps RUSS16395
GOST 13197-67 Cold-smoked balyk products of baltic salmon RUSS16679
GOST 19341-73 Canned fish RUSS16702
GOST 20056-97 Preserved specially salted oceanic fish RUSS16709
GOST 20919-75 Canned small crab in natural juice RUSS16717
GOST 280-85 Canned fish RUSS16762
GOST 28698-90 Small-sized salted fish RUSS16772
GOST 29275-92 Dietic canned fish in sauces RUSS16779
GOST 9862-90 Specially salted herring RUSS16836
GOST 6052-79 Pasteurized granular sturgeon caviar RUSS16996
GOST 10531-89 Fried fish in marinade RUSS17079
GOST 11298-65 Cold-smoked salmon fish RUSS17083
GOST 12028-86 Sardines in oil RUSS17095
GOST 18222-88 Sardines of spiced salting RUSS17130
GOST 18223-88 Mackerel and horse mackerel of spiced salting RUSS17131
GOST 2116-82 Fodder meal from fish, marine mammals, crustaceous and invertebrates RUSS16936
GOST 21311-75 Frozen sharks supplied for export RUSS16937
GOST 22455-77 Seaweed meal and granules for animal feed RUSS16943
GOST 24896-81 Live fish RUSS16953
GOST 7442-79 Canned granular sturgeon caviar RUSS16998
GOST 7445-66 Hot-smoked sturgeons RUSS16999
GOST 3948-90 Frozen fish fillets RUSS17198
GOST R 52840-2007 Fish and products from it. Species identification of fish by IFF method RUSS61659
GOST 7368-2013 Pressed sturgeon caviar. Specifications RUSS62174
GOST 1368-2003 Fish. Length and mass RUSS62353
GOST 2623-2013 Balyk products of pacific salmons and Issyk Kul trout cold-smoked. Specifications RUSS62494

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